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8 VS 11. Ultra 1 Against Super 5. FIGHT!




The one and only Champion of GAY48 since the dawn of time – KUMINON (Yagami Kumi ϟ Kimoto Kanon)

From SKE48’s 8th single Kataomoi FINALLY,

aw3 aw4

Will the help of WMatsui (Matsui Rena ϟ Matsui Jurina)

Will take on all the apparently top couples of SKE from the extras of the 11th single Choco no Dorei.

The battle will be fought with nothing but mouths.

We are all aware of the fearsome and un-paralleled power of KUMINON and I confess I still have good dreams about a single that was released exactly a year ago!

Can these couples, with a little help from WMatsui themselves (don’t expect kisses from them –_-), stand a drop of a chance at beating eternal champions?

We here are of the community and we are not so cracked that we would not give anyone a chance.

So, let’s give them a benefit of a doubt and let them put up their best fight.

Who wins?

You decide!

Let’s get this party started…..


First challenger up is…




Perhaps one of the few couples considered canon (Ogiso Shiori ϟ Kinoshita Yukiko).

Kiss? Leggit.

Long enough? Nope! That timefreeze is thanks to PS.


In case you didn’t catch it  or want a close-up.

Were they good enough?

The answer is yours.


Next challengers are;


KanaYuria (Komatsu Kanako ϟ Kizaki Yuria)

First time I’ve heard of their love-love.

Yuria-peace said that she sees Goma as a sister while KanaKana said that she sees Aki as her BOYfriend.

This was about a GIRL you would date.

Just pointing out in case anyone had questions.


Different angle and slow-mo once again.

Better than KUMINON?



But we are far from done.

This next couple actually bring their game on.

Will they be the ones to triumph?


 SayaMizu (Yamada Mizuho ϟ Niidoi Sayaka)


I know nothing about them except that they are 4th Gen and Sayaka-chan was too cute but their kiss almost drove the point home. Even Rena’s mind was fuckin blown!


This angle – Too Hot for DVD!


Why did they frikkin bother to show us the best angle only to spoiler-alert it!!!

Damn it.

And it was so close >.<

Oh well…

There is still two more to go.

Just to remind you of who they are fighting against….



The Champions


Moving on, these last two kinda had a FAIL thing going on but they made up for it…


KinKan (Matsumura Kaori ϟ Kaneko Shiori)


As you see, things did not go as planned.

I have never seen Kinchan so motivated. But the forever KKS was not having NO for an answer.

Despite starting out shy-shy because of the fact that she was actually going to share pocky with her biggest crush, when Kinchan went all wet-feet on her, she took matter into her own hands but taking a firm hold of Kinchan’s head and forcing her on that pocky.

They ended up on the floor and WMatsui had to intervene once again.

Yes, these girl’s hormones are out of the roof. We need to write fiction to help them get rid of their sexual energies.


Last but not least



NaoNan (Furuhata Nao ϟ Suga Nanako)


Yep, another FAIL but that hug in the end totally makes up for it.

Too cute.

Were any of these couples good enough to beat KUMINON?


Well how about some extra cuteness to give them a little boost?

We start off with none other than WMatsui of course….


Look at them being all cute and shit once again?

We know you are a LIE.

Damn you Rena! Why U Play with both ours and Jurina’s hearts like this?

And ofcourse from the other girls too….

s1 s2


Here is the dolla question?

Was KUMINON dethroned as the best kiss to ever grace our idol eyes?

Or are they here to stay forever until WMatsui actually dish up an actual lips-lock?

Your answers Ladies and Gentlemen.

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

30 thoughts on “8 VS 11. Ultra 1 Against Super 5. FIGHT!

  1. what is this from?!?!?!?!?!!?!

  2. Because every time my breath get’s taken away by looking at that kiss by Kuminon I’d say they’re still teppen here. I’d also say that GomaYukko came quite close–only if they lingered on for a couple of seconds more gaah~<3 If the day ever comes with Wmatsui in an actual liplock though…I don't know if I can keep Kuminon at the top because (╯°□°)╯︵ sƃuıʃǝǝɟ

    • WMatsui doing it would so totally dethrone KumiNon but since that’s like a dream….

      KumiNon might as well disappear because they shan’t be beat.

      I guess that’s why Kumin is leaving. She knows she left her mark.

      And since Yuasa is transferred to AKB, no more SGAY.

      But on the other hand….MAYUKI?!!


  3. It’s about time. All these pics of these idols “almost kissing” were upsetting me. Finally, a picture with two members kissing. I don’t know whether it’s cannon or not (considering you’re involved, it’s probably subtext friends with benefits stuff) but the gif was pretty sweet.

    • Goggles…GOGGLES!

      And these are idols, not normal people. They just can’t go all out. They have to play it safe.

      But from time to time, good things to happen that crosses the line, like KataFina.

  4. Nope Kuminon still takes the crown! XD but that GomaYukko kiss is the 2nd best! ^_^

  5. oh and by the way, SayaMizu are both 5th gens not 4th ^^

  6. Well GomaYuko was good, that lunge at the end by Goma though, that was nothing to do with Pocky at all and we all know it!!! Though this group does win the most fangirling before anything happened award, even the cameraman was filming Yukiko before she was announced!

    KanaYuria? quite sweet but Yuria pulls away at the end, enough said, and secretly Yuria does love Goma but dunno if she can compete with Yukiko so calls their relationship like sisiters!

    Kaotan tries to rapuu Kinchan so don’t think that can win……

    Nan-Nao aww my babies, they win the future Yuri pair to look out for award but don’t beat Kumi-Non I do see them as like the WMatsui of the future with it being real instead of, as you said, a lie…..

    Ahh SayaMizu you win a prize for getting the other members squealing in delight and it was super cute and the got the hentai queen to approve

    They also get bonus points afterwards when Rena asked Mizuho-chan if it was her first kiss ever. Mizuho responds thusly;

    “Oh, no. Saya-chan kisses me all the time before our stage performances.”


    A bit more of SGayE for you too

    • Thanks for the links as always Will ^^

      And yeah, I already had my answer as to who wins but I am glad to see that others still think of KumiNon as teh it!

      Their kiss didn’t have any bullshit with it. It was a simple kiss. HOT simple kiss!

      Nothing is yet to beat it.

      And that looks they shared before Kumin went in for a second kiss that was cut ….


      Why wasn’t the full Making Of released? I would fuckin pay 70 bucks for that BluRay!

  7. Also while I’m on it, they shouted out that Rena and Jurina should also take part in the stockings game, where the hell was that shout during the pocky game?!?!?!?

    I mean come on SGayE we know you all wanted to watch them, or RenAirin play but no shout out for either, I am dissapoint……..

    I can imaging Jurina chomping through that pocky to get to Rena and “winning” before Rena knows what hit her!

    sighs…… ah well……..

    • if Wmatsui did that game aka pocky game…I guess i’m watching that scene repeatedly for lot of times…huhu..like I do now while watching this game…BUT more than this time if Wmatsui participate it..XD

    • We the WMatsui shipper are already expecting to be let down so it was not so much…painful.

      The only surprise will be when they actually do it.

      And since the Queen is leaving, there has to be someone to take over.

      Next singles will only be relying on WMatsui now that Kumin is leaving.

      So maybe….

  8. In my opinion SayaMizu is quite strong here because they kiss for real..hihi..but yeah..the love pic really disturb our imagination..huhu..n others is quite strong too..hmm…just love to watch all of it..each of the couple having their own good time here..so sweet…blushing face n all..XD

    BUT still music video of kataomoi finally make me want to watch more of Wmatsui..huhu..the continuation of their scene there..XD..kiss scene..imagine2x..

    n YES KumiNon is still a champion..cause their kiss scene is too clear n sweet..XD..

    LOVE ALL!! LOVE SKE48!! hihi..

  9. kkkkkkkkkkkk Kaotan desperate to give a kiss on the Kin- chan lol who feels LOL

  10. It was a good idea from me to watch this just now… In a time when Akiba is covered in sh…

    Anyway… I see no reason to compare these pocky games to a real kiss. There were no shenanigans in KumiNon’s kiss. It was a real stuff… no goggles needed for that one…

    Kaotan was funny though. In the end she was like: “Mou ii, boku no onna ni nare!” 😀

    But for me the best from these couples were GomaYukko.

    As for WMatsui… well I don’t have to spell it out for anyone I think… It is like the thing in the link I post here ▼

    If I sound a bit disappointed here it is nothing to be surprised of… I am disappointed now… really… So I just try to not think about anything right now…

    • Indeed.

      Who need pocky as an excuse?

      Not KumiNon!!

      I just wish there was 2nd servings.

      I am sure they filmed it but those bastards chose to cut it and not even include it in the Making Of!

      Where the fuck is my Behind the fuckin scenes?!

      Money is not a damn issue. Just release 10 copies and sell them 1000 bucks each and I assure you I will buy them still!!


  11. Nope Kuminon still wins hands down. I don’t know I just never quite like these pocky game, Naonan is one of my fave pair but even looking at them didn’t leave any impression or anything for me except to say how cute Nao was when she called and leaned her head on Nannan’s back.

    For Kuminon, their eyes were the key. Just by looking at that intense gaze from Kumi already made me melt. So yeah despite having all these contenders to challenge them, Kuminon is still by far the grand victor for me.

    • Wouldn’t have thought it any other way.

      I just had to give them a chance you know, they have a right to challenge ^^

      They tried…

      But as you said KumiNon doesn’t seem to have any competition.

      Perhaps a more intense kiss from WMatsui might be able to?

      • Well I’m not too fond of WMatsui since imo Rena used to think Jurina is the plague or something, though they do seem closer these days. Kumi at least adore Non and Non is not too shabby in her treatment towards her senior, so I guess that’s why Kuminon is much easier to take in than WMatsui, well at least for me anyway.

        But who knows I might be swayed so yeah I won’t mind seeing those two try and give Kuminon a challenge.

  12. I shall wait for Wmatsui. I SHALL WAIT.

  13. KUMINON is the best of all!!
    I’m still hoping for Wmatsui, but, I think that’s not possible… 😦
    NaoNan is co cute(*Dat Hug ❤ <3)
    Also SUZUMIYU (I bet they continued it in backstage* just kidding)
    GOMAYUKKO!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    But still KUMINON is the champion!! That kiss makes me want to watch Kataomi Finally More!
    I've watched it more than 20x xD haha

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