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[HKT48] I Expected Comedy, I Got Romance


chorianna-24 chorianna-60

I frikkin approve!

Well then,

There finally goes my HKT48 No.1 ship!

I mean, I have been following them quite strongly on tumblr when I was introduced to their Masochistic relationship.

But now, after accidentally watching this Korekara special about this year’s R-1, the decision has been made.

Kinda sad that Maachun, my NMB48 Oshii, despite going to R-1 twice now, and making it to 3rd round to boot, has yet to get an exclusive documentary but alas, the unexpected lovely-dovey love from ChoriAanya made up for that, kinda.

I mean I did not even particularly look forward to watching this. It just happened to be in the queue before my Mielino waiting list among all those AruAru episodes so it hit me right out of the blind spot!

All throughout this my face kept splitting in amazement at this new side of their relationship that is so different from the one we see in photos and G-videos.


I still can’t believe it’s real! Am I sleeping right now? *pinches cheek* NOPE, it hurts so no!

I mean like, that frikkin came out of nowhere!

There I was, expecting just a few minutes of them doing stand-up comedy, all business like…


chorianna-01 chorianna-03
chorianna-04 chorianna-05
chorianna-10 chorianna-07
chorianna-11 chorianna-12
chorianna-21 chorianna-22
chorianna-15 chorianna-18

Random but I ship these two as well ^^

And the episode started out like that, as expected, showing Chori and Aanya being themselves.

Everything was going as expected, and kind of boring hence me and my jug of coffee at hand, sipping like it was just another sea without a catch!

But then…

chorianna-24 chorianna-25
chorianna-26 chorianna-29


Feels out of no frikkin where!

To make the situation all the more jaw-dropping, it was Chori bawling her eyes out!

Like, AYFKM?!!!! Nakanishi-fuckin-Chiyori crying?!!

What the hell?

And the reason for the tears…This was practice and probably due to nervousness, she fucked up royally and the staff jabbed her with a ‘Murashige was funnier’ knife.

now I know this is not why she was crying but because her game betrayed her when she needed it for the very first time which upsets everyone for sure.

And so, while I am still hanging my jaw at this scene,

Aanya strikes with an Upper Level of Feels!

She comforts Chiyori who gratefully accepts the offered napkin.

I think if I had super-human strength I would have crushed my very study (celamic?) Guinness Mug from the scene!

Moe anime has nothing on how cute this was! And dammit Murashige, you and your expressions!


This was only the beginning though…


Look at them looks, for crying out loud!

Chori in the top cap, then Aanya’s glance and Chori’s smile in the middle one, then Chori again i the bottom!

Please, some take me out of this fantasy world for I am getting lost in it!

Like, who can resist writing a fic about them after seeing this?!!

chorianna-34 chorianna-35
chorianna-36 chorianna-37

It’s those killer glances again! Somebody please…

There, before their first fight, Aanya is the one scared now and she almost breaks out in tears.

Chori ain’t having none of it though! No way is her baby gonna cry here and now! Nope! Not when she can do something about it. It is her turn now to return the favour of courage.

So, what does Dearest Chori do?



My heart~

If this were a fan fic, there would so be a kiss to end that scene!


chorianna-42 chorianna-43

Then after her performance, Aanya finally breaks down thinking that she messed up!

Chori is there once again!


Can I please, like, have this in my Top 5 Family48 couples?

I can?


chorianna-47 chorianna-48

Away from the action and back at home (Theatre), the girls are practicing for the 2nd round.

Aanya watches Chori practice up on the stage.

The smile she gave her…

God! You just have to see it in action to appreciate it for what it actually is.

Why the hell aren’t they dating yet again?

chorianna-52 chorianna-53
chorianna-56 chorianna-59

Come time for action, the jitters are on again backstage, of course.

Both don’t look too good. We zoom in on Chori who looks really fidgety but when she sees Aanya approaching, this beautiful smile breaks out on her face and she follows it up with a heart-felt embrace!

They stay like that for as long as their energies need to synchronize and re-charge!

Happiness Level right now?


Like, can anyone tell me they expected this?!

I dare one to come forward and say they did!

From these two?


chorianna-63 chorianna-64

When it was Aanya’s turn, Chori watched her performance intensively back stage.


When she was done,

More skinship awaited behind the curtains!

I am pretty sure usually this would have earned her a slap but not today, not this week, not this frikkin month!


As well when it came to Chori’s turn, Murashige watched her too from between the curtains.


After a hard day’s work, open arms are what awaited her!



Do I even need anything more to fall hard for this couple?

No, no, and NO!

chorianna-73 chorianna-74
chorianna-78 chorianna-79

After everything, even now doing something as normal as sitting close together they just seem like a married couple!

Murashige didn’t make it into third round but Chori did.

Look at Murashige there, all proud of her partner’s victory! (who is the husbando and waifu?)

Even the tears of failure were forgotten in light of Chori’s going on to third round!

Too much sugar!

I can’t take no more of this. I can’t or I will have to whip my the Processor and then won’t sleep even though I have a long day tomorrow! It’s frikkin 2am right now but I just had to post about this before the sugar level off due to sleep!


Dear ChoriAanya,

Welcome to the family!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

9 thoughts on “[HKT48] I Expected Comedy, I Got Romance

  1. Yes, let’s ship this wonderfully masochistic pairing ;A; …ChoriAanya, I need to watch this and for sure will write a fanfic on it!!! Again, thank you for all these awesome posts!!! I know they always be hurting each other, but you can’t deny those loving gazes they’re giving each other *Happy* They’re so cute together.

  2. Waa…my first time knew about this…LOL..XD..doesn’t knew it bfr..

    Anyway!!! I’m fully agree to ship this couple!!!…huhu..so sweet..they really make my imagination gone wild…CUTE!!! >,>Murashige -husband…hihi…XD..just feel like that after reading this..

    gonna explore about them..n thx for everything..^,^

  3. Ahh ChoriAanya it’s like you were a couple for me before you even realized it yourselves it’s like they did it backwards, they got together then decided to fall in love!

    Wasn’t sure about them myself I have to admit, up till this that is:

    Holy crap how many feels can you get in a picture?!? Chori there crying and Aanya sitting the with what I can only describe of as a mix of caring and wanting to pull Chori towards her and kiss it all better

    And it’s like a damn switch, I mean look a Chori here, that is the look of a girl thinking “kiss?”


    I know it’s what I was shouting at the screen at this point…..

  4. I first noticed these two in that TD backstage, when Chiyori was being a sadist towards Anya. I never knew they can be this sweet though. Awwww.

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