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Idoling!!! Deserves more love–The caps


Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00002

The fearless Leader, creating some marshmallows for you!

Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00018

Not into Leaders? How about The Face’s marshmallows then?

Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00006

The Oshimen, she will milk-feed you!

Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00002

Idols? Look at all the F’s they don’t give!

Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00015

Meet Idoling!!! ladies and Gentlemen.


What AKB used to be when legends from the first three Gens were all still around! How fan they were watching them then when they were so different from the pack! And now what? Just a few years and they are all lost to the streams of society!

I am disappoint!

But this is not an AKB post so let’s drop that subject. Back to the girls and their awesome caps and TV show that doesn’t scene cut at all thus giving the fans the feeling of fulfilment and of being right there with Idoling!!!

I can’t express how great a feeling I get watching Idoling!!! and the camera stays on the scene for as long as necessary. If something goes wrong, it will be seen by everybody! I really love scenes that run their course without camera jumps, which is why I don’t see what’s so great about those AMV/MVs that do quick scene-cuts that just gives me a headache!!

Any way, I was catching up and I decided to grab a few caps to remind the world that there are still Idol shows worth watching! There is actually pretty good ships but those will get their own post. For now, let’s stick with the WTF moments, okay? Well then, forward we go….


Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00001
Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00003 Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00005
Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00006 Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00007
Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00009 Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 000010
Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 000011

Kurata Ruka – 4th Gen.

God, at the time of this episode she was like, what…14!!!

Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00012 Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00013
Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00014

Kikuchi Ami, WTF are you even doing?

Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00015
Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00017
Idoling!!! - 20110602 #752 (SD).wmv - 00018

Such Evil in a 15 year old (at the time) Ito Yuna!

Idoling!!! - 20110706 #764.mp4 - 00000
Idoling!!! - 20110706 #764.mp4 - 00001
Idoling!!! - 20130213 #964.mp4 - 00012
Idoling!!! - 20130213 #964.mp4 - 00011

Ojima Chika! My Oshi! Not to be trifled with!

Or she will such the life out of you


Idoling!!! - 20130213 #964.mp4 - 00000
Idoling!!! - 20130213 #964.mp4 - 00001
Idoling!!! - 20130213 #964.mp4 - 00004

Rice with fruit salad?

BP! Try some of our tar soba!

Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00000
Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00003

Leader Endo Mai

Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00017

…and Yokoyama Rurika show us what comes out of Idols.


Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00010

Miwake Hitomi (who was in Marimite Movie BTW) shows us her…ahem…areola!

Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00008

Look at her spreading like there isn’t tens of fans in the studio and thousands watching!

Okawa Ai everyone!

Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00020

And she wonders why everyone thinks her a guy!

Really, Asahi Nao, really…

Speaking of these two…

Idoling!!! - 20111101 #806.mp4 - 00002
Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00001 Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00003
Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00007

Are their swans, like, kissing?!! O.O

Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00009
Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00008
Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00010

WTF swan performance is this?!!!

Idoling!!! - 20120220 #838.mp4 - 00002 Idoling!!! - 20120220 #838.mp4 - 00003
Idoling!!! - 20120220 #838.mp4 - 00005


Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00011 Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00013
Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00014 Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00019
Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00020 Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00021

They even decided to go full musical!!!

Like, how great is this show?!

And who the hell is that in the red suit and point ni…err…never mind. That’s just Goto Kaoru.

And stop shoeing your button dear Nomoto Manami (grad).

Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00011
Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00013

Not even the new Gens are normal!

Yes, I am talking to you Kiyoku Reia!

Idoling!!! - 20130213 #964.mp4 - 00007
Idoling!!! - 20130213 #964.mp4 - 00009

And stop sucking on big things!?!! >.<

Idoling!!! - 20111103 #807.mp4 - 00004

My Oshi sure looks very interested in Ai’s swan!


Oh dear God…

Idoling!!! - 20130221 #967.mp4 - 00009

Idoling!!! everyone…Simply Amazing!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

6 thoughts on “Idoling!!! Deserves more love–The caps

  1. Ahh the joys of not being popular enough to go mainstream, or at least going mainstream and deciding that they cannot do stuff like this anymore

    Funnily enough I was talking to someone on twitter yesterday about the new Momoclo PV compared to the So Long! drivel (Yes I will never let that go) and he mentioned how good it was that we followed other idol groups too

    Looking at this stuff above don’t think you can do nothing but agree with him…..

    • Well, I am following other groups too as you know so I totally agree.

      I also watched Momoclo’s new PV (if you are talking about Neo Stargate?) and frankly I was almost tempted to get back to them (Haven’t since Akarin left). They know what the fans want. Their management actually does research and tries to get with the times where music is concerned while at the same time Momoclo remains themselves, never changing at the core.

      I can’t stop listening to Neo Stargate because, duh, this is the times of Dubstep and girl, did they execute the genre quite well. Their voices very much complimented the genre and since Momoclo actually had that flavour of spiciness to begin with, it just worked. They are growing into a fearsome group and so is TGS.

      What is AKB doing?

      What is it even doing except getting stagnant as it falls prey to popularity!


  2. Well all TGS need to do is sign to the Yukiring label (seriously don’t see why Avex should not do that, get on the Yuki wave while you can!) and then things for them (and my life too) will be complete!

    As for Neo Stargate, I have not Blasted as hard as I did when the first drop game in for ages, seriously when that build up started I was like “My God they are actually going to do it!!” and when it did drop, Blast off!!! 😀

    And it was great being so excited about a song, sure there have been other songs I’ve liked this year but this really notched things up a level, Stargate is an attention grabber and when you compare it to the same old same old from AKB, well I have to say although of course there is still miles between them, Momoclo have stolen a march on AKB with this.

    But you are right about AKB they have fallen into the popularity trap and can’t get out of it and now it dictates everything they do, it’s like the million sales thing, I pray for the single that drops under a million because I hope it might brake the stagnation a bit and get them actually thinking about their direction again……

    • I hear you.

      When the intro to the song began with Kanako slaughtering the lyrics like a pro with over 20 years of experience, my spine literally stiffened at the chills I got. And then all the rest got their parts and totally killed it too.

      My God!

      I think AkiP made a mistake trying to take over the world (Has anyone ever succeeded in that endeavor any way?) . He should have stuck to only AKB and instead of creating different groups from different parts of Japan (or the world) He should have just focused on AKB and instead added members from these other parts of japan and the world and thus making it not bigger, but more diverse.

      Imagine funny girls from NMb in AKB, Strong dancers from SKE in AKB, awesome loli’s from HKT in AKB, foreigners from Shanghai and Jakarta in AKB!

      The group would be all the better off that way me thinks. Think of the sales of all groups combined since there is only one source of swag!

      Think of the rate of new theater LODs since AkiP would have only 4 stages to focus on!

      Think of the-quality of the singles!!!


  3. Well That’s kinda what happens now in AKB anyway, every year it seems that the influence of the sister groups grow through the AKB ranks. I mean obviously there is WMatsui but after the election Sayaka and Milky will be “proper” senbatsu too (I think Milky will make media honestly) but even further down we see it with girls from the other groups popping up everywhere.

    As for only AKB, well what to say, the teams would be mind bogglingly good wouldn’t they, I mean there would be stars all the way down would be crazy! And we could probably take the example of Johnny’s some what with these long standing successful groups from the same pool of talent in one place…..

    But I do wonder if we may of missed out on some of these girls if they did not have their “local” groups, I mean look at how much our Yuki had to give up and had to do to become an idol (her parents too) and I don’t think that they all perhaps could of done it…..

    Really Aki-P just needs to get a writing team in or something (again I think this is a vanity thing) especially for stage/group songs etc it’s a great way to relive the pressure and meet the song writing demands they have whilst also getting new styles in as well, maybe that’s just to simple though…..

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