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Your centre, take it else where


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Cause Yukirin doesn’t want it!

Of course we fans of her already knew this.

But from the latest episode of Kousagi Doujo, that actually touches upon THE AKB question – Center/Ace, Yukirin finally makes it possible to save her thoughts for future reference when she tells us what we already knew that to her, being the center is not such a big deal when she knows that her fans will look out for her no matter where she is at (Even though it’s mostly way in the back or the sides).

It’s not because of the reasons that others mostly give for not wanting to be center, like how hard it is and the pressure.


It is common knowledge that Yukirin has a brain that puts the cyborg to shame when it comes to memorising them songs and dances so she is more than well equipped. In fact, when she sees how fired up (?) Mayu is now that she is the Center, Yukirin almost wants to try it out once.


But she is much more fulfilled to be some that is needed/important to AKB.  She knows there are a lot of girls that want/desire that position so much more than she does. So she is more than happy to be one that supports these girls who are or want to be at the top.

Like she natured Mayuyu – The Ace.


Like, how can I not love this girl right here?


Meh, I don’t even care for next senbatsu anymore. She can drop out of Media senbatsu and I will not even give a single tick!

But I am sure many girls who hear this have a lot to say, like our dearest Paruru….



Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

9 thoughts on “Your centre, take it else where

  1. Mayuyu is nowhere near the title of ACE! And I think it isn’t that Yukirin doesn’t have a dormant desire to be centre, but she rather stay in her comfort zone and dedicate her energies on her solo career which matters the most to her.
    And I’ll draw a small parallelism: Acchan didn’t want the centre position herself, but grew to be there and learnt how to deal with the hazards and issues it brought! When she–Yukirin- performed centre for Flying Get during the RH2013, it showed she has more than what it takes to be centre. But she has her sights on other things and rather let someone else be the figure head of the heard while she rounds them and guides them to pasture…

    • First of all, Solo activities aren’t the most important to Yukirin!

      Secondary, whether you want it or not, Mayuyu IS the ACE!

      In fact, if we were to put all Aces/Pushed Aces/Wannabe Aces and The Legendary Ace herself together, Mayuyu is the more suitable of all of them.

      What is it with you and Mayuyu anyway? Did she pee in your porridge bowl or something? I mean I know how important that first meal of the day is but seriously…

  2. I dunno, I kind of agree, it’s hard for me to see Mayuyu as an ace, let alone THE ace of AKB. She doesn’t quite have the marketability to be the group representative for the non-wota public who have a casual passing interest/knowledge in AKB. She’s sort of TOO quintissentially an idol, and somewhat lacking that personable side.

    That Paruru gif is TERRIFYING, btw.

    • Oh man not another one! Since when has ACE been downgraded to a simple marketing tool, I have no idea. If what you are saying is the case then either Mariko-sama or Tomochin should be the Face. I certainly don’t think Acchan had any marketable value in the first three years of AKB.

    • Accept it or not is your choice, but Mayu is the Ace now. You don’t see her as Ace, but I do, and I’m sure Aki-p does too. It’s not a coincidence that Mayu is the youngest among the old Kami7. It’s not luck that Mayu is the Ace of first team B and Kashiwagi team B, and now Shinoda team A. She was born to be an idol, that’s what Aki-p had said. I agree that she can never like Acchan, because she’s too modest and CG-ish, but I think changes is good for the 2nd chapter of AKB. And Yuki’s there to support her lovely daughter. Why do we have to argue about the Ace now when it’s already decided?

  3. I wanted to say something here, but I realized I have no words left… So here it comes my “No comment” comment… (if that makes any sense… :P)

  4. One thing that has always impressed me with Yuki is hoe accepting she is of what she is in AKB and how she has reacted to that over the years and goes towards why I like her.

    I really think Yuki admitted to herself that her being center was somethng that was a near impossiblity but instead of going along with her high ranking she decided to go that extra step and become a key part of AKB, even if she is not treated as such all the time.

    And that’s it with Yuki, she trully is a member who can be there with the new gens becasue she can co-exist with them rather than be in competition with them and even though it’s well documented that not alot of the younger members respect Yuki when it gets to stages and such things they are all more free infront of Yuki than they are with others because that what Yuki is, she is the type of girl you know is there but doesn’t need to let you know that she is and be a strong support for the ace of futere ace(s) of AKB, Acchan even mentioned being relaxed around Yuki and though she did not say it I think alot of it is because in Yuki she did not see a competitor but a support….

    As for her being a kay part of AKB, well looking at her and Mayu who is more powerful, the King, or the Kingmaker……

    And Mayu is the ace now, really, at least at the moment, she really is the choice and they have been building her to this, honestly look at Mayu today and from even a year ago, they have really made her more like a center than ever before

    And eveyone stop with the Acchan comparisons she aint Acchan, none of them are, no one ever will be and the only way to have an Acchan Ace is to get Acchan back again, serously just because Acchan was they way she was does not mean they all have to be like her!!!

    • Well, do not blame them, they only have one comparison to make so it kind of makes sense.

      But back to Yukirin, actually in the latest talk with Takamina, the discuss the graduation subject and I wanna cry because I couldn’t understand it well.

      If you do understand Japanese a little bit, care to share with me when you get to it?

      From what I understood, her ans Takamina I think they said that they feel insecure thinking about graduating at the current time because they feel that they haven’t done all they need to do? That they want to make sure to leave the members at a more steady footing than they are currently on or something?

      Arg, I want to understand!

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