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[Team B] A song about dog poop can’t be this…





Sorry guys but GTFO of ma way! I have somewhere to be, like, right nao!

outta ma way bitches


That’s right, there can only be one!


U Be Fab as always ma Goddess!

*Kneels before ZOD Black*

dogpoo-44 dogpoo-42
dogpoo-43 dogpoo-59
dogpoo-60 dogpoo-26

The Full members of my favourite Team, still.

Okay, putting the Aki-trolling on the side (I expected dog poo PV instead I got this kawaii thingy! I was disappoint Yasusu!) I wasn’t very into the new Team when it first got out together (Still surfer from B Mayuki withdrawals) but over the months, watching their stages, I found myself being won over again. Of course 90% of the credit goes to my Goddess but still, they were facing incredible heat from Team N which was about to steal more thunder from AKB, adding Favourite Team Award to their already OWN’d Favourite 48 Group award.

As for the PV, for a video about girls singing about poo, this sure looked pretty. In fact it almost makes me want to believe that AKB know what quality actually means. I mean, it sucks that it got downgraded by the Standard Definition format (Bluray Yasusu, make them standard! By the time you decide on that, people will already be on 4K levels! Get with the programme!

Team B’s Soko de Inu no Unchi Funjaukane? (そこで犬のうんち踏んじゃうかね?) re-affirms the team’s best-selling feature over the other teams – Bonds and Fun!

Look at how happy the girls are! They definitely having fun and the concept of the PV couldn’t fit Team B’s image any better. I know that they wanted to create different Teams from before but if they are still supplying the same theme songs (Well, except for Team K’s – Like, That was waay out there). Team A is still the favourite of course with all the effort they power into it, and Team B is still the cute and fun Team despite the fact that they tried to change that image with the members they put it.

Moral of the story?

Want to make any member cute? Put her in Team B!

The END!



The concept is Dodgeball, which I have no idea whatsoever what it has to do with the theme of the song!

Singing about dog poop while playing dodgeball – sense, it makes none!


1st Team, Yukirin Cap, Miichan Goalie (What kind of dodgeball is this?!)


2nd Team, Paruru Cap, Renacchi is goalie


Umechan is ref. of course

dogpoo-17 dogpoo-46

And each team has a weak spot, for Yukirin’s, Kojiharu, for Paruru’s Milky.


Milky fishes her way out of a penalty


The Ladies ain’t amused!


Hey, hey, cut me some slack here. I’m only human! Let’s see you try to resist that!

Says Umechan in defence.

dogpoo-31 dogpoo-36
dogpoo-56 dogpoo-61

Yukirin & Paruru

Stop trying to damage my Goddess’s beauty by making those weird faces in her presence damn you!


dogpoo-15 dogpoo-44

Milky, Kojiharu and Miichan


dogpoo-13 dogpoo-40
dogpoo-45 dogpoo-60

Rena, Suzuran, Ayaka and Anna


dogpoo-54 dogpoo-57

Haachan, Miyu, Reinyan and Miorin



Harukyan, Komorin and Minarun


dogpoo-26 dogpoo-62

Wasamin, Misato and Shiichan


dogpoo-28 dogpoo-43

Miku, Mariko, Natsuki and Wakana.

And there you have all the girls of B!

Didn’t I tell you? Even those that weren’t before now all look cute when in B.

I mean even Shiichan who supposed to be cool is looking more cute than cool >.<




Yukirin’s support


Paruru’s support

Teaming, you are doing it wrong!

Any way, back to the game,


Ooh la la!


Is this some kind of tactic Paruru came up with to defeat Yukirin?

Well, it almost worked since I kinda approve.


dogpoo-21 dogpoo-18

Come at me bro!

Despitr having had a big lead, Kojiharu’s stumbling and Umechan’s weakness to Miyu/Anna boob and Milky fishing ways, Paruru’s team catches up quickly.

dogpoo-34 dogpoo-35
dogpoo-37 dogpoo-38
dogpoo-39 dogpoo-41
dogpoo-49 dogpoo-53

Team B is all about the members as a whole and it was nice to see that the PV helps those new fans who don’t know the members to get to know them better by the names that appear in this gamer-like PC (Player Chara) environment.


Paruru tries to snipe a win when Yukirin has her back turned…


Bitch please…

dogpoo-67 dogpoo-69
dogpoo-70 dogpoo-71
dogpoo-72 dogpoo-73


You are 1000000 years to early to take on THE Goddess Paruru!

Go back to Bed!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

16 thoughts on “[Team B] A song about dog poop can’t be this…

  1. Random PV that had nothing to do with a random song! 😀 sense? Never needed that anyway!

    As for the PV itself, you are right it is very “B” like in that it’s fun for both us and the girls, I wonder about the New “Bers” who came in this and last time to do these PVs I think that they must look forward to it, well most of them would anyway as it must be more fun being in B, and really I think you can tell the girls enjoy it there…….

    Nice seeing Yuki is still central too, at least in B, and really you put her next to Paruru and I can’t help but think how far that Paruru has to go, sure we might all be forced into eating Paruru Pills ATM but somethings you can’t get away from an character is one of them, though she is up against Yuki so I can see how it’s tough for her.

    Have to say that this also kind of confirmed that I like this new B too, sure no MaYuki, or Miichan now either I guess but it’s just that what was brought into this team and what was kept just seems to work really well (special mention to Ishida Anna who won my “WTF to Holy shit this is awesome award”) and they look like a team already, especially when compared to A and K

    • Oh damn, I almost forgot about Miichan T_T

      As for them being a Team, I had my doubts as well and it seems it was hard after all (a la TDC extras) but They came through it in the end and have stayed at the spot for my favourite Team.

  2. KojiHaru looks like she has lost a few years from her age… Looks almost like a loli with that ball in her hands. 😛 But I’m glad that there are the less popular members in this PV like Micha or Shiichan.

    I have to be honest I clicked on this post because of Miyu’s boobs. I never had a crush on her but with a boobs like those… 😛

    Anyway… What I wanted to say is… Stop picking on Paru! Only I am allowed to do that‼ Yes, I totally said this now! 🙂

  3. I listened to the song only 2 or 3 times, but sure, there’s nothing on this page with even a modicum of relation with what I remember from the lyrics.
    It seems fun, I should maybe watch it … But I decided some time ago to ignore Paruru instead of having her hurt my nerves. The result is I can’t watch many things AKB related anymore 😉

  4. Yep this is my fave PV from the single too despite me not liking the song too much.

    There are times when I think Anna is plain looking but she has been looking more and more great like in that screen cap you posted.

    • That’s what I thought of her when I watched the first LOD of Umeda’s Team B.

      She was just so different from the SKE Anna that I knew! And when I saw her perform that Team Surprise song with Yukirin and Minarun…


  5. As much as I try, I cannot recognize this song…Neither the PV nor the song itself make sense to me…I’m disappointed with this song! The good impression I had with Seigi no Mikata ja Nai Hero had vanished… Will Umeda Team B rise to the glory days of TEAM B?? I hope next B song is better than this one!

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