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MayuYukirin @ 2nd KouhaUta


Extras 4.mp4 - 00001

Mayuyu sitting all alone on the sides. look at her expression

Extras 4.mp4 - 00009
Extras 4.mp4 - 00010 Extras 4.mp4 - 00014
Extras 4.mp4 - 00015

Then Yukirin appears by her side, as if from thin air and suddenly…Mayuyu discards her maturity!

Extras 4.mp4 - 00017

Yukirin is gone again (to probably prepare for her performance).

Mayuyu’s expression during others’ performance!

Extras 4.mp4 - 00020

Then Mayuyu when Yukirin comes on stage!

Seriously these two!

I already said it before but I will say it again – I don’t think anyone would be that surprised or even object to these two getting married in the end.


They’ve been here for a long time but I always find myself surprised at how Mayuyu completely changes when with Yukirin.

They are very rare nowadays as we only get to see them when the whole Family gets together but they still show why they are on the top.

I really can’t wait for the coming concerts.


Extras 4.mp4 - 00011 Extras 4.mp4 - 00012
Extras 4.mp4 - 00013

Looks like my Goddess is also noticing this Tano girl.

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

17 thoughts on “MayuYukirin @ 2nd KouhaUta

  1. Would it be a really duck move if I commented here? … No, the real question is: Who cares? I’m a big troll am I not?


    You might want to kill me for this but I take a risk by saying: I like the mature Mayu better… without Yuki. For me they lose their charm when they’re together. And I still like Mayu more than Kashiwagi. I know it doesn’t make any sense to you and neither it does to me but this is how it is.

    • Mayu and Yukirin basically are same type of idols. They’re charming and somehow charismatic when standing alone. But, they’re being themselves when they’re together, dorky and crazy. This side MaYuki is showing us they’re after all two young girls who enjoy more being together than standing alone, especially Mayu.

  2. It certainly does seem as tho Mayu & Yurikin
    make each other happy, want & need to be
    together. I think when two people feel as thi
    each completes the other, they damn well
    should be & deserve to be together, even if their pathway to that end is not smooth.
    As time goes on, it is seeming less “strange”
    that gender in marriage is losing its significance

    • At least if they end up together it would help the low Japanese marriage rates, right? 🙂 But, the low birthrates is a different problem…

  3. LOL you like that second DVD then!

    So much has been said recently about MaYuki and if they have grown apart and all that sort of stuff that watching this stuff was like a refreshing tonic to me and probably is a reminder to us all that they may well not been seen these day but they are still about and it’s through these extra things we really do see it more than other things…..

    As for Tano, well I can understand why Yuki is taking notice, she is a cus lot of fun!

    Also I expect you approve of Maachun during Yuki’s performance now you have seen it?

  4. I own my extreme like for AKB to Mayuki. I love every type of mayuki i get. I love how carefree can both be in the presence of each other. Even if they are live on a tv show or live on a stage performing.

    ps: the awesome wotagei being executed by Yuka, that Yukirin noticed, was because Tomu was on stage.

    • Right you are and should too.

      They are real like that. When they are away from each other, they put on personalities to appease other, those who don’t like them for being themselves.

      But when they are together, when they are HOME, they let themselves be their real selves, be happy.

      Their realism, it kills me with love!

      I like you, love all aspects of them. Be their serious selves or their carefree selves they are who they are.

  5. For once I’ve got to agree with Kragorin…Mayuyu seems less annoying when not with Yukirin. Because of my sisters I tried to work my issues with Mayuyu—still cannot accept her in Acchan’s place, that will probably never happen—but I do reckon she’s more likable when she’s not with Yukirin. This is probably an issue of personal taste but well mannered, lady-like girls are always a million times more enjoyable.

    Maybe I’m just too old for this…Perhaps I should take a leave…Possibly…

    • Doan’t be so doon laddy, ye’re still young. Yer life is still before ye. Ye’re no’ tae old so doan’t worry aboot it much. 😛

    • Dude, seriously, Did Mayu rape you? Did she steal your breakfast? pee on your yard?

      • Of Mayu raped me I wouldn’t be talking like this. But I was expecting this comment from someone else… I was just trying out how “fake” Scottish accent could work in written format. This shows how it went… [FAILED!]

      • I think that was directed at Shiro.

        Also if it was me you were expecting, I already did something similar before but I never got a real answer other than the simple so I chose to ignore you two this time…

      • I thought to have answered that long ago…hmmm…I don’t now….Either are possibilities I guess…I simply don’t know….As I said I’ve tried to come full circle, but something not even drunk I would ever do.
        Simple Answer to your questions: Was I raped by Mayuyu? I guess not, I hope not! Has she stole my breakfast? She indeed is a suspect to why my breakfast mysteriously disappeared twice several month ago….

        I think I can stand Paruru more than Mayuyu, but then, that’s just my opinion. And if you asked why, then the answer is I DON’T KNOW….Perhaps I’m part of an evil consortium trying to take over the world, and Mayuyu is a threat to our plans or maybe I’m a graduated evil-genius with selective taste. Choose the ones you like!

        And Black-chan is this reply satisfying? If not, I’ll have to think of a better explanation…
        m( _ _ )m

  6. @Black Gekikara
    No I wasn’t expecting you to react. I tried to bait Shiro into that trap but they’re just too smart for that.

    GG Shiro-san WP 🙂

    • They? Who else?? Thanks for thinking of me, I thought you had totally forgotten I existed! 😛

      “Perhaps one day I shall overcome such dilemma and navigate through the savage waters guarded from disjunctive and troubles. Then shall all perils be vanquished and light reign supreme…”

      A small verse in recognition of your hard and humble effort in keeping the memory of this poor existence alive! V(>.^)b

      • So much failed comment on this post… and all of them written by me. LOL 😀

        With “They” I was trying to hide your gender because… well this is the internet after all. Secondly… wait, who is Shrio?

        Anyway… what I wanted to say is… …. I forgot what I wanted to say… oh well… [FAIL!]

        Now I’m failing more than Yamda~♪ Nana da yo! 😀

      • Srsy you two, get a room or something ^^

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