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Karen was the perfect choice!

Really she was the perfect choice for Next Gen Ace. They did push her a bit way back and to my collection, I don’t remember any disapproving going on against her like what’s happing to every other push.

She is young, was the same age as when Acchan was choice into Ace all those years ago. She lacks so many weaknesses that haters would have had to beg for help from SB to find anything to complain about her with.

And with the tragedy of early 2011 that hit her home town, she built up a great deal of emotional gain that would have seen fans give her their support whether they wanted to or not.

But for some reason, she seemed to disappear into the ether like a simple leaf that came during Spring and disappeared during fall without anyone giving a simple tick.

Sorry, I just wanted to say that this is, like, one of the big mistakes AKS ever made.

I mean, who wouldn’t want her for centre? I would so be staying if she was the centre even though Yukirin is gone.

Not that I’m trying to say that she should have been put into B in place of you-know-who. No, really I am not.

But we all know that there are so many things AKS is doing wrong that these days we sound like broken records when we touch upon them.


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

19 thoughts on “Just Saying…

  1. Sure, Karen would be a very nice center. But even if she may have disappeared from some radars, in truth she’s not so far right now, and she just need a little something to appear in senbatsu and go back on her way to the top. She’s young.

    I think the Touhoku tragedy may be one of the reasons they did not push her this much. The chances of backfire (exploiting a tragedy) were high.

    • But then isn’t that reversed?

      That they dumped her because of the tragedy?

      ( •_•)>⌐■-■



      • Nice kaomoji ^_^
        And reversed how ? They pushed her, but not as much as they could have, that’s all I said.
        Karen is still growing in AKB,,do not give up on her.

      • I am not but they did.

        I doubt they will just up and get back to pushing her after doing it once and then stopping.

        When they are desperate and stumble upon my blog in a few years maybe, but then it will be too late.

  2. She would have been great, I agree, I really like her, but I’m also okay with Paruru though I like Karen more.

  3. Karen would be a great center. Though I’d like to see a Karen, Ricchan and Tano triple center tbh. These girls have the energy, skills and charm to be good front members imo.

  4. Karen ka? …
    She’s building up quite a reputation on my “list” (I do these no more btw) so I don’t know what to think about her right now. To be the Center Nova? Well, I guess not… at least not yet… Is she better than the ponkotsu girl? … Well, everyone is better than … “that thing” 😀 But I wouldn’t ignore her either on an handshake event especially if I already got there…
    Let’s see what Karen has to offer… After watching the documentary with her again I’m not that strict towards her anymore. After watching the first season of 0048 and actually learning her name 😛 I learned that she can be quite resourceful… Definitely has skills in voice acting… or at least talent for it… Dance? Yep, she can do that stuff too just fine… Singing? I’d take “Hana wa Saku” over that “Shortcake” any time… After seeing that video on her G+ where she plays on a guitar got her a big score boost at me. (At least she is not just pounding animal skin in short skirts… Wait, this didn’t sound so good… Whatever, not everyone can be Manatsu… 😀 )
    But I have to agree with the fact that she is young… Let’s see how young she is… *checking the homepage* WHAAAAAA? Damn girl… Whatever… after getting over Jurina (never did btw 😛 ), I don’t care anymore about such meaningless information… 😀
    The only thing I can’t get past with her is… her stare… It shows a lot of confidence from a girl of her age. (Yeah, we already had that in the past with the Kissing Monster we have, but I think most of you already know how that really is… khm… can’t sleep alone… khm… what a puss… khm… kitty 😛 )
    Where was I? … Oh, that’s right. Karen and her stare… It is piercing my confidence sometimes… (not that I ever had one of those… 😀 )
    Okay… now where was I going with this?…
    In short: Karen deserves more!

    • Shortcake was only able to utilize like 70% of Yukirin’s abilities as far as I’ve heard from her before so I wouldn’t use it as basis. Not to mention that song was pretty challenging especially for an idol who isn’t a professional singer. There were many moments where notes deviated.

      Oh well, at this rate I will sound like a desperate fan so I will leave it to you.

      As for Karen, I actually quite like her stare.It’s like the complete opposite of Paruru who looks like she’s going to wet herself on stage at any moment.


      I mean even Acchan transformed into SRS Business when she was performing despite her real self but Paruru is…always Paruru no matter where.

      Character is all fine and good but if you don’t change it to suite the moment, you be asking for trouble!

      • You really hate her guts don’t you? But mentioning the word character together with Paru? … no… She is the type of girl whom no matter how much (love) you give, you ain’t gonna see anything from her in return…

        As for Karen… I do like her too, I just have to get over that stare… The problem is in my hardware and not in hers.

      • I don’t hater her guts, just the personality she decided to go with.

        I know it’s just a personality because she wasn’t like this before in the early days.

        Can you believe that I actually used to love her more than Yui and Minarun when they would appear on Ariyoshi and AKBINGO?!!

        I know………..

      • I guess you were wearing pitch black goggles back then… No one can be perfect. But liking Paru more than Yui? Really? Oh Dear J… But since she shared some characteristics (I’m still afraid to use this word when I’m talking about her…) with Mayu, who was also quiet and cute in the past I think it’s natural for you to grow some interest towards her. But unlike Mayu, who developed a character and possesses skills in multiple fields, Paru has that thing going on with her… That ponkotsu thing… which made RanRan miss a shot in one show which was aimed to make her do a “hole-in-one” aka shoot and ACE in gold. (Either it was a single Nemousu or Golf Nadeshiko episode)

    • You cannot compare those songs…Saku wa Hana isn’t just Karen, isn’t just Nakayan, it’s a collaboration, thus comparing it to Shortcake isn’t valid. Yes, I agree that Karen deserves more… On a note, I actually went and ran Shortcake on Vocaloid and I need few, very few touches to polish the track!

      • I only heard/saw Hana wa Saku in the presentation of Karen in solo so my comparison of those two songs are totally valid in this case. 🙂

  5. Karen is actually my #1 fave within the young gens. She’s like… complete package of what I want from the girls.
    TBH it seems that Karen’s push has quite died down. I mean, even Tanochan seems to be pushed more than her nowadays.
    I just hope she won’t be like Nacchi: talented, interesting, yet wasted.

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