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Sasami@ – Kagamin’s Jellybeans, Mighty Delicious


sasami11_101 sasami11_078

Trust me
No matter how much I change
Whomever I may encounter
However the world changes
I will always love you Kagami!


Oh Lord,

Okay, I finally caught up to the latest episode on Sasami-san and God…I can’t believe I was wasting my time on KyoAni when SHAFT was also around. I shouldn’t have doubted them. I mean, it’s not their fault that the monogatari series sucks, (well it doesn’t, but it does) and it also isn’t their fault as well that the bloggers I frequent seem to have a thing against yuri because none of them mentioned anything that would get the masses of the community to seek out the series like rabid dogs!

I didn’t expect anything more from the two but Sasami and Kagami get even better as time goes on. By episode 11 the line between friendship and love was already blurred to me. I really don’t care for romance so it’s not like I am deluding myself into thinking that they are getting into that territory. Actually, maybe I am a sadist but I prefer things to remain in the grey like that. To always push the button but not too far to be boring.

As I said in the first post, I went into this series not for the yuri but for the futaloli Jou-chan. As expected I quickly fell in lust with her thanks to her character. Since I am covering two episodes (10 and 11) I decided to post twice on the same episodes because things would be complicated otherwise. Also I want to define a line that will make sure there is no threesome going on. I absolutely loth threesomes. If I posted everything together this would turn into a threesome and I couldn’t handle that. Not that there is competition because as of episode 11, Sasami clearly lays the facts down of the table. She made her choice.

And so, I am tackling Sasami and Kagami first then I will cover my awesome futaloli.

sasami10-01 sasami10-02
sasami10-03 sasami10-04
sasami10-07 sasami10-08
sasami10-05 sasami10-09

Pics or it didn’t happen…SHAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sasami10-12 sasami10-13



U Jelly?

So we know how Sasami has been fed by her brother since…Lord knows for how long that she can’t do it herself now. When it’s time for lunch at School, she is having lunch with Kagami when the problem surfaces. I guess some time has passed since it seems that Sasami has finally persuaded Kagami to start eating. She is a machine, remember?

Sasami realises that her brother ain’t around and she can’t feed herself (too lazy from experience of being spoiled) and works her charm to try to get Kagami to feed her. Kagami refuses at first but finally does it to shut her up because Sasami was going on on how she loves her and all that. She is happy about it none the less and Sasami returns the favour by feeding Kagami. She is happy too.

Seriously, I don’t even know who has is worse! I mean at first it seems that Sasami is just obliviously feeling for just about anyone and she might come off as a naive person but she actually isn’t. This was episode 10 though so I wasn’t so sure about that fact. I mean I suspected that she regards Kagamin on a different level than anyone else but that could not be proved until episode 11.

The classmates starts to notice the two…ahem…friends and rumours start to fly all over the place of them being lovers. Sasami shouldn’t be that worried that she is an outcast because it seems she is quite popular among her peers. But now that she is taken, there is no chance of them approaching her.

So, by now they are already feeding each other and rumours are starting to float around about them. Things are looking good so far.

sasami10-15 sasami10-16
sasami10-17 sasami10-18
sasami10-19 sasami10-20

No! You’re doin it roit!


Right now yes, a very bad girl ^____^

sasami10-24 sasami10-25

Tama-chan, where’s ur hand at? >.<

sasami10-26 sasami10-28
sasami10-29 sasami10-30

Poor fellas…

sasami10-31 sasami10-32
sasami10-33 sasami10-34

Still in the same episode, the next moment doesn’t happen until they are on the bus to a trip that was held by none other than the fabulous futaloli. She invites the whole class and it seems that she is in the same class with Sasami and Kagami, and is actually the Student Council President, which begs the question…Where the hell has she been all this time? Any way she invites the whole class to some remote location where they will attend the festival too while they are there.


Sasami gets the flu and her brother forbids her from going.

What? She has to stay in bed all by her lonesome self while the rest of her classmates go off to some trip? And be separated from poor Kagamin for Lord knows how long? Bah! Not on her life! And so Sasami devises a plan where she transforms Tama’s body to resemble hers, which is freaky seeing as I just got into shipping Vampire Diaries’ Katherena like, two days ago!

Any way, Sasami transforms Tama’s body and connects a bit of herself with Tama so she can feel, hear and see what Tama does while she stays back at home and rest. I’m not sure how it works because sometimes Tama falls asleep and Sasami has full control while other times Tama is awake and she just delivers words that Sasami sends to her.

Which quite made things a wee bit confusing at first because then I didn’t know if I should be happy that Kagami and Sasami are getting physical while it is actually Tama and not Sasami but then I just slapped myself and said to go with the flow. In the end though, it wasn’t that confusing anymore.

While on the bus, It was Tama 100% because Sasami had fallen asleep so all the Onee-sama part was actually Tama calling Kagami that but since she was in Sasami’s body, and since she wasn’t doing it on purpose because it was their Onee-san that gave her the idea, and since Kagami fell for it all the same, I have no objection.

Besides, you know me and wincest, and the way Tama put her hand in-between Kagami’s thighs as she leaned in, with that seductive look on her face….

Aaah! Stop it BG, she is a middle scholar! 

But it doesn’t matter who was who in Sasami’s body. All Kagami saw was Sasami and her reaction are enough because they show her feelings towards her friend in moments like this. And any way, by the time they get to their destination, Sasami is already awake any way and Kagami shows her feelings a little towards Sasami by showering her with gifts (food) so there is that I guess.

sasami11_001 sasami11_002sasami11_004 sasami11_003
sasami11_006 sasami11_005sasami11_008 sasami11_007
sasami11_010 sasami11_009
sasami11_011 sasami11_012



My gaydar is…

sasami11_018 sasami11_019
sasami11_020 sasami11_021
sasami11_023 sasami11_024


sasami11_026 sasami11_027
sasami11_028 sasami11_029sasami11_030

Jelly Beans!

Episode 11 finds us at the inn the next morning. Sasami decides to have a bath then  which coincides with her real self wanting a bath because her brother wasn’t there to was her so she had to do it herself. Her brother did not know that she stayed. He thought that the lively Tama was her and figured she had healed hence why he let her go to the trip (as Tama) but the bus was full and so he biked up to them. At this moment he hasn’t reached them yet…

Any way, Sasami as Tama goes to the baths but when she gets there, fabu Futaloli is already there. Sasami wants to become friends with her and tries to get them to be just that. It’s not easy, what with fabu Futaloli having misconceptions at every single word that Sasami says. Sasami suggests they wash each other’s back to which, as always thanks to meddlesome fate, Kagami wakes up on and jumps into when she connects to the chat room.

I don’t know what this chatroom thing is but it is through this…inner mind chartroom that the Sasami/Tama thing works and when either party joins, they can hear whatever the other is saying and thinking(?). And so Kagami hears everything that happens at the baths as Sasami tries to befriend Fabu Futaloli.

It’s here that Kagami’s green-eyed monster first rears its head.

It’s here too that Sasami shows us how much she feels for Kagami. I love how SHAFT went out of their way as usual to animate every single body movement that was very appropriate for this scene to show us Sasami’s feelings and the play on backgrounds to show the mood swings.

SHAFT’s attention to details still the best in the game!

sasami11_031 sasami11_032
sasami11_034 sasami11_035
sasami11_037 sasami11_038
sasami11_039 sasami11_040
sasami11_043 sasami11_044

Definitely Jelly Beans


That line should have been translated as “Bullshit!”

You fail me gg…

sasami11_048 sasami11_049
sasami11_051 sasami11_052
sasami11_053 sasami11_054
sasami11_055 sasami11_056
sasami11_057 sasami11_058
sasami11_059 sasami11_060
sasami11_061 sasami11_062
sasami11_064 sasami11_065
sasami11_066 sasami11_067
sasami11_070 sasami11_071
sasami11_074 sasami11_076
sasami11_075 sasami11_077

Later that night as they prepare to go to the festival, Sasami decides to invite Fabu Fitaloli along and the two starts flirting (unintentionally) right infront of Kagami’s eyes. Well, okay, it wasn’t flirting per say but Sasami was trying to explain how she wanted to be friends with Jou (Futaloli) but Jou-chan kept misinterpreting everything and though that Sasami was in love with her or something. You could see Sasami’s confusion but she wanted badly to be friends with Jou so she kinda went with it and agreed to a few of Jou’s assumptions, like her loving Jou. Of course she meant it as a friend but Jou was seeing it differently and with Kagami already being on the brink of sanity, she just couldn’t handle any more. She finally fell and she fell hard.

Then she ran away. Away from it all!

I really love how these two seem to hurt each other without even knowing it. It gives them that unique connection that only lovers could have. Sasami hurt Kagami by getting closer to Jou while Kagami hurt Sasami by making her feel like they weren’t anything at al, not even friends as she kept brushing Sasami off.

Kagami finally cracks and can’t handle being near them any longer lest she do something regrettable. And so she runs. She runs away from Sasami and everything. But Sasami won’t have none of that so she runs after her.

Jou is of course confused by all this and she tries to get Sasami to explain everything but there is only one thing on Sasami’s mind at the moment – Kagami. And so rips her arms away from Jou’s grip and leaves her there out in the cold to go look for Kagami. Because nothing matter more at the moment more than Kagami.

At the moment Sasami has no power, having given it to her mother when she revived her, so she relies on Tama’s connection to Kagami and in no time, they find Kagami wandering off to gods know where. Sasami stands in front of her to block her way and when she catches Kagami’s face…she’s taken aback.

Kagami was crying…

sasami11_080 sasami11_081
sasami11_083 sasami11_091
sasami11_084 sasami11_085
sasami11_086 sasami11_087
sasami11_088 sasami11_090
sasami11_089 sasami11_092
sasami11_097 sasami11_099
sasami11_100 sasami11_101
sasami11_102 sasami11_103
sasami11_105 sasami11_106
sasami11_107 sasami11_108
sasami11_109 sasami11_111
sasami11_112 sasami11_113
sasami11_114 sasami11_115

I thought this line went something like – “Without you, It feels worse than dying”?





Nothing, absolutely nothing needs to be said about this scene!

And from the spoiler I saw from a certain manga source page,


there is more things in store for us from these two! At least I hope there is because it looks a bit like what went on here even if tackled differently by SHAFT. Ahh but who cares, Either way I am looking forward to more Sasami-san.

I so very stupidly happy right now I don’t even…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

2 thoughts on “Sasami@ – Kagamin’s Jellybeans, Mighty Delicious

  1. It’s Nisemonogatari that wrought the rage of INTELLIGENT Shaft fans like us, not the other ones. I think both Nekomonogatari and Kizumonogatari are/will be good…I think. I don’t know.

    Anyway, I suppose I’ll pick this one up in a bit. And here I thought the romance would be centered around Bucket Head Onii-chan. So there’s subtext in Sasami, eh? Not only that, but the L word could be referring to more than BFF. I skipped your images to avoid major spoilers but based on your reaction at the top, it is safe to say there is major shipping on this show. More shipping than the absolute emptiness that is Tamako Market.

    • Bucket head is still annoying and it seems he is building up a harem since every other girl is calling him Onii-chan now like he is the god of brothers or something!

      But the fact that he acts like that towards Sasami just leaves me with a fresh breath because characters who behave like that rarely get the girl to whom they direct their lecherousness.

      But it all comes down to the level of Sasami and Kagami’s friendship which I haven’t seen before so I am sticking with this one.

      Wait, how long was this again? I sure hope it isn’t a 1Q anime.

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