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AKB48 TDC Feels. Level–Backstage!


M-O_02.m2ts - 00018
M-O_02.m2ts - 00005 M-O_02.m2ts - 00025
M-O_04.m2ts - 00023

You thought I was done?


I was simply delaying the pain because I too just wasn’t ready for the Backstage Disc!

I did try to watch everything in one go but when the first pained face appeared in the extra footage, I was like…


So I had to wait until this weekend to finally sit down and suffer through them extras in full.

If anyone wants to know what ACCHAN is to AKB, the extra footage of the backstage on the Tokyo Dome Concert is all one needs!

I swear the power of Acchan that was displayed was on par with that of a country’s President!

If Acchan was not leaving, this video would have won her like a million fans, I kid you not! I mean even yours truly, who doesn’t have her in my Top 5, let alone Top 7, kept finding myself awed by the feels she demanded from me!

But I am sure almost everyone who has blogged about TDC has said as such so lets jump to the caps from the extras….


M-O_02.m2ts - 00003
M-O_02.m2ts - 00004

Mayuki, before the shuffle hit the fan!

M-O_02.m2ts - 00010
M-O_02.m2ts - 00011 M-O_02.m2ts - 00012
M-O_02.m2ts - 00013

Mayuki, right after the shuffle hit the fan!

Look at Mayuyu! Damn, I haz never seen her like that before!

Yukirin is still hanging in there. But not for long…

M-O_02.m2ts - 00014
M-O_02.m2ts - 00015
M-O_02.m2ts - 00017
M-O_02.m2ts - 00018

Not for long at all!

For while she tried to comfort Mayuyu by selling her Team A’s positioning, Mayuyu was not buying shit!

Yukirin tries to comfort her but her arm falls short of a head-part. She knows it’s useless and it is.

Mayuyu breaks down and Yukirin finally cracks too at seeing her baby like that!

The feels!

M-O_02.m2ts - 00019
M-O_02.m2ts - 00020
M-O_02.m2ts - 00022

Really, what’s there left to do but that?

Damn, Seeing Mayuyu like this was very disturbing!

And also seeing Yukirin fail to hold up her walls when she sees her baby in so much sorrow I was like…


And to think they were just moved to different teams.

At this moment Acchan’s grad was millions of miles away for me!

M-O_01.m2ts - 00006 M-O_02.m2ts - 00031
M-O_03.m2ts - 00024

And even after the apocalypse Mayuki are still together.

I actually doubt Mayuyu left Yukirin’s side after Day 1! I doubt it!

My ySense tells me they spent the next three nights together!

Mayuki forever!


M-O_04.m2ts - 00000
M-O_04.m2ts - 00005

For a change of pace, let’s have some AtsuYuki.

Here, Acchan is watching Yukirin perform with Tomoomi and Kitarie in those weird dresses.

Acchan couldn’t handle the cuteness as she watched backstage!

M-O_04.m2ts - 00011 M-O_04.m2ts - 00012
M-O_04.m2ts - 00013
M-O_04.m2ts - 00014
M-O_04.m2ts - 00016
Then came the goodbye from the selected few to Acchan.

I don’t know why but it amused me that despite the situation Yukirin stole a smile from Acchan.

I wonder what she did?

And that hug!!!!


M-O_04.m2ts - 00017

You may now kiss the bride!

*I wish*

*Looking at you Kragorin!!*


M-O_05.m2ts - 00003

On the other hand we have TomoYuki.

Another one that is not meant to be!


Poor Yukirin!


M-O_02.m2ts - 00044 M-O_02.m2ts - 00045
M-O_02.m2ts - 00046

Speaking of Tomochin,

I am not ever this ‘do yet! In fact I doubt I will ever be.


M-O_03.m2ts - 00017
M-O_03.m2ts - 00019


The would so make a couple in their private lives!

I mean, look at that compatible contrast? One is such a guy while the other is such a girl!



M-O_03.m2ts - 00003
M-O_03.m2ts - 00005

From HKT, we have some Natsumi/Madoka loving.


And Anna and Chiyori are still practicing S & M for their future love life!


M-O_03.m2ts - 00006
M-O_03.m2ts - 00008

Back in AKB, Miyu tries to get some. Fresh Lemon is like—Noooooooooot!


M-O_05.m2ts - 00001
M-O_05.m2ts - 00002

This is my favourite Senbatsu Front Line ever!

Acchan supported by Yukirin and Yuko,

Who in turn are supported by their girls Mayuyu and Kojiharu respectively!

I don’t think I will ever see that again!


M-O_02.m2ts - 00036 M-O_02.m2ts - 00037
M-O_02.m2ts - 00038

Kanakichi showing us how that…thing was done!

That thing where they ripped off their shirts on stage in front of thousands of fans!

M-O_03.m2ts - 00002

This thing!

Look at them making their way backstage half-naked like it ain’t no thin’!!

NMB48, Ladies and Gentlemen.

M-O_02.m2ts - 00039 M-O_02.m2ts - 00040
M-O_02.m2ts - 00041 M-O_02.m2ts - 00042
M-O_02.m2ts - 00043

On the other side, Kinoshita is having a fight of CUTE with Fuuchan!



M-O_01.m2ts - 00004
M-O_01.m2ts - 00005

While everyone is busy serious listening to Souchan,

Acchan is like – Look at mai Waifu go. I’m so proud!

M-O_04.m2ts - 00026
M-O_04.m2ts - 00024

Kiss her now Acchan!


Cause TDC = Atsumina!


M-O_03.m2ts - 00016

Kinda was disappointed in myself that I had an ‘Ahhh’ when I saw Le Jo!

As if it’s been years since she left >_>


M-O_04.m2ts - 00018 M-O_04.m2ts - 00019
M-O_04.m2ts - 00020

The only person I ship with Paruru.

Just like Kitarie is with Sasshi!


M-O_02.m2ts - 00047
M-O_02.m2ts - 00048

Moyashi-chan looking cute with her little hat ^^


M-O_06.m2ts - 00000 M-O_06.m2ts - 00001
M-O_06.m2ts - 00002

Sakuta-tan ^^

Part of the rumoured new Gen.

You have your work cut out for you dearest, hang in there.

If the first three Gens leave, I have to be honest that I don’t think I will stay with AKB!

On the other hand, if they mix n match and Make Sayanee the captain of the new AKB and add in more NMB girl then perhaps…

M-O_14.m2ts - 00001

Couldn’t help capturing this ^^

HKT loveliness!


M-O_05.m2ts - 00000

Happy faces in my TDC post?

That won’t do!!!

That won’t do at all!!!

M-O_02.m2ts - 00009

And so back to feels we go,

Starting with the JarKaTa sisters as they comfort each other!

Ships them? Kinda! Why not…They are all by themselves now.

I was impress with Harugon here too. She was so strong.


M-O_02.m2ts - 00024

Akichan on the other hand?

No so much!


M-O_04.m2ts - 00008
M-O_04.m2ts - 00021
M-O_04.m2ts - 00022
M-O_03.m2ts - 00022

I think a part of Miichan died that night almost half a year ago.

Which would explain quite a lot of what’s happing me thinks…


Wait! Could it be?!!


M-O_02.m2ts - 00027
M-O_02.m2ts - 00028 M-O_03.m2ts - 00009M-O_02.m2ts - 00029


M-O_04.m2ts - 00006
M-O_02.m2ts - 00034


M-O_02.m2ts - 00032 M-O_02.m2ts - 00023
M-O_04.m2ts - 00010


M-O_03.m2ts - 00012
M-O_04.m2ts - 00009
M-O_03.m2ts - 00014
M-O_04.m2ts - 00007

And fuckin FEELS everywhere!

M-O_03.m2ts - 00013

Hmm, GAR tears?

Any way….

M-O_02.m2ts - 00010
M-O_02.m2ts - 00018

I am so FUCKIN DONE with this concert, you hear me?

It will be years before I touch it again!


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

13 thoughts on “AKB48 TDC Feels. Level–Backstage!

  1. Actually… I never watched this… I got distracted too much… And I have like 5-6 concerts to watch… But I think I had enough from Acchan… I just watched the 1/149 videos and that little skit from her was enough… If the AKB was just starting and Acchan was a girl like she was at her graduation… How should I put it… there would be no Souchan on my no.1 spot. But I’m getting off track here.

    I got the messages… and you are a really *snakey individual. 😛 (* no typo)

    Posting half naked Ripopo or putting crying Saya-nee after crying Moeno etc… But I feel like… I don’t want to give Acchan to Yuki… Yuki already had Mayu, like what more she could ask for? Stars from the sky? Seriously…

    And Minegishi… Maybe part of her died at TDC, other part of her became involved with a man in a scandal… Minegishi cracked, shaved her head, became a joke and got mentioned in Hungarian TV news (for the first time like ever they talked about アーカーベー48) … -_- “Oops I did it again…”

    But I try to get over this and finish that fiction of mine… and retire from this business… (shards everywhere…)

  2. can i ask a question where i can see the video of this one

  3. I would probably write more on this but honestly with this Current Yukirin scandal going on I’m really more on that at the moment that re-living this emotional roller coaster!

    I will say though that even through all the harsh bastardness of the shuffle the viewing it created is some of the greatest stuff filmed, yes it’s sad and painful to watch at times but damn me if it isn’t brilliant at the same time because this stuff is real, there is no ‘service’ here those emotions are true and really it’s great.

    And Acchan, still the best scenes for me are those ones backstage where everyone is watching her perform, usually you see the girls and staff running about getting ready for the next song etc but here everyone stopped to watch, such a powerful image.

    lastly, Tomochin’s hair ❤ forever in love with that style ❤

    • Yukirin scandal?

      What scandal? You mean that bulshit about group dating?

      Shit had me in a fit only to find out it was only shards off the Miichan bullet!

      I will kill SB for this! Even if it had no credibility, with the previous scandal tied into it this will still make other people question Yukirin.

      And just before her debut day!

      Fuck you Bunshu!

  4. My mood today was completely ruined after reading about Yuki, like for real it’s Yuki one of the members who people least expect to ever experience a scandal.

    Anyway yep Acchan was just majestic (idk if that’s the right word for it) but if anyone ever doubted her presence for AKB then that last day of TD basically just gives a very clear view of how big of a presence she was. She was really gorgeous too that day.

    • Aren’t we all.

      I feel like I am sick at the moment.

      I mean comeon, Yukirin?

      There best be a good explanation for this.

      I mean even management knew she would be there so they better fuckin deliver or else if they hurt my Goddess Imma gonna be feeding my cats out of normal diet!

  5. I made a close analysis of the photos on SB and I can say there is a REASONABLE DOUBT that the person in the photo is not Yukirin. The photos give no outline of the face or a clear glimps to say contundently the person in question is Yukirin. Also they realesed no details and data to sustain their claims. Based on the images and text this mostlikely made-up just get more publicity for abour 90% of the article is about Miichan rather than Yukirin. Thus it’s EXTREMELY LIKELY THIS A MADE-UP SCANDAL. I doubt Yukirin would take part in a Goukon…And how to they know the timing anf get those photos. That’s probably stocking!

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