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[NGZ46!] So, SHAKISM….





Couples every where!


Danso Heaven!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how rare, how bulls-eye and simply awesome the concept of Shakism is?


Okay, one might ask what the big deal is apart from the obvious (danso) as the baselines aren’t that new but it all comes down to execution. The danso idea was already there. Every fan across the globe knows of the No-Love rule.

But despite those facts, they still let AKB girls get it on with males in their PVs like it ain’t no big deal. Can we just imagine the awesomeness that would have been Gingham Check had Yukirin been kissing a danso AKB member as opposed to that Dude that sent all the fans on rampage? Wouldn’t the fans have been much happier had Yuko and Mayuyu been fighting over Sae-man? Has this happened in the 48 family? Will it ever happen in the 48 family? I think not!

And so I give Nogizaka’s SHAKISM’s director the utmost praise at pulling off what can only be thought of as one of the best for-the-fans PV ever! AKB doesn’t do that anymore, if it ever did. They are falling into the trap that is BUSINESS!

“OMG our girls are too popular now to be mistreated. We have a wider audience to appeal to now so we have to average out our uniqueness.” – so saith AKS.

Well dearest AKS, IDGAS!!!

Nogizaka not only did that right but making half the girls play the boys’ part but they touched upon the No.1 rule in such a way that will drill the idea into those who simply did not get the grasp of it. Not only that but it falls within the main genres except comedy.

We have Sci-Fi in the futuristic setting (what, with teh lazers and all that post apocalyptic feel it has). Then there is action (“”What are you saying – that I can doge bullets?), there is drama of course. There is romance, duh, and I also want to include adventure in relation to the fact that they referenced TDKR. We shall be getting into that.

Then we also have the usual shonen formula, – Main starts out the weakest then by end ends up the strongest MF to ever have waked the earth (“No. I am saying that when you are read, you won’t have to”)!

All those point to SHAKISM being some generic PV but I assure you that I have been watching this Every day since it appeared on the NET! And now that I have the HQ, let’s get down to business.


ngzshak-018 ngzshak-019
ngzshak-022 ngzshak-023
ngzshak-024 ngzshak-025
ngzshak-026 ngzshak-027ngzshak-028 ngzshak-029
ngzshak-030 ngzshak-031
ngzshak-033 ngzshak-037
ngzshak-036 ngzshak-038
ngzshak-039 ngzshak-040
ngzshak-041 ngzshak-043
ngzshak-053 ngzshak-054

Go back to Gotham Bane!

ngzshak-073 ngzshak-075ngzshak-077 ngzshak-078

First off, I want to correct my mistake from last week. Ikoma Rina isn’t a teacher, she is a student – a male student. The members seems to have been split into two with some playing the boys and other the girls. This is better than Rina being a teacher, if I do say so myself!

The setting is obviously a school but the time…Now there is a challenge. Sometimes a future can look less developed than the present, other times the same if not just a a wee bit rusty. So you could see a future tens of years from now and they would have the technology of the 80s. But sometimes there is that little thing that gives it away.

Here, we jump right into the middle of things and by the way the students all seem to be that calm suggests that this new law, whatever it is that separates girls from boys so physically WITH TEH LASERS!!! suggests that it has been going on for a while. The teacher himself lazily sleeping by the side so carefree would support this.

Really though, what one needs to think this a future is the lasers! Wanna channel Sci-Fi? Bring out the lasers!

The girls and the boys are separated in class with lasers. Club activities are separated with lasers! Corridors with lasers! Every where lasers! Fear not though, these aren’t the deadly kind. They are simply for detection and setting off alarms. When one of the sexes crosses over to the opposite side, glass and steel barriers with depth equal to that of a full-sized female anaconda fall from the skies and put an end to that romance!

Just make sure you retreat effectively or else…

But lasers aren’t the only watch dogs around the place. There are cameras at every croon of the place and behind the monitors that receive that signal are ones that can’t be anything else but the Seitokai! When the alarm goes off, they are there to deliver divine retribution onto those that dare break the law. The law around here is serious business.

They hired Bane FFS!

Our dearest Captain Sakurai-kun learned his lesson the hard way. Right at the beginning of the PV, we are already into a triangle! No idea what his BG story is but  Sakurai seems to be really taken with Minami. What was their relationship? I mean in a place like that, they couldn’t have been doing much in private. Pfft, privacy, yeah right!

Any way Sakurai seems to have had his eye on Minami and almost broke the law just for her. And what was Ikoma doing through this display of rebellion? He just stood there, with his nerdy glasses shaking in his pants while a potential taking of his girl is going on.

What a wuss!

Interesting was Minami though. At first when Rina gave her the eye, she seemed un-interested, like those female crushes of the main lead at the beginning of the story when she gives no Fs about the new boy but later on the plot thrives! But when Sakurai came up to her, probably begging her to go to her, she jus sat there really conflicted. Was it just fear or was she actually already into that shy-boy-shy-girl relationship with Ikoma already and neither knew it!

Any who as Sakurai decides that today is the day, he crosses that laser barrier like a BOSS to get to her since Minami wasn’t moving! Well, he tried to because as soon as the laser and her leg met, the barriers came down and just like that, her goal was out of reach!

Forever…because out of no frikking where, Bane appears and I had to pause that vid every time with a WTF expression on my face! They didn’t even try to be subtle about it! I have to say I feared for Sakurai-kun when I saw that Dude and I was rightly so.

Right behind Bane II, followed the Student Council!

But what’s this?! There is a girl on that council! Isn’t that, like, unfair?! What, the Student council gets to have a girl in their midst while the others are all isolated?! The girls of course is none other than Manatsu-chan. But we are all aware how many laws of nature she has broken so I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Does this mean we ship her with President Ikuta-kun?!

I think YES!

Everyone is probably paired off with someone even in the dance parts they are paired off.

ngzshak-014 ngzshak-016
ngzshak-071 ngzshak-072ngzshak-080

Among those we have Shiraishi-kun and Sayuri-chan. And despite the strong security, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any misbehaviour. Even wuss Rina breaks it when he and Shiraishi scheme for her to secretly meet her baby Sayuri.

Yes, you can break out but just be prepared for the consequences because the SK are always watching! And they have the Bane II with them. They will let some shenanigans pass but if you get to over-confident, like how Shiraishi-kun got when he went all lovely-dovey with Sayuri…touching even…Lord, the touching! That is a No-No!

The SK of course appear to uphold the law and poor Sakurai paid the price…dearly!

Judge Dredd much? Yep, definitely Sci-Fi.

ngzshak-003 ngzshak-004

I’m standing in front of the class. I’m sure no one will notice me if I just sneak a peek…


Oh schnapps! She noticed me. What do?


Oh God, my back! Hmm?


Oh hi, there…

ngzshak-058 ngzshak-059ngzshak-062 ngzshak-060
ngzshak-063 ngzshak-064
ngzshak-065 ngzshak-066



Hold onto these for me Honey. I have some butts that need whooping!


Okay. Be careful…


Worry not ma pretty. I got this.


When I get back, Can I haz ur babies?

On the other hand, the couple of the PV know what they are doing. Or at least in light of the events that followed it looked like they knew what they were doing. At face Ikoma comes off as a simple scaredy cat. he is so disappointing that even Minami seemed to be unimpress with him when during that cute scene where they are cleaning the classroom and are trying to be as close to each other as possible, just barely scraping their shoulders against the lasers that separated them. Oh how cute that scene is. Then Ikoma almost getting up the courage to cross over but immediately retreats into himself once more when the door is opened by their teacher, Minami looked very, very disappointed. Any other girl would have dumped his ass right then and their.

ngzshak-017 ngzshak-079

Okay, I am going off course a little bit but speaking of their teacher, Nogizaka wins more points for themselves because, hello! Can one imagine how much it would have cost them to cast that Dude?! He is like, one of the must-know of Japanese culture fans that enjoy JMovies. How the hell did they get him to start in their PV?! Lots of points for them with this one, there is no denying it!

He is the one that teaches Ikoma-kun the arts of jujitsu, taijutsu, ninjutsu and the force!

Such a nice guy. And here I thought he would be one of the bad guys! In settings like this usually the teachers are the bad-guys, but I blame that on my previous experiences which better supports the differences SHAKISM brings about!

ngzshak-084 ngzshak-085ngzshak-086 ngzshak-090
ngzshak-099 ngzshak-100
ngzshak-103 ngzshak-104
ngzshak-106 ngzshak-107
ngzshak-108 ngzshak-109
ngzshak-110 ngzshak-111
ngzshak-112 ngzshak-113
ngzshak-122 ngzshak-121

When Ikoma-kun witnesses what befalls Shiraishi, he decides to get stronger which is where our Sensei comes in. But for some reason, with the new attainted power, that is obviously way over 9000, instead of breaking heaven and earth to escape that place with his girl, he instead challenges President Ikuta. I guess revenge for Shiraishi was his motive to begin with? if so, well, he is the main character so it makes sense that he would be so boring!

He of course wins. We saw the results already from the Matrix 1, hello…

Boss Ikuta loses then they send in the next boss Bane II, who is also handed his butt. And since that wasn’t enough, someone tries to snipe Ikoma-kun while he fights. Big mistake! At first I was like, is that a gun?! Are they allowed to do that? But then I remembered Judge Dredd and Shiraishi-kun’s fate and I was like…

Run Ikoma, ruuuuuuuuun!

But Ikoma was like, “bullets? btc please…they are marshmallows to my skin!” And he snatched those bullets (in all their full powdered glory) out of the air without even looking, like the BOSS he is!

I expected him to go to Minami, give her the deepest kiss ever, take her in his arms and fly the F away from that place like Supes or something!

That’s not what happened but it does not mean that what did was bad. Not at all.

Okay, I was leh disappoint when it didn’t turn into a DBZ final show-down between Ikuta and Ikoma. Also very disturbed that Ikuta had to tag Bane II when it should be like – Bane goes first, Ikoma destroys him. The other SK members go in next and are all defeated, then it comes down to the final two bosses. They bring out all kinds of insane moves which leads to Ikuta’s badass defeat which leads to Ikoma breaking the system and saving everyone who then get to be with their loved ones the way they want, free!

Best End Ever!

But alas..All it takes is a single toss of Bane that sends him flying, spinning into the air like the CG dragon (Worst CGI in the Universe) he is. Once he lands, the barriers come up once again separating the girls from the boys…except of course for the singularity that is Manatsu-chan, who is forever tied to the side of Ikuta-kun by the threads of fate, it seems.

So, Ikoma and Minami are separated again and we are back to square uno! Whaccha ya gonna do about it Ikoma, what?!

ngzshak-123 ngzshak-124

Oh! Okay! I guess that will do just fine too.

ngzshak-128 ngzshak-129
ngzshak-130 ngzshak-131

Well Dear, I hope you still have some energy left. You will need it… ^_-

And Minami-chan looks very impressed so I guess all is good.

Now kiss her damn you!


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

10 thoughts on “[NGZ46!] So, SHAKISM….

  1. Lasers? Seriously? Real original… Did they forget that a bunch of girls are there? I mean I haven’t seen a girl without a little mirror in her bag. And do you know what lasers are? Yes, you guessed it right… They project coherent beams of light… Yeah right… -_- But I’m not going to ramble here… (the PV for ‘Kokoro no Hane’ sucked so much…)

    Just one more thing: Is there any Erika moment in this PV? If no than I ain’t gonna touch it…

    • Don’t really know what you’re looking for but she is the Student Council President, walks like a Boss, P’owns Ikoma in the beginning and run this town.

      She is also paired up with Manatsu.

      But we don’t get enough of her and Manatsu. In fact Mai and Sayuri had a better time-spent than them two.

      One wouldn’t think she is the No.1 (according to raking).

      Oh well… At least watch it to get mesmerised by her Danso killer looks ^^

      • Oh boy… Was Erika even in there? Her appearance was so short… not good man… not good at all…
        No.1? Really? At least you can tell who is No.1 In the other groups like AKB/SKE/NMB… But here… What a mess… I think we need to clean things up a bit… bring my “bat”! 😀

      • Yes, She was No.1 for the last two senbatsu Ikoma 2 and Minami 3.

        Not that it means anything since they aren’t fan votes or anything and Ikoma is always centre >_>

        Sometimes I think the ranking is used only as positioning or something.

        Like so….

        – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 –
        – – – – – – -5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – – – – –
        – – – – – – – -1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – – – – – –

        For double centre (Rina/Minami) like the 5th single

      • I don’t know about others but I don’t like that Ikoma chick/dude who looks too much like the young Jackie Chan in this PV. No tomato for her from me… -_-

  2. well you should watch doko and you will find how awesome Ikoma-chan is!

  3. Whoa, thanks for introducing the PV. I’m so addicted to it now. Really hope that they can make this into like a drama.. Have you seen the relationship chart for this PV? I’m not good with Japanese so I don’t uinderstand some of what were written on that chart. http://imgsrc.baidu.com/forum/w%3D580%3Bcp%3Dtieba%2C10%2C375%3Bap%3D%C4%CB%C4%BE%DB%E046%B0%C9%2C90%2C383/sign=d35dd0d591529822053339cbe7f118bb/a044ad345982b2b745dcd5d630adcbef76099b65.jpg

    • I hadn’t seen that but thank you.

      I do agree that this PV was just too short and felt abandoned. This is the one that deserves the 60min length not that crap that is So Long!


      As for the chart, All one needs to understand is there and it seems I got some of the relationships correct.

      Sakurai has unrequited love for Minami, who is in a love-love relationship with Ikoma which was sealed by the exchange of Ikoma’s glasses. Minami returning them meant she accepted Ikoma’s feelings.

      Ikoma and ikuta are rivals obviously while Ikuta and Akimoto are together too (Just like I concluded even though they were not that touched upon).

      Ikoma and Shiraishi are buddies whereas Shiraishi and Matsumura are love-dovey as well.

      Those are the relationships that mattered.

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