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Okay, Who is it? Confess Right Now!



Over 7 minutes of TakaYuki Goodness


All Readers, gather around please!

Now, I promise you a swift death if you do confess right now and not drag this out any longer. Now then, who is it? Come clean right now. I am sure you aren’t going to like the alternative punishment so you might as well confess.

Who amongst all of you works for AKS? I know you are in there because three times just goes way beyond coincidence. This leaves only the possibility that there is a spy amongst Yuri Goggles Readers.

Just a little while ago, I posted mentioned how I was in need of some TakaYuki to calm my heart that was being swayed by those SBull-unko  and then what goes and happens?


Some TakaYuki Alone time!

How else to explain this?

There is a spy among us dear Readers.



They looked like they were having fun.

I only wish I knew what the hell they were talking about >.<


Dem looks.


Dem smiles Yukirin is feeding Souchan



They really do look happy ^__^


I caught a few topics though even though I didn’t fully understand. They of course talked about Yukirin’s solo debut, I think they touched upon the time when 3rd Gen (Team B) first joined and how Yukirin first broke the ice with Sae and Takamina back then.

They talked about how they are the only children in their families too I think. Then came to discussions about how Yukirin is always formal with Souchan. Souchan asks her to do it then, to refer to her without the formalities. Of course Yukirin, who hasn’t done that all these six years thinks that it will be strange and refuses. Souchan tells her to think of it as acting, then calls Yukirin Mielino.

You can do it Mielion – she says.


Yukirin goes into Mielino mode….


Mielino Kashiwagi: So Takamina, how do you spend your days off?”

(And what’s with that stance Yukirin >.<)




And it’s not over yet. There is part 2 it seems.


I needed that!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

16 thoughts on “Okay, Who is it? Confess Right Now!

  1. A spy? Shouldn’t you be happy, for this agent has thrice given into your cravings…??? Well I know if it was me I wouldn’t blow my cover, and I’m not the person you’re looking for….

    If this a similar message to another one posted by me before here, I apologize my laptop is playing tricks on me!

  2. It’s Hirata Rina, she understands our language!!!!!

    “TakaYuki to calm my heart” Yeah Kind of sums these two up doesn’t it, there is something calming about the two of them together, a partnership you can relax with, I do also like Yukirin when she is with Takamina because she is the girl above all others who I think Yuki looks up to and it’s sweet that she still mostly uses the proper way to talk to Takamina rather than her nickname but it’s a nice way of seeing how much respect Yuki has for her.

    I do have a soft spot for them to, always go back to the 2011 elections when Yuki first got 3rd and we had the lovely scene (I think from the documovie that year) where it’s Takamina who rushes up and congratulates Yuki first (OK whilst also possibly fanny blocking MaYuki but still) That always brings a smile to my face for how she’s there for Yuki in no small part because Takamina most likely knew how much it meant to Yuki……

    I’d love them to do more musically together too, I mean it’s two of the best voices in AKB so anything they do would be great!

  3. I used “SPYdog” as nickname in the past, but I’m no spy, and I definitely have nothing to do with this. I would never put these two in the same room… And I disagree with the statement of Yukirin having the second best voice in AKB… (where’s she next to Wasamin? or even Karen? Too bad Yuttan’s gone…)

    I have like 12-13 episodes of these Mujacks I haven’t watched yet… including this one… so… yeah… (I’m in a bad mood right now…)

    • Yukirin sings better than Karen Kragorin but I do agree, there is about four that are better than her and three of them are actually in Team B (Mariko, Wasamin and Miyu)

      And bad mood? Is it me or are you always in one ^^

      • Well, after all the recent events you still asking about my bad mood? Oh yeah, I have a lot of things to be happy about, like half of the girls I like in the family are leaving or already left, or others making their way into world news in a wrong way… Or just simply cheating or falsifying their appearance… Yeah, I have a lot of things to be happy about… -_-

        But none of these concerns you, so I won’t talk about them no mo’.

        I just confess here… Yuki past a level I’m not comfortable with… Here, I said it! Now all of the Yuki fans can flame me…

      • You are still brooding?

        Get a hold of yourself Kragorin, will ya ^^

        Any way, what’s with the beef you have with Yukirin? I don’t get it, are you saying you be mad that she surpassed your expectations or because she broke your expectations?

        I hope it’s not because of Binshu because that issue is so smoky that most of the fans have forgotten about it, including me.

      • Bishu? I never had that disease… What’s that?
        My best guess is something scandal-like… wait… oh that thing… Nah, that wasn’t on my mind… I already forgot about it… That has nothing to do with my feelings towards her. I’ll be honest here. Not that I ever lied to you or anything but… anyway… I wanted Yukirin to be like Hermes from the drama Densha Otoko. I could get away with that kind of character just fine. But… as we all know… she is nowhere near that. She is not bad person just… not my type at all… she sometimes gets on my nerves with her behavior, her way of speaking is also a bit… irritating for me sometimes. (I know, Yui’s way of speaking isn’t much better either but… it’s that thing that I like her character as it is so that nullifies the effect…)
        But don’t worry… Yuki’s not the only one who got “nerfed” in my eyes… Minarun also suffers from this effect…
        I’m sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings with this but I won’t fake myself to look better in others’ eyes…

        And about that “brooding” you mentioned. I’m kind of easy to upset if you start playing games with my feelings in any way… and I’m not giving my forgiveness too cheaply…

      • LOL oh you.

        And why would i be hurt if someone doesn’t like Yukirin? There are people I don’t like but I don’t not like them so much that I would hate them.

        Only beef I have is when someone goes out of their way to bash someone openly clearly displaying their hate.

        Like for me, I wouldn’t go about showing people how much I hate Paruru because firstly I don’t and secondly, it’s because of all things considered not just a personal attach on her.

        So I don’t mind that Yukirin is not your cup of tea. Just don’t go start a parade of displaying your hate for her, okay? ^_-

        Not that I would say anything to you for that, I mostly just ignore the haters…completely ignore ^^

        But you are not a hater, right? You just don’t…like her anymore, right?


      • I never liked her much but I gave multiple chances to her to make me like her. Well it looks like my intuition was right again about her so I just leave here where she is right now.

        About being a hater, well… Have you seen me writing any hating comments about Shimada Haruka? In case you don’t know it’s her I don’t like the most. But I never did go all out and spamming hating comments about her. The reason behind this is: 1.) I think it’s meaningless and absolutely stupid; 2.) It would do no good but generate more experiences containing the “energy” we don’t like… I’m talking about the rule of attraction. The more energy you spend on things the feelings you have while doing that will attract more of that type of “energy”. (My engineer blood again…)

        So to answer your question: I won’t go and start spamming hating comments about Yuki, because… I don’t want my life to be overflown by Yukirin… I try to focus some other things which “sounds good” to my ears, like… uhm… Manatsu? 😀
        (SKE48 jokes FTW 😛 )

      • Somehow I think you try to read to much between lines…Yukirin, as many others aren’t meant to be deciphered, I guess…. I think you like people whom you can read clearly…Then mate, you’ll probably dislike have of the women in the world… You don’t like Yukirin, well that’s your opinion, thought, I think it’s because you try to read her, like a magazine or visual book, when she’s rather an ode to ancient relics. I mean she has her own way to be read and interpreted… Then again you have your own spectra for reference… Mate, someday you should try and look at things through a different perspective, you’ll be amazed!

        Yukirin is like a kaleidoscope, you don’t try to infer or understand you rather just enjoy them! Of course she resonates with some people and differs with others. But unlike many you have to constantly look at her from a new perspective, just like a kaleidoscope.

        I think Richard Feynman’s phrase fits–I’ll tweak it to fit Yukirin– “Those who think they understand Yukirin, they don’t understand her” something like that, he made that quote in regards to Quantum Mechanics, but I think it fits the ever evolving and somewhat shrouded by mystery Kashiwagi Yuki,

      • If this comment is directed at me, then it makes -9000 sense.

        This moment in time everyone here should know how I feel and what I think about her ^^

      • No, I was addressing Mr. Kragorin, thus my comment, sorry if I caused confusion!

      • That might be true that I can’t read everything Yukirin has in her. (People can never understand each other 100%. Also there’s a river between men and women, wider than any ocean on Earth.) But I wasn’t referring to the things I can’t see clearly in her in my previous comments. I was trying to say that I don’t like those things in her character I can clearly “read” in her and I can’t get past ’em. Yukirin’s resonance levels are too high for me to like. Also… she’s so much different from what I like. With this I don’t have any desire to analyze her any more. But if we are going quantum physics, how about this: Even Yukirin’s Zero-point energy is too high for me to enjoy. It’s like the thing with Roses and Thorns…
        I know some of her qualities, I understand why others might like her. I’m not saying she is “worse” than other girls I like. I’m saying that she is just “less compatible” with me than the others. And this is it. Liking or not liking is a very personal or even intimate thing. Everyone is very careful about whom they let in into their own world…

        Also Yuki is not that hard to read… well, at least the outer layers of her character that is… I did search for something I could hold on in these layers so I could go further, but there was nothing strong enough in there… for me at least!
        So I stop forcing myself to get to like her… It is unhealthy if I apply too much force on myself.

        Acchan was a much different chase. She became more likeable to me when the stress she had got off of her shoulders… I didn’t like Atsuko back then because she was “hurting my pride”. Now that thing’s gone and all I can see in her is that she’s a wonderful and very lovable woman.
        With Yuki… I’m at my limit… Unless I somehow manage to get closer to her (physically) and meet her in person, I will leave her where she is right now…

        Oh and Shiro, you have something towards her I don’t… Love. That has a lot of weight behind it. I mean a LOT, like a super massive black hole.

        “I can see the world through my own eyes…”

        Also I don’t dislike women because of their more complex personality. The thing is that there are so few real women, and so many simple “female humans” around… And I’m quick to judge because… what I experience here is that… some things, people are just that simple it’s meaningless to dig deeper because you won’t find anything “more” in their personality. That is what I see every day. Sometimes it’s enough for me to take a look at them for like 3 seconds and know what I learn later that they are just that simple. (boring)

        A slingshot back to Yukirin: What I already learned about her, I don’t really like. Why would I go further? Yeah, she might be a wonderful person, just… not for me.

        PS: Screw my blog! I’ll blog here from now on! 😀

  4. TAkamina have a brother. She isn´t only children in their families

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