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Sasami-san@ 05 – Friendship, Still Superior!


Sasami5-015 Sasami5-021

Sasami & Kagami (Sasagami?)

I gladly take all the heat you wish to send my way after I confess that yes, I just started watching this show when it’s like, on episode 11 already! I actually started on it when it first aired since this is SHAFT we are talking about here, and since this is not a harem (at least I think it isn’t), I figured why not? Let’s put this onto the list of pre-screening. That list was actually pretty huge, it had Tamako, Vividred, Yama no, Mangirl, Love Live, Senran Kagura, Sukunai 2, Minami-ke and Sasami-san@Ganbaranai obviously. Guess how many made me get to episode 2? You already know the answer to that. AKB0048 is on my very-to-watch list but since I am waiting for the BDs of season 1 to be subbed so I can start from the beginning, all I am doing now is collecting every episode so that when the time comes, I am marathoning the gods out of it!!!

So, what made me decide to get back to Sasami-san after all this time? Simple actually. While I was lurking at one of my favourite bloggers (Kurogane) hood, I saw a line that totally whipped me silly and fished me out of the waters…


Courtesy of Kurogane


That was from episode 10! So you must imagine how fast I dissed everything I was planning to do and went to the Tokyo Library to grab every single episode of Sasami-san. You see, it wasn’t even the yuri that got me watching this again but girl, am I ever glad I did. I mean I haven’t even gotten to the episode that forced me back into the show and I am already splitting jaws!

Okay, I am not going to even try to understand the plot of this show and who is what in it because my mind simply cannot keep up (City of gods? Stronger gods control weaker gods? Amaterasu the meanest muthafakkar around? Onii-chan is the wielder of Amaterasu’s power? The power that belonged to Sasami until a few years ago? But it turns out that Oniichan didn’t actually have the power in th first place and Yagami Onee-chan is actually the real Amaterasu and gave her power to Sasami? So what, is Sasami now the strongest fakka around?)

See what I mean?

And so, I choose to stick to what I know and are most interest in. The Yuri, or to those nay-sayers, beautiful friendship. Though I saw signs from the earlier episodes (I cheated okay? I was already watching out for Sasami/Kagami which is why I picked up the vibes way earlier) but episode 5 is where things get interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many caps of an episode like I did the 5th episode of Sasami-san. I had to eliminate a lot (almost half) of the caps for this post but mistake me not, I kept everything for the pleasure of nexus7ing in my leisure time.

Actually, practically speaking this episode could be summed up in one simple line.

Sasami and Kagami become friends.

Nothing too otherworldly interesting, am I right?

Despite that simple truth, I don’t think I remember seeing an episode of two people becoming friends and moving me as much as this single episode did. Any other relationship would have taken a full arc to pull this amount of feels from anyone watching as two people become friends.

I became silly, I laughed, I cried and I got tots pissed off all in the course of one episode at a character that is already one of the two favourites. No other episode has ever done that to me!

KyoAni can fail to deliver for all I care because who gives a tick about romance when SHAFT delivers friendship like this!

Sasami5-018 Sasami5-017
Sasami5-020 Sasami5-021Sasami5-024
Sasami5-022 Sasami5-025Sasami5-026 Sasami5-027Sasami5-030

What exactly are we talking about…?

Sasami5-028 Sasami5-029
Sasami5-034 Sasami5-035

From the very moment the episode started and we jumped right into Sasami and Kagami’s classroom, and Sasami was making all these gestures of pure nervousness and making eyes at a napping Kagami’s back I was like…”..”. Then Sasami manned up and wen over to talk to Kagami and I was like…”Oh damn son, is she going to ask her out or something? B-but they haven’t even gotten a chance to know each other well yet!”

And then I remember how touchy Sasami was being towards Kagami in episode two when they just met…

Sasami5-010 Sasami5-011

Then there were those eyes she made as she looked up at Kagami while they were in the game world…

Sasami5-014 Sasami5-013

Actually, how does that physics work? Sasami and Kagami are almost the same height so why was Sasami looking up in that second cap? If they were going for a certain look (you know it) then I have no regrets!

Any way, getting back to class, Sasami goes up to a sleeping Kagami to ask her out on a date, and later marry so they can have lots of godly mecha kids and liv happily ever after, only to find out that she was actually looking to make friends with Kagami.

Yeah, I am with you. All that tension just so she could ask Kagami to be friends! I surprised myself by not punching a hole in my monitor  and am I ever glad for it.

At first, it was Sasami who was going about things the wrong way by saying that she only wanted Kagami as a stand-in friend so that the other girls would see how fun she is and then they would be her friends. Then there would be no more need for Kagami.

Yeah, she was most lovable character at the time. But then she went and put so much effort into actually befriending Kagami afterwards that one just cannot not love her. A girl like her that was a shut-in for three years, loves the fantasy world and her dear brother more than anything, actually there is a gap the size of a galaxy  between the things Kagami loves (Her brother, and her toys) and everything else. Adding on the fact that she only has one month of school left, then really, if it were anyone else, they wouldn’t give a tick about being social anymore, or would have a very difficult time. The fact that the target of befriending was Kagami, who was an emotionless doll (truth) before, and prefers taking naps to anything and you might know how Sasami’s work is cut out for her.

But she tries, oh man, does she try to be friends! She does all these things she hadn’t done before (pretty sure she hasn’t) all for the sake of befriending (fake-befriending) Kagami. She even tries to get Kagami to over-go her usual routine to act like how a real friend would!

But this is a city of gods and Sasami is the Ultimate one. Every other god loves her and would do anything for her. So for her to choose just one to be friends with doesn’t bode too well. We see this already in the human world when girls get jelly when their school idol chooses to be friends with some girl who just transferred as per usual formula so add a mix of those jellies being gods!

Needless to say, things don’t go too well….for Kagami!


Flying bowls of food


A paddle of pins!


Falling pans!


Locker burials


Air plantations


Beam Feels

Sasami5-078 Sasami5-079
Sasami5-039 Sasami5-040

Getting hit by a frikkin track!

Being friends with Sasami is suffering!

Sasami5-037 Sasami5-038

Of course Sasami notices these strange happening and trues to get some answers from Kagami, who isn’t spilling nothing.

At this I, and probably many, have no idea what is going on with Kagami. And so I start to get angry at her for being so mean at Sasami.

I so love how Sasami felt Kagami before seeing her on her way to their home with her brother. I mean Sasami has Amaterasu’s power and Kagami was made from Amaterasu’s flesh so it could be argued that they are connected like that but since this wasn’t shown before, I will take the other route that says that they are now connected  in a different way.

Sasami5-048 Sasami5-049
Sasami5-052 Sasami5-053
Sasami5-054 Sasami5-056


Sasami5-058 Sasami5-060Sasami5-059
Sasami5-063 Sasami5-064
Sasami5-065 Sasami5-066
Sasami5-067 Sasami5-068

Like I said, Sasami really tried. Even after how mean Kagami was obviously being towards her she still hang in there and pushed on. You could clearly see her inner conflict before she steeled up and asked Kagami out on a movie date.

Kagami turns her down to which Sasami finally asks if she annoys her. The answer is above where Kagami tells her that she wishes. That Sasami’s life has no impact whatsoever on Kagami’s life!

Seriously, how meaner can she could have been than that, I have no clue! And that was the last straw for Sasami. She gave up right there on trying to befriending Kagami and ran away away right after she threw the damned tickets on the floor and burst into tears.

Wait Sasami, I thought you only thought of Kagami as a stand-in-friend? Why the feels?

And the look on Kagami’s face after Sasami ran away was just….Right there is when I knew something was afoot! Sasami seemed to be pretty crushed by her befriending rejection seeing as the writers went into the trouble of showing her bowling her eyes out some more at home.

Surely just being turned down from friendship isn’t that big a deal. She was acting like a girl who confessed her love and got rejected or something. And even if it was a girl who got rejected, she had only got to know the boy for like, less than a week so there would be very little chance of tears. Unless she was dumped in public and they were tears of shame but Sasami and Kagami were alone in the classroom and I hadn’t pegged Sasami for such an emotional bundle. She sure as hell didn’t seem that way in the previous episodes.

And then the next day, on her way home, she happens to see Kagami talking animatedly with a bunch of girls from their class and she is smiling like she was one of them and had been friends since forever. This of course deals more blows to poor Sasami’s already broken heart.

I ain’t even kidding people. There was this much drama from just Kagami rejecting Sasami’s friendship request. I mean for crying out loud, not even Nanoha cried about it when Fate first denied her.

And so, while Sasami walks in misery towards home, looking to all the world like a zombie making their way down town, she passes by a park and she sees Tama there playing with a bunch of shotas. Tama is Kagami’s younger sister and also created from the eldest of the three Yagami sisters who is the real Amaterasu. Tama is to be her successor which means that she too is a god, of course.

Tama notices Sasami and after coercing her into playing with them so as to get her to forget her ailments, the conversation falls to Kagami and friendship. We learn why Kagami has been avoiding Sasami and that she is actually very happy that Sasami wanted to be friends with her even if it was just a means to when Sasami could make real friends with other girls.

But since their classmates had been taken over by the jealous gods, it wouldn’t have done for Sasami to be friends with them because then the world would be fucked! So Kagami had taken it upon her poor self to sort things out first then they would get back to the befriending.

She just needed some time which came off as a brush off to Sasami hence the misunderstanding.


You tell ‘em girl! No one fucks with friendship! The White Devil too agrees!


So meant for each other…LOL


Jelly much Sasami?

Sasami5-089 Sasami5-090
Sasami5-091 Sasami5-093
Sasami5-094 Sasami5-095

Language Kagami, language!


You don’t say O_O


I said, Language Kagami!

Sasami5-101 Sasami5-102

Dat position, dat camera angle!

Sasami5-105 Sasami5-104Sasami5-106

Dat gaze, dat smile!


Kagami’s hands! When did…?

Sasami5-112 Sasami5-113

Kill me now, please…


Wait, U gonna sleep there? Like that?!! all night?!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t even…


After hearing the truth behind Kagami’s actions, Sasami wastes no time in seeking her out despite the fact that Tama had mentioned to her that Kagami wanted to take care of things herself. Being the power of gods or from the simple fact that they are now connected, Sasami finds Kagami in no time. She was back at school kicking all kinds of butt and claiming her name of Sasami like the Boss she is.

Sasami shows her mean side for the first time when the jelly gods try to intercept her route to Kagami when she gets to the school. You wouldn’t wanna piss of a Goddess in love now, would ya?

The disappear out of her path and when she gets to Kagami, the party is already over and all the booze is gone but the night is still young and lots of time to take advantage of the alcohol effects. And so Sasami and Kagami have a moment in which they finally become friends, real friends not stand-in friends and maybe more.

I mean come on, we have had enough experience through out the anime years to know that Japan’s version of the word ‘Friend’ is so not how the rest of the world sees it.

The episode ends with the two spending the rest of the night right there on the classroom floor with Kagami using a Sasami blanket that covers all the right curves while Sasami uses the Kagami futon that is softer than her comfy bed at home, nay, confer than the clouds them selves!


How can I not ship this!!?!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have six more episodes of awesome Sasami to get through!

Here I come my dearest kawaii kawaii futaloli!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

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  1. I can always count on you to weed out subtext stuff that I have not already begun building an excavation site around.

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