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TamaMido 05 – Guyz, Guyz? What Do?!



i cant


I don’t know whether to die in happiness right now from that scene above and finally label this the best series of 2013 already, or what?!!

I mean, if it was just that moment right there that stood out to me this episode alone then it so would be on my Top List already.

But something else happened!

Something that made me almost bite my tongue due to the force I was using to clench my jaw in furious anger! My vision was all red, my ears were on fire which told me that steam was escaping through them and I almost crushed my keyboard shelf!

You best pray to your gods KyoAni that this is not going to lead to what many others who followed the same path lead to.

Best pray!

What was so bad about this, you ask?




They are not even trying to be subtle about things anymore!

Seriously, the only one out there who still thinks Midori is straight has to be the best ideal example of a person in denial!

Start out an episode with such a scene and you know eyeballs are gonna be glued to the set for the whole half hour following!

My excite meter was way above normal and after the teaser of this episode from episode 4, about a sleeping with whom, you betcha they had my full attention.

tamamido5-04 tamamido5-06

The episode starts out like the best thing ever as it seem it’s going to deliver the good.

It’s the beach episode, the Dude couldn’t make it, Tamako can’t swin and lo and behold!

It is up to our Flawless Midori-chan to teach her!

I know it means nothing but that first scene of their joined hands…


You me and my hands! I live my hands! In fact I think I prefer seeing girls hold hands to them doing the, you know, the deed!



But of course, this is no dream!

Shitty things are bound to happen and voila!

Though I loved this at first because it showed Midori’s jealous side and thus confirming her position to the nay sayers, the rest of the episode totally started to go down hill.

tamamido5-11 tamamido5-12

Okay, time out!

What do you call this?

Dera is a male chicken (well, he looks like it now) so he can be called a cock, right?

He got blocked by Midori so usually this would be a reversal cock-block, right?

But he was delivering the Dude’s letter who in anime is usually the one referred to as the cock.

So, two cocks got blocked by Midori. Does that make it Reversal Double Block?

tamamido5-17 tamamido5-18
tamamido5-19 tamamido5-20

Any way, Dick tries to sneak his love letter to Tamako via Dera Express Delivery Services but Midori is…well, Midori.

She knows everything!

Try to sneaky confess to her Tamako? Bitch please! You want battle? it’s so on!

At this moment in time I was finding all this kinda hilarious. Midori was showing how strongly she feels about Tamako and she was kinda cute.

But then….


Suddenly, Bitch Status!

And at this I am like,


Oh God, here we go.

They are going to spoil Midori’s awesome image so far by turning her into a bitch who in turn will not be worthy of Tamako so they can have an excuse to have Dick take her in the end!

I knew it was too good to be true!

Damn you KyoAni, would it kill you to miss a step and go a route that is not usually taken?!

I started watching this episode when it came out on Thursday but at this scene, I stopped it and only continued it today!

I was that frikkin angry!

In fact, only that confession scene was what made me re-watch it this early on.

tamamido5-28 tamamido5-27
tamamido5-30 tamamido5-32
tamamido5-33 tamamido5-34
tamamido5-35 tamamido5-36
tamamido5-37 tamamido5-38
tamamido5-40 tamamido5-39

Midori 1 – 0 Dick

Okay, the more their conversation went on and it turned a bit light, I almost was about to forgive them because it looked like they were trying to have a confrontation between a guy and girl love rivals without it turning into absolute bitch territory on the girl’s side of things.

tamamido5-41 tamamido5-42tamamido5-43 tamamido5-44
tamamido5-45 tamamido5-46
tamamido5-47 tamamido5-49tamamido5-48
tamamido5-51 tamamido5-52

God, No! No, No and NO!

No to Midori’s personality here! I want my cool Midori back not this jealous bitch! NO!

No to them being similar! Same smell?! Fuck NO! I don’t want to think of the implications of that!

And what the fuck is up with this Dick’s name? Ooji? Which sounds like you are saying Prince as his sir name and Mochizou which as he says, has ‘mochi’ that Tamako loves so much in his first name?! NO, KyoAni, NO!

And finally NO to that last scene there where Dick made Midori look all the more bitchy when he played the cook card of turning down Tamako’s invite to placate Midori!


I mean there is no way Midori would fall for him so it is not that but that she made Midori look like the bad choice they way she was targeting him with her jealousy!

NO!, Just NO!

But then of course the moment I had been waiting for happened and the grin came straight back to my face like it was there from the beginning!


Oh man, Not again

Okay, let’s dissect that convo there a bit.

First of all, I don’t really think Tamako is the dense type of characters. If she does turn out that way, it will only be that KyoAni turned into scared pussycats and just dropped it off even though that doesn’t seem like the intent. They are probably keeping it as a safety line were things to go bad then they will fall back on the ‘you knew she was dense, right?’.

And so, when Midori asked her this question, I believe she knew exactly why Midori was asking.

Nay, even the dense type usually give a suspicious reaction to being asked this type of question but Tamako just had a silent moment before she answered.

She knew what was being asked of her. And so to her answers.

Childhood friend and mochi making buddy. Now I know this doesn’t mean anything, I mean how many anime have we seen where the *pffft* the childhood friend ends up with the girl?

I mean I haven’t seen any myself ( I don’t do those kinds of anime) but I know they are there (Thank you blogs I follow).

And so, one can just dismiss her answer here because she can just change her mind later on. I mean that is only a label so if Dick confessed to her then she will see him in a different light, right?


But then came her second answer to what she thinks of Midori.

Again, she paused before answering. Then BAM!

I love you Midori!

Okay, Did anyone get a WTF moment at that answer?

Person A: What do you think of me?

Person B: I love you!

Like, WTF?!!

Usually, that answer, which I haven’t heard before being answered to that question, but if it does, and in this kind of situation, it is usually followed up with the most hated word in the community, right?

I love you. You are my FRIEND!


But it didn’t come here. Tamako said


And that was it! Full stop.

How am I supposed to take that except to whip out a bottle of Irish Cream and not so silently celebrate?!


Of course Midori didn’t take it serious, and I am sure even most of us aren’t, because, hello? It can’t be that easy!

But think of the JELLY at the end when the drama hits and it turns out Tamako meant everything?



But of course, adding Dick into the equation,

tamamido5-66 tamamido5-67
tamamido5-69 tamamido5-68

And seeing how KyoAni is selling him like MS is selling Win8 RT (cause nobody is buying), and also not forgeting the whole reason behind the story, in that Dera is looking for a bride for his Prince, also seeing as there seems to have developed an understanding between him and Midori,

I fear for a BAD END and WORST END!

BAD END being that Tamako leaves to go to Africa and live a Princess’s life. Thus leaving Midori and Dick because they were her FRIENDS and didn’t see them that way.

Very BAD END! But not the worst that could happen!

WORST END being that we get a THREESOME!

If that happens, dear you all who have cats as pets best make sure your cats spend that month locked up indoors because….

I warned you.


But of course this is all specular!

The fact is that Tamako LOVES Midori!!!!

its gonna be fine

Everything is gonna be fine!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

3 thoughts on “TamaMido 05 – Guyz, Guyz? What Do?!

  1. I was waiting for this entry since I watched the episode. It’s always enjoyable to read one of your watching experiences.

    Two things maybe :
    First, the same odor thingy from Mazui-san = both in love, but with the same person. It seemed evident to me while watching. But for the Angst value, your reading is fun too.
    And little second, your interpretation of the “daisuki da yo” in answer to Midori feels a bit exaggerated to me. It can very well be only friendship (but sure it can also be more). Tamako does not seem interested in love to me. So, let’s wait for her awakening and hope for the best.

    Overall, it was a great episode, and I personally loved how Midori defended her territory.
    And no need to wonder (心配 ?) about an eventual bad end, let’s enjoy the travel for now !.

  2. If only I were as optimistic as you are on this one…because I’m not. Best show of 2013 because of only Midori? PAH! Not even close.

  3. Man that episode went back and forth a bit but man making Midori go down the ‘jealous’ route yikes it’s like the best friend in every anime like this, you know the one who is the ‘great threat’ to the hero or heroine who has loved the love interest since they were young but the love interest only sees them as a best friend, Yeah got me face palming the whole way through it to be sure….

    I have to admit hearing the word’s “I love you” coming from Tamako to Midori, yeah even if the I love you as a best friend bit was not there I can’t help but feel that it was meant that way, I mean it’s never that easy and they never say it like that in amines…… BAH! BAH TO EVERYTHING!!!

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