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So Long & New Related Drama Specials



YukiRena hakken!!!




Not a post Acchan single without TomoYuki


Ponytail Yukirin Ahhh~ How rare, how lovely!!

solon-29 solon-20

I wonder who will deliver the gay?

Most definetely not Team K, that’s for sure. Why? Well…




Now it’s Jurina?!! O.O

These mazzaphacars never learn, do they?!!

solon-27 solon-28

Yuko and Tomochin are most definitely not impressed!



I have less hope for this than I did in the beginning after seeing those sneak pics of Mariko-sama on a bike with a Dude –_-

But who knows, maybe that’s the old love and the un-expected love is where the gold is at ^^

Hmn, I will give it the benefit of the doubt seeing as Team A has apparently turned into the GAY Team in this Mayuyu Dynasty!



This one is quite the challenge…

NyaNyan-Sensei is leaving so goes the drama!


What’s that Paruru? Is that supposed to be shock? Sadness?

No Paruru…


This is sadness, Paruru, this!

On that note, I wonder why Renacchi is crying, and she is not in school.

Could it be that….



Seriously, what emotions are you trying to convey Paruru?

I know you are Ponkotsu or whatever but you are missing the point of acting you stay the same no matter what damn life you are in at the moment!




Any way, back to YukiRena,

It seems that after Tomochin leaves, Rena is going to take over as Yukirin’s partner!

And the exchange girls as while Mayuyu takes Jurina, Yuki is with Rena!


Rena’s smile!

I bet I know what the melons she’s smiling about!



Are they?

Is Rena…?





And right in front of Mayuyu >.<

Oh Lord!

Any way, I hear this PV is as long as the Nile, so hopefully, there will be more of these two!

You looking forward to So Long? I know I am, what, with the hole in my wallet label HM-frikkin-V Japan!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

11 thoughts on “So Long & New Related Drama Specials

  1. I am going out on a limb and hoping that guy with Jurina is actually just Nishishi from behind. ;D

    And daaaamn Haruna! Teachers shouldn’t wear skirts that short outside of Van Halen videos. I wish there could be a crossover between eps so Yuko and NyanNyan could meet up for drinks after work to vent about bratty kids and then stumble into a lovehotel when it gets too late. ❤

    I also wish I were the kind of fan who finds idols who suck at everything to be absoLUUUUUTELY adorable, because then Paruru wouldn't annoy me so damn much. But I'm not, and so she does.

  2. A’ight! When is this thing coming out? I hope colors will be better that they were in Sakura no Ki ni narou…

    And finally I wanted to explain something. Paru’s emotions to be exact.

    Paru emotion no.1 – This is the face she puts up when you are eating her pudding in a front of her what she saved for after dinner and she wanted to eat while watching her favorite TV show (anime, dorama, etc…)

    Paru emotion no.2 – “Is that bird or a plane?”

    So in short: They have nothing to do with the plot whatsoever… 😛 But that’s her… I knew girls like her. Always get the attention the guys… but only in one “topic” (bow chicka wow wow *wink, wink*)

  3. Perhaps it is just me but I’m feeling even more nostalgic of the 2011 and early 2012 AKB senbatsu and singles… Yeah it’s probably just me… Actually I’m not with much interest for So Long… I’m totally hooked with Yukirin’s solo CD, I think I’ll probably lack iterest in buying until the senbatsu election tickets… I’m seriously thinking this year’s senbatsu election will be the last for many members of the top echelons…

    Tomochin graduating, Yukirin being independently pushed–through her own label– and well, there is a highly possibility Yuko goes out next year and so goes the rumours… Also Yukirin graduation rumours are still floating around… I think I need to eat a short-cake…

    • I don’t think Yuko is going anywhere soon ^^

      I read somewhere about the reason but I can’t remember.

      Deal is that AKiP won’t let her go so soon unless…what was it again?

      Any way, Yeah, I hear ya. I am actually looking forward to NMB singles than AKB these days, even SKE ones >_>

      And if all the first three Gens leave, that will be it for me too. It will be a sign to move on ^^

      Yukirin is my strongest link to AKB now and speaking of her…


      They were EMS shipped on Monday!


  4. rena smile make me want to watch this MV more n more..she look really happy here..huhu…n wonderin what is the story behind team A,B n K in the pic..

    for paruru..huhu..her expression..I guess she felt surprise with the sudden appearance of kojima haruna in the class..i guess they have some kind of relationship there..BUT jurina..hmm…mayuyuxjurina o others?? n also..renaxyuki..hihi..in front of mayuyu..XD..

  5. wasn’t there a twit where mariko said that the gay was on the team A part of the dorama? :S can’t remember exactly what it said tho 😦

  6. Rena becoming Yuki’s new PV buddy?!? This is the answer to my question about who will be her new PV buddy!!!! Man what an answer that is!!! I mean they occasionally to tease us with them but it becoming permanent?!? I will not believe it till I see it because otherwise I will be sad……….

    speaking of partners she might have is it just me or is Yui all eyes for Yukirin in this pic you posted?

    Def there right, I do kinda like the idea of Yui/Yuki too, they are kinda sweet together….


    And lets not forget Sayaka (NMB either) more mini hints here that they are getting closer and would be a kind awesome PV pair too….. Ah choices choices…….

    Still whenever Tomochin graduates, in her last single I’m just hoping for something epic from her and Yuki, not in terms of what you would probably usually call epic but more something from them in the understated way that they go about things……..

  7. So…I just finished watching So Long part 1. Mehh, kinda disappointed. It wasn’t that good :/ Let’s hope there’s some gayness on the next parts xD

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