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Sono Hatsu 04 – Failed Suicide


Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00139
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00146
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00152

Oh man, here comes the drama.

I knew it was too good to be true.Everything has been going so smoothly that it was beginning to defy the laws of entertainment. Well, at least that’s what my English teacher was trying to drive into my brain about there having to be a climax in any great story.

I understand that Teacher, I really do but do they all have to be bad climaxs? Really? Can’t we just have a good feel climax just for once in a drama?

Any way, the moment finally hits as the secret spills out onto the masses.

Prepare for drama!


Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00001 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00003
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00004 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00005
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00006 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00007
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00008 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00009
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00010 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00011
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00012 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00013
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00014 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00015
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00016 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00017

Okay, okay, get this. The very first line of this episode is from Saki who says – “Yesterday, this girl confessed her love for me.” She turns to a disbelieving Hiroko. “Right? You love me, right?”

The guys around, yes, they were in a club surrounded by guys, right after Hiroko confessed to Saki. Damn you Saki, how could you do this?! Do you have any idea what you’ve done? What message you-re sending to all those hopeful young lesbians in the closet watching this show?!

Any way, the guys reply with – “What a waste, she’s cute too.”

Saki asks the guy that spoke, “Oh, she caught your eye?” She turns to Hiroko. “Then why don’t you at least date one of them?”

I was like, WTF Saki, WTF?!!!!

Poor Hiroko, I have no idea how she must have been feeling right then and there. Talk about the ‘spitting in your face’! Actually, that might have been much better than this! It was just so cruel!

And while Saki is still yapping on with her vulgar mouth (Sorry but I am not a fan at the moment) one of the Dudes frikkin goes and starts touching Hiroko’s face! Hiroko negates that touch like the hands were smeared with faeces!

That was the last straw!

She picks up that glass of whatever-drink-it-was and shoves it up Saki’s tight….umm nose? Sorry, she empties the glass in Saki’s face! That sure ought to cool her down a few degrees. Hiroko has finally snapped so she give Saki a piece of her mind. “You are the worst!” She shouts! “I feel like an idiot for falling for someone like you!” Ouchies!

But then Saki retaliates by giving back some juice of her own and a fight breaks out! Well, a fight that involves hair pulling, pillow weaponry and screaming. And of course just like a domino, the whole club turns into a battle ground and everyone is hitting anyone! In all the commotion, Dude shows up out of nowhere and seeing things are getting out of hand, the three hightail it out of there before the police show up.

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00019 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00022
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00021

Of course the Dude chooses to sit closer to Saki. Look at Hiroko feeling all kinds of left out and lonely.

No wonder she high tailed it out of there.

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00024 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00025
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00026
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00027 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00028

“I wonder where I came from. Where am I heading?”

“What type of person will I turn into if I continue on like this?”

“I don’t know the answer to that. But there is one thing I do know…”

“I love Saki!”

Too deep for me Hiroko, too deep. Actually, his is too deep for you too. Which I why I respect you and gave you title of My Favourite Female Lead ever! And to see that despite the way Saki played with her emotions she still believes in her love for her….




While Hiroko is bleeding her heart out in the park all alone, meanwhile at the Saki residence, Saki is getting pretty charmy with the Charm (Okay, this IS Kimura Takuya and since he obvious isn’t going to WIN the girl Tehe, sorry I cheated, I might as well give him the privilege of not calling him Dick).

Saki, how dare you!

Saki – minus 10 points!

Katase actually stands up for Hiroko here when he asks Saki to not play with Hiroko like that. She really does love Saki after all.

Katase – plus 2 points!

What did Saki say to that? “I hate childish girls like her!” And I ain’t even kidding!

ono u didnt

Saki – Minus 1000 poi….

“You are totally lying though your teeth” – Katase…

And I’m like…Oh?

“Don’t talk like you know anything about me”. She fires back.

“I do know you. I have been watching you since we were kids.” He fires back!

Katase 10 – 0 Saki…

Why am I even still keeping score? This episode is obviously secretly titled Saki on drugs while on her period!>_>

The balls he grew suddenly of course get him chased out of the house but not before he finally says it. That he loves Saki. But of course Saki ain’t having none of that shit! She only repeats her order for him to disappear.

Damn it Saki, I am happy that you gave him the same treatment as you did Hiroko but for crying out loud, do you have any frikkin idea how lucky you are to have two people lay their feeling at your held knife?!

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00033 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00034
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00035 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00036
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00037 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00038
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00039 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00040
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00041 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00042
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00043 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00044
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00045 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00046
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00047 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00048

Back at home, Hiroko gets some nice advice from big bro, when he calls up to his crush even though he was dumped. She decides that she will not run away from Saki no matter what. That’s her resolve. So se decides to pay Saki a visit. It’s still the same night too. She finds Saki exiting the door going somewhere.

That late at night?!

Any way Saki continues on to wherever the hell she was off to but Hiroko doesn’t let her out of her sights just like that. She vows some heroic lines to Saki’s back about how she will be her <somebody I didn’t get> and that she will be waiting for Saki for as long as it takes forever!

I…I love you Hiroko! I really do. You’re the coolest female lead to grace Japanese TV!

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00049 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00050
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00052 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00054
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00055 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00056

Any who, while she waits for Saki to return (Oh, she meant it literally?!) Katase too seemed to have other ideas as he comes back and finds Hiroko outside Saki’s mansion. The two have a heart to heart, again, as Katase confesses how he was dumped too and Hiroko relays what she had leaned back to him.

She believes that Saki is just lonely and that even though she did not know Saki too well, she knew the very least that Saki was a person who needed someone. So she decided to be that someone even though Saki may not love her. Katase is impress by Hiroko’s might!

Damn it, Can’t I just give this girl all of the awards, like, right now?!!

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00057 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00058
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00061 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00063
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00066 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00070
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00073

I should have known!

Of course Saki ran off to that Dude’s place! But Oh fate, you so funny! When she gets there, her Mom is also visiting and Saki watches as the two…um…chat?

Okay, I change the title of this episode to – Confessions – because it seems like everyone is confessing to everyone seeing as Uncle dearest is also choosing this night, the night that Saki is watching, to confess his forbidden love to Saki’s Mom!


Does it hurt Saki? Does it hurt good?


Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00075 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00076
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00078 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00080
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00081 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00082

In the end, the two decide to return home and while Hiroko is chilling there, watching her Bro still trying to reach the girl of his dreams and admiring his fighting spirit, there comes a call for her. It’s from Saki! It seems like it’s an emergency. Saki did something bad.

Oh man, now what?

Hiroko runs all the way to Saki’s place (That’s how you run to your love’s rescue Jurina,!) and when she gets there, Katase too appears out of nowhere! Now, where the hell did he come from? I don’t remember Hiroko calling him. And I doubt there were cell phones in 1992. Not for the general public anyway.

The two storm the premises like firemen looking for Saki then…

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00083 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00084

OMG! She is dead!


Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00087
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00089 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00088
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00091

“Ahahaha. It’s just a joke. You are both idiots.” Here look, it’s just ketchup.” – Saki.

“………….” – Hiroko and Katase.



What the hell is wrong with you girl!?!

Can you like, believe that she just did that?! Like, WTF?! She couldn’t just spend the night silently wallowing in her pain of being rejected in that way, for her own mother?!! No, she couldn’t, she just had to go and make Hiroko and Katase’s hearts bleed some more!

Damn it Saki!

Thank God Katase delivered the over-due bitch-slap momentarily! That ought to calm her down some! And while I want to give him points for that, the points go to Hiroko instead. Why? Because he was getting carried away and seemed to want to deliver more beat-downs.

But Hiroko saved the day with the power of Best Female Lead by saying that it was okay, because Saki was fine in the end. After all, the alternative would have been much worse. And she was right!

Okay, some one please lend me your love because I am running out of loves to give Hiroko!

Sorry Katase, but you just lost this one. I o admit that Saki deserved a slap but you failed by going over 100%.

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00100 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00103

I can’t keep up with this shit!

Well said, Katase, well said! Leave the heart battles to the women. You fight the physical ones! And of course he leaves with his tail between his legs and slamming the door for whipped effect as he leaves. the two girls alone.

Has this put some life into your withered heart dear Saki?

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00104 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00106

You’re such an idiot aren’t you? You can be deceived by anything!

Or not!

For crying out girl, would it kill you to be nice for once this episode! Would it….

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00108


Oh Shit! It was real! She did cut her wrists! Damn it all! Hiroko has the God eye. Hiroko’s love cannot be deceived!

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00111 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00112
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00113 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00114
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00115
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00116 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00117

“Please stop telling lies. I want to now what’s really in your heart!” – Hiroko!

Alright, I give up!


Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00118 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00119
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00120 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00122
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00124 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00125
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00127 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00128
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00130 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00131
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00133 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00134
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00135 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00136

And it seems like Hiroko has passed the test? Because it seems like Saki had gone off her high horse. Oh thank the Lord!

Hiroko – plus 1000 points!

And as if God was rewarding her awesome work, Saki finally shares something about her self with Hiroko – her real feelings towards her mother as Hiroko patches her wounds up. Hirko’s smile at the incident….Ahhhhhh

In the end though, Saki still doesn’t think of her mother as a real mother. To this Hiroko answers…

“I will be your mother.”

“In place of your teddy bear, I will be your brother.”

“I will be your father, I will be your mother.”

“I will be your home.”


At this I was like,


Hiroko really does take care of Saki like a mother would here. She makes her a sweet and warm drink (Because it’s the cure to a girl’s sour feelings) then she tucks Saki in because she is tired.

Saki really does seem to have turned back to a normal person. She continues to share her feelings as she tells Hiroko that she feels relaxed now that Hiroko is there for her. She says that she is a person that needs someone there for them or they would go nuts. She repents that she was actually just afraid of people, or getting close. Hiroko just listens to her with a wide smile on her face. We of course already learned this from the great detective Hiroko’s deduction just moments earlier.

Can I get a hallelujah?

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00138
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00139 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00140
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00141 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00142
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00144 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00147
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00146
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00148 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00151
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00152
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00153 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00154

And then the fucking hands happen too!!!!

And as she watches Saki lay there fall asleep, Hiroko repeats to herself in her head, as if it was a life-time’s vow,

“I will stay by your side. I will protect you.”

“But I am sure you will sway again, right?” You will hurt me again am sure”

“But…It’s alright.”

“It’s…all right!”

Then she kisses Saki’s cheek to seal that promise!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My heart!

Stop it girl. Just stop it! My heart is being squeezed of all the love it can give.

And Saki was still awake because she opens her eyes right soon after! I thought she was sleeping!!!! But it seems it was just me because even Hiroko didn’t give a single reaction! Even Saki just went on with another liner like nothing happened!!

What does this all mean?

Is Saki finally accepting Hiroko’s feelings?


And Hiroko stays with her when she sleeps and doesn’t return home until the wee hours of morning!

That right there people, is what love is all about! Forget all those over-dramatic Korean Romance dramas! This is the real thing right here!

And despite that she went back home way late, and that she got caught by her mother who gave her a scolding, she somehow made it back to Saki’s and waited for her so they could walk to school together!

Damn it Hiroko.

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00155 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00158
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00159 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00160
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00161 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00162
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00164 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00165
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00166 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00167
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00169 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00170

Then then as they skip-skip their way to school, Saki finally admits that she loves Hiroko.

She says it twice!

Hiroko’s smile….Is angelic!

But then Saki’s smile falls and Hiroko’s gaydar goes off. Something was somehow very wrong. But what could it be? Ah, she will figure that out later, right now it’s Saki taimu!


Having been a skipper for a good portion of the term, Saki is given a warning but Hiroko helps her out as the two spend more time together than they ever did before at school. Hiroko’s love is of course in her eyes right now and she has no reason to hide it, now that Saki knows.

She made a tiny miscalculation though. Okay, a not so tiny miscalculation….

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00171 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00172
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00173
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00174 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00175
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00176 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00178
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00179 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00180
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00181 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00182
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00184
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00185 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00186
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00187Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00188


Society is a bitch, ain’t it Hiroko!

Comes at you right out of the blue and hits you right where it hurts the most, doesn’t it?

That’s right, for those who have forgotten, that’s Hiroko’s best friend, or is supposed to be any way. She just so kicked Hiroko’s foot out of the way and gave her a poisoned look to boot.

Something is afoot and I don’t like it!

Hiroko just ignores her friend but she knows…her gay-sense doesn’t lie. There is a rotten tomato in her basket of delicious tomatoes. If only she could just find it….

In the changing rooms for the PE class, to say that things escalated quickly would be an understatement!

Hiroko has to be the most innocent lead I have ever seen because even with all the alarms going off around her, she is still over-taken by her love for Saki. Where all the girls are changing and is a danger zone for sure, she goes and pulls a love move of helping Saki un-dress.

big mistake

Big mistake!

As if they were wrapped in bottles of water and dumped off in a dessert prison full of thirsty to death people, all eyes zeroed in on the couple!

I think I felt my skin crawl in anticipation of the proverbial shit that was about to hit the fan!

“What’s your deal? If you have anything to say, just come out and say it!” – Hiroko.

Okay, is my girl president yet? No? Well forget that, Make her an Empress!

And just on queue, the stuff does hit the fan!

The L-Word gets dropped!

Shit just got real…real depressing!

I hate scenes like those damn it, so I am not going to talk about it but to say that the rest of the episode is all about Hiroko finally facing rapid fire from the masses.

II had almost forgot about this part of the deal!

Damn you anime and tricking me into thinking people were all nice like in your fantastical world!

Damn you.

But of course this is Hiroko, she takes the battle on, guns blazing! Bring it on bitches, she has love on her side. You can’t do shit to her! You are already lost the battle before it even began.

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00189 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00191

Look at that pride face of Saki’s. Hiroko just won herself more points from the Love of her life herself and she doesn’t even know it!

But of course despite her strong words, my Hiroko is still just a girl and whether you like it or not, if something like this happens, it makes you think about things you hadn’t before. Question things that build up doubt cloud in your heart.

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00192 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00193
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00194 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00196

And it is at this moment that someone comes to feed the clouds when their teacher comes to warn Hiroko of Saki. She is apparently not at her worst yet seeing as Sensei calls her a Devil’s Child.

Oh man, I was afraid of this. There is just something not quite right with Saki just yet and I guess we are about to find out.

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00197 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00199
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00200 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00201
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00202 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00204
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00205 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00206
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00207 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00208
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00209 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00210

But I guess that will have to wait because things are still going smoothly in Hiroko and Saki land. Hiroko finally invites Saki over to their home and they even have dinner together.

I guess it’s high time to introduce the parents?

Any way after dinner, Hiroko walks Saki off but when they get to go their separate ways, what does Saki say to Hiroko? Not good night, or See you around.


What she says is Goodbye!

Hiroko spends ten minutes trying to figure out what that means. I spend an hour!

Still, they walk together to school the next morning but the road just got bumpy-er. It seems that having been whipped into submission by Hiroko’s bravery, they class now shifted to bullying Saki. It turns out that Her Uncle and Mother’s affairs have already hit the tabloids (Damn you Bunshu, Just Die)

Hiroko tries to go to Saki’s rescue but things backfire on her when things now seem to have turned into the blame Saki for Hiroko turning gay. Okay, yes, thinking things logically, it was Saki’s fault that Hiroko turned gay, you know, for being the one for Hiroko but still…

Now Hiroko seems like the bad guy here and she knows it ain’t right to be around Saki at the moment so she talks to Katase. It wouldn’t do to leave Saki by herself after all.

Later that day, Hiroko decides that Saki should have calmed down enough to talk so she goes over to her place and BAM!

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00212 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00213
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00214 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00215
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00216 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00217
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00218 Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00219

As she gets there, she finds Katase leaving who is stopped by a crying Saki. The two embrace right there in front of her eyes then as if they were lovers of years, they kiss right in front of Hiroko’s eyes.

The look on Hiroko’s face!

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00220
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00221

cries tears

But then get this, Saki sees Hiroko and what does she do?

Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00225
Sono Hatsu 4.mp4 - 00227

She just like, totally smiled!

She smiled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







To Be Continued…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

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  1. huhu…your review is fantastic like usual..nice..n Saki..hmm, is she serious about Hiroko?? the smile at the end..huh..poor Hiroko..

    the anime..is a dream and hope..huhu..reality is always differ..the society things..*sigh*

  2. hi!!! I enjoy reading your reviews
    OMG that Saki…. aghh my heart >_<
    how many chapters are?

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