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Sore ga Watashi no Hatsukoi


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The Universe’s Most precious Glance

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Remember Yukirin’s Bridal Dress in Shortcake?

It had a pair!

That pair is Mayuyu’s!

A set of Bridal Dresses!!!!


Dear Readers,

Fear not, the madness fit is over. I am okay now. But from Sunday Night (After watching RH) and then seeing the SKE extras from Choko no Dorei, I completely lost it like jiyeon over there.

2012 Jan just got royally screwed over!

But first things first….MAYUKI.

To those who have heard of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, can you please tell me if there is a hidden level beyond self fulfilment and actualization?

Because after this RH, I have lost all need for anything else!

I feel…to put it in simplest of terms, PERFECT – in mind, body and soul!

Can you believe it that all this time, I have not even wished at any moment to have a Mayuki Temo Demo? Can you believe that? Can you imagine my everything when it actually happened?

At that moment I believe I reached the point that raised the great Buddha to God status.

Only of course I ain’t so pure so god-status = denied!

It was like my heart was touched by the one true Almighty and made me realise I had this wish deep down, the truest of wishes that came straight from within my soul that I only realised was there after it had been granted!

A Mayuki Temo Demo no Namida!

As for the performance itself,

Yukirin said it best on her G+ post…

Whenever I sing with Mayu, I think I have the strong feeling that it is different than usual!

Truest words I’ve ever read!

tdn mayuki-01
tdn mayuki-07 tdn mayuki-03
tdn mayuki-04 tdn mayuki-05

I had originally planned to write over 10000 words about this Temo Demo but I figured even the most royal of readers would not be able to handle the fan-girling mode that post represented so I am sorry to say that if you find this post cheesy, you have absolutely no idea how I am feeling right now. In fact best not even think about it.

I just cut down my excitement about 80% to bring the post down to normal levels!

When these two made their way on that stage, I swear I almost had the first ever black-out due to a heart attack in my life!

Family asleep? Fuck them!

Shared-wall house with neighbours? I hope you have nightmares!

By the time these longest 2 or so minute were over, my throat was worse than a tuberculosis patient!

All you dear followers on tumblr who were lucky enough to not have me during the live stream due to me working that morning, give a prayer to your gods because you were very lucky to not have had me with you there.

This Temo Demo was so…special to me that I don’t even want to share my true feelings of it because I will feel…emptied of my happiness somehow.

So I will keep this short.

tdn mayuki-13 tdn mayuki-16
tdn mayuki-18 tdn mayuki-37
tdn mayuki-19
tdn mayuki-23 tdn mayuki-38
tdn mayuki-21

I have never before, and I have seen them all, seen Yukirin display so many emotions in an version of Temo Demo no Namida up to date and in fact I doubt i will ever will again.

Even if it is with Mayuyu the next time, it will be different!

Remember the TomoYuki song that was almost perfect to their relationship?

Forget it because it just got de-throned!

Temo Demo has a unique teme to it that had never quite fit Yukirin with anyone before, let alone all the other version.

Until now that is.

I had to whip out the English translations of the song, re-watch the Mayuki version while I read the lyrics until I didn’t need the translations anymore.

By then, If I was put in an EVA, my sync ratio would have made the angels assplode from my mere presence!

I kid you not!

What Yukirin said in her blog post about this performance was true and as clear as day and night.

This was the song that finally made Mayuki confess their true feelings right in front of everybody and yet…

I feel almost ashamed to see how everyone simply missed this fact.

Everyone was just awed by the simple fact of Mayuki performing it and others didn’t find it even near the best of versions. Some even pick three others over this one!

I can not even begin to comprehend that.

I admit that before Sunday, I was a great fan of the original because of how perfect it was when performed by the original two.

But the meaning behind the song never really was one with Yukirin and Mikachii’s relationship.

This goes for all the others.

I loved the other versions but for different reasons, like the YukiRena one was out of pure Oshi and KamiPairing love.

When Mayuki happened, all other versions were completely flooded into submission.

It was like AkiP was waiting for the right moment for Mayuyu to reach that maturity level before allowing them to take the song on and it was perfect.

Mayuki’s relationship from their meeting at that train station where fate wrote the title to their life’s story all the way back in 2006 to now, all these feelings were the missing ingredient to give us the most perfect version of Temo Demo no Namida.

I admit during the first few watches, I too was on the slitly un-impressed side because I felt – At first, only at first, that the true Mayuki was not being represented.

This was because of Mayuyu….

tdn mayuki-03
tdn mayuki-08 tdn mayuki-10
tdn mayuki-14 tdn mayuki-15
tdn mayuki-17 tdn mayuki-22
tdn mayuki-27

Look at those caps above.

Then compare them to Yukirin’s before them.

Mayuyu had this expression on most of the time which led me to the FALSE conclusion that she was not relaying her true feelings while Yukirin on the other hand was baring her very Mayuyu-filled part of her soul.

This is where the feeling of disappointment arose from – Even though very small and a simply a shadow from the revelation that this was Mayuki actually performing Temo Demo.

But this was normal fan’s take on what was before their eyes to face value.

But I am no normal Mayuki fan.

I did not watch Mayuki no Namida (calling it that from now on) just once, twice, four times.

I watched it 39 times!


And that was all I could remember. Zoomplayer (My no.1 choice of watching videos but not my default) gave me a play count of 25.

I have this video on my Nexus 7. I have no idea how much I watched Mayuki no Namida on it before bed.

Then there is the default video player MPCHC as well.

Indeed in fact I cut down a lot of views but 32 delivers the point.

And so after so much critical watching, things were bared to me that rendered me in the state I am still trying to recover from.

Let me share some…

tdn mayuki-11

Somewhere at the beginning

tdn mayuki-51

The end

Study Mayuyu’s look in that lover cap and Yukirin’s. What does it tell you? Now, please do apply Mayuki to that train of thought.

After you’ve gotten your answer, then scroll back up to the first one and think about Yukirin.

Not making sense yet? Don’t panic hang in there.

Let’s move onto the next level.

tdn mayuki-48
tdn mayuki-49

Perhaps the first level was too hard. So how about this one?

This is the part where the two bro-fist each other (It looks like that in every other Namida).

It sure doesn’t look like a bro-fist here, does it? Actually it loks completely different and it is not the camera angle.

TIP: Concentrate on the top one more. Study their positions carefully.

Next, study the other members.

No matter what version is may be, have you ever seen the girls with such a reaction? (Or lack of?) This is either the shitiest Namida they’ve ever seen or they are completely aboard the sailing Mayuki.

On other Namida, members are always dancing to the moves doing what the singers are doing, with their arms for instance.

But here,

It was like something was stolen from them.

I know that feeling so well!

Still lost?

I got more for you…This one is the KILLER!

I implore you to study each cap carefully please.


tdn mayuki-25
tdn mayuki-26
tdn mayuki-27
tdn mayuki-29

Pause…spend a few more seconds on Mayuyu please!

tdn mayuki-28


tdn mayuki-30

This time, Yukirin is the subject

tdn mayuki-31 tdn mayuki-32
tdn mayuki-33 tdn mayuki-34

Now both!

Re-think back a few caps.

I have never seen Yukirin so shy with Mayuyu before, no, in Temo Demo before.

All Yuki Temo Demo that was happened before, she was like how Mayuyu was here. Always serious to the point of me second guessing the meaning behind Temo Demo. Too serious.

That seriousness was no where to be seen here. If it was, it was shifted, brilliantly I might add, into Yukirin displaying those emotions through out Mayuki no Namida.

The part where they cross each other to change positions, Yukirin couldn’t meet Mayuyu’s gaze.

I didn’t put up the cap for that but it happened before the above when Mayuyu went to the right to Yukirin’s position. That moment Yukirin looked off to the side to avoid Mayuyu’s gaze like someone in pure love.

Actually, let me whip out that cap quickly…

tdn mayuki-25 tdn mayuki-26

There we go

The second time the crossed to get back to their position, Yukirin finally caves and catches Mayuyu’s eye.

Take note of the intensity of Mayuyu’s gaze right before that. The feelings within! No wonder Yukirin couldn’t handle it!

The moment Yukirin caught her gaze, Mayuyu let slip the first and only smile in the performance. It felt like the most priceless thing in the world at that moment.

That moment lasted as long as it takes one to blink.

Thank God I am an internet-whore and we don’t blink, in like minutes. But I am sure that even if I missed it, I would have caught it eventually in the many times I watched this.

Just a milli second and Mayuyu was back to her serious self and Yukirin to her shy shy self looking towards the ground like a…Oh, I said that already, didn’t I?

That moment there was what let my ill feeling leave my heart.

It was soon completely rased from my mind sooner than later when Mayuyu showed let the curtains fall.

tdn mayuki-35 tdn mayuki-36
tdn mayuki-39 tdn mayuki-40
tdn mayuki-41
tdn mayuki-42
tdn mayuki-43
tdn mayuki-44
tdn mayuki-45

Please go back up and re-see these caps if you didn’t notice anything…

I don’t know if it was planned or God’s will or what but there was this moment,

Mayuki are kept in a long crossfade/transition where are both on the screen. It is so long that I almost think it a side-by-side effect but it is not.

Then Yukirin’s scene finally begins to fade into Mayuyu’s and it looks, here is a thing,

It looks like Yukirin is disappearing

From Mayuyu’s side!

At this moment I feel my breathing hitch.


when Mayuyu,

Mayuyu who has been serious face all this time finally breaks that farce

As Yukirin disappears, so does Mayuyu’s expression change,

Slowly as if in slow motion,

The confident and hard Mayuyu transforms into this weak Mayuyu that,

By the end of that scene cut, she is almost into tears!!!



My heart is struggling again people, give me a moment…




Okay, I am okay…


Please tell me you are getting the points I am trying to put across.


Goddess, Mayuki   T.T)


  2. Mayuki no Namida is the best Namida!



tdn mayuki-09

Sore ga Watashi no Hatsukoi – That’s my First Love

Oh God….

Forget Yasusu. If he thinks Yukirin needs to learn about love, he really doesn’t know anything about her!


I best stop here, my heart is getting screwy again…

tdn mayuki-46
tdn mayuki-47

The Presence, Goddess the Mayuki Presence on that Stage!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

22 thoughts on “Sore ga Watashi no Hatsukoi

  1. I spent a good forty minutes studying each and every cap here because your choice of word usage kept me hooked LOL I should probably go watch this now and that SGayE choco no dorei extra. 2013 will be an awesome year~! ;A; *Virtual High-five* We’re all lost like Jiyeon there lolololol. Thanks for sharing this precious Mayuki moment^^

    • Always a pleasure with Mayuki, always a pleasure!

      And did you notice there was another pair to the set that is Yukirin’s bridal dress from Shortcake?

      It was Mayuyu’s!


      *dies some more*

  2. Hi, first time commenting I think (I occasionally lurked this site or the other since 3 or 4 years ago, but I’m a shy one I suppose …).

    So, what I wanted to say is : thank you for these interesting readings (mine of your article, and yours of the performance).

    I will keep thinking the original is better because this song made a very strong first impression on me probably, but I enjoyed this a lot too (less than you obviously, but a lot anyway ^_^) !

    • Hi Llewella,

      I remember your name so I am sure this is not the first time you’ve commented ^^

      Thank you for coming out of lurkville from time to time and commenting as well.

      It is not mysterious that you enjoy the original more still. I did too in the beginning so I know it. ^^

      If this were just another Temo Demo, I still would too.

      But it was much more than simply another performance to me. It was Mayuki no Namida!

      That fact forced me to watch it carefully and more times than necessary but it was in that, that Mayuki no Namida became much more than another Temo Demo no Namida.

      I stated how I was left with a feeling if disappointment at first but the more I watched and added in the Mayuki factor, the more sense it made and the more I loved it.

      So I understand it if other people think of Mayuki no Namida less than other Namidas ^^


      • I’m a Mayuki (mayuyukirin) shipper too, even if I’m essentially a Yukirin fan. And I understand how it affects our perception of this performance. It became my number two duo for this song even if Mayuyu is objectively not the best singer for temodemo.

        But the best versions are still for me the stage ones (and the two RH ones even if too short) with Mikachi. I fell in love with this song at first sight and all other versions are definitely lacking something. I’m not as “ancient a fan” as Shiro, but I may suffer from some of his symptoms ^_-

        This song was my one and only kamikyoku before I definitively chose Yuki as my oshimen.

      • Good points ^^

        But just as Acchan is not the best singer, or dance or most beautiful, she still was the Centre of all Centres.

        So while Temo Demo was made for Yukirin and Mikachii, Mayuki put the meaning in the song and that is what is most precious to me.

        With Mikachii, I was simply blown away by how perfect as a pair with Yukirin they were for Temo Demo as they flawlessly took it on.

        With Mayuki, it went passed simple music delivery as it touched upon their lives themselves too.

        This is the main point for me ^^

        In regards to perfect execution of Temo Demo, Yukirin/Mikachii is still unsurpassed.

        But there is more to music than good voice and that is what I found in Mayuki no Namida.

      • Thing is I don’t need more meaning to the song. I loved it also because it talked to me, it talked about me. It’s why I often can’t help but cry when listening to it ^_-

        But you’re point is crystal clear and I really liked this article !

  3. Trolling mode on
    It was about time for me to show up here, right? Hm? No? I did anyway! What can you do about it now? Huh? Muffin’!
    Trolling mode off

    Now that we got this out of our way let’s focus on something else. I have mixed feeling about this RH. I got some good impressions and some bad ones… One of the bad ones is.. Why is Bird lower than TemoDemo? But I can understand that though… Sou-chan’s getting old I guess. XD
    I got good feelings as well… Like that Jungle Gym for example…

    But this MaYuki no Namida… I’m angry a bit. “THEY SPOILED EVERYTHING!” Now how can there be Flower after this? It doesn’t matter if the rain comes or not…

    I’ll be honest with you friend. I saw this coming. I know, I know… anybody can say anything afterwards… But I really did see this coming… It was the Kouhaku Taikou Utagassen in 2011 that gave me a hunch. There was TemoDemo with Mayu and Jurina. I was like… Mayu’s voice fits this song too much… And I like her when she’s singing in a bit lower tone (not that high pitched one she usually sings with). I was thinking about Jurina being in a wrong place…
    When I say YukiRena’s Namida I felt the same way… Rena was in the way… well, kind of… While she likes Yuki, it is not called love…

    I learned a thing or two while I was watching AKB grow… One is that Mayu’s never honest about her feelings except when she’s with Yuki, or someone’s trying to chop her hand off. 😛 (Khm… Bichao… khm…)

    What I’m trying to say is… well I think I gave you enough hints in the last (failed) installment of KnH. It has a reason why I chose that theme song for that chapter…

    The explanation for Mayu’s expressions of this performance is… “You only treasure something after you already lost it…”

    • Heh

      You are not the only one who had a WTH moment this RH.

      I was too hence why I totally ignored like, 99% of it!

      I wanna forget that thing ever happened but it had some great moments too that make me stop and taste the bitterness!

      Those moments are what I blogged about ^^

      I have to say though that you were ahead of me. No way did I think a Mayuki Namida would happen. Now that it has, I have no idea why I wasn’t expecting it -_-


      But that is exactly why I enjoyed it as much as I am ^^

  4. Ahh BleckGeki where to start, funnily with the YukiRena version of this that at the time I thought would be the pinnacle pairing in this song my two Oshi’s together, two people who really suited the song and sung it so well, I mean they were hardly going to let MaYuki do it when they had so much Team B stuff together to right?

    But then of course the shuffles happen and Mayu packs her bags and leaves home and her Mom behind it was pretty much a big blow at the time but I kept the positives and one of those was that it might release them to do Temo Demo together and it did!!!

    As for the song well as I have mentioned the shuffle I could not help but feel as though in some ways they were playing out thier feelings during that time in this song, I mean look at these lyrics….

    ” I walked on by myself
    The pain remains along this road
    Within my heart
    I was lost”

    You see, and the camera ,man at the end, or indeed camera men who worked the Yuki’s fade out with Mayu left on the screen on her own at the end, Jesus that is up there as one of the best bits of film work for me in AKB ever ,helped by MaYuki absolutely nailing it with their expressions they were both so perfect however much it was or was not planned….

    But we expect great performances from these two, I have always and will always beleive that these two bring the best out of each other on stage and in concerts and that hasn’t changed, if anything it was super charged because they have been saving it up, serously we always say MaYuki go into thier own World on stage but here it was like we went into thier World with them, everyone was kinda entranced by it, I was, the other idols were, the crowd was, it was almost an odd performance in that way because everyone was so interested in watching it that nothing much else happened you could even tell before they started that the idols watching knew they were about to watch something special as did the crowd and they were not wrong.

    As for my personal favorite bit, well the ‘Yuki fade-away’ was so darn good but actually my favorite bit is after the song is finished and we see Yuki and Mayu bow as the MC team come on, they pic up the mic’s and for a couple of seconds we see them walking to the back and as they turn Mayu smiles at Yuki and starts chatting as they leave, back into thier own World again showing us that MaYuki is still there, I was a moment that just felt right.

    • Finally *sniffs*

      Someone who got the post!!

      Most people who watched it saw it at face value and thus were turned off by Mayuyu’s seeming indifference and lack of passion to match Yukirin’s which made them seem out of whack and thus un-befitting of Temo Demo no Namida.

      They completely ignored the lyrics.

      They forgot about the separation.

      They forgot about Mayuki’s relationship up to now!!!!

      “I’m lost”

      I don’t know if you have seen it yet on tumblr but someone translated the preview of Flower without rain (Documentary of AKB) where Mayuyu tells of how hard she is finding it in Team A and being an Ace and how hard it was for her to learn UZA dances.

      Remember, Yukirin is known for her fast learning of dances and song lyrics so I have no doubt that when they were together in B, Mayuyu really depended a lot on her.

      I remember back to those rare talks where Mayuki discuss some of their private matter like when Yukirin’s Team B was first formed and Mayuyu cried a lot because she found it hard to learn off B5. She told us of what Yukirin did for her then.

      I of course only mention this because it is a fact, there is evidence but the life of Mayuki is like this from their meeting when Yukirin saw the 12 year old Mayuyu that one time and probably seeing how lost she was decided to be there for her, actually this was also said on TV but I don’t remember where I heard it hence why most will deny it because…no evidence.

      Any way, why am i saying all this? You obviously understand Mayuki so I will stop.

      Just saying that this Temo Demo was much more than simply another version.

      I wish others would see that but they are all bent on ‘what you see’.


  5. Sorry but I completely disagree with your assessment, this song isn’t meant for Mayuyu’s voice and the scene was just out of place for me. I attended the actual persentations of Temo Demo no Namida during B3 (about 10 times if not more), and but this was for me the least desirable version… From my stand point only the original Temo Demo no Namida is unparalleled. Never been and probably never will be a MaYukirin follower, and I’m certainly not liking this version…

    That’s my appreciation, in terms of lyrics, your view might be half-way correct. But remember when it was composed and written MaYukirin didn’t even exist thus…Perhaps since our cultural environments differ our appreciations differ even more. I guess we OG’s like the old version with the traditional voices. I’ve been following AKB since day 10, so for me this new make-up and “stage 2” are more like the bad taste after a serum. Though I admit Mayuyu did better than the other shuffle pairings, but the truth from this OG’s ears and eyes: This version is better than other shuffles but never like the original.

    People talk about Mayuyu x Yukirin but have rarely seen Yukirin interact with others outside the limited exposure of the cameras. We unfortunately didn’t have the chance to see Yukirin’s and Mikachii relationship grow in the stage, and after 2009 she was separated from her best-bud and former first-mate Haachan. I said it then to my friends, it would take time for Yukirin to grow with this new line-up and as we see her being more serious and concious of her position when she’s with those who push her and those she has genuine appreciation for. MaYukirin is a cause of fortune, and I cannot speak well of it…The truth of the matter—and conclusion to my rant and comment- it was good but never to the levels of the original. To us OG this RH and this Temo Demo no Namida was a bitter-sweet sensation; I won’t get into the muscial criticism–even though I can- because all this is just a personal judgement from a really biased OG… And honestly I first wasn’t much into Temo Demo no Namida, it took me some time–about 2 theatre performances- but as you Blackchan I would also gone crazy had it been Acchan with Yukirin…And would have certainly cried the oceans again if it had been another live with Mikachii….Now you can distroy my comment as you pleased I’ve vented my dislike and frustration again.

    • I am sure I have said it already but even I was not impressed by the execution!

      The original is the best hands down…in execution!

      This Mayuki version to me is more than that! It goes deeper, hence why I dissected it, to my POV of it.

      It’s not that my POV is the true one but the best one, where I am concerned.

      The point i made about this having been written for Mayuki, was not FACT but fan speculation and really Shiro, by now you should know when my shipper spirit takes the wheel.

      I am almost disappoint son ^_-

      I am aware of the faulty execution, well, I was during those first few times I watched it but the more I watched the more I saw and thus the more I grew to absolutely love it.

      Were it not for Mayuki, I would have dissed this performance as the worst Yukirin/someone version ever!

      But Mayuyu kicked me in the proverbial butt when she made me question her contribution. I was wrong.

      I mean Mayuyu isn’t that bad else where so really, I should have known something was up.

      I found it and I am glad.

      But since you seem to have a thing against her, even if you were given blue-prints, somehow I doubt you would approve ^^

      Oh well, I am aware of your low-like of Mayuki and I respect other’s view so I won’t smack you fufufu

  6. Before two days ago, my favourite version of temo demo was the request hour one from several years back when yukirin performed it with mikachii sitting in a chair because of her leg. It’s so heartbreaking and I feel like crying every time yukirin has to take the extra steps to stand by mikachii rather than both moving to the centre. However – I’m no longer sure. I swear, my entire body froze when these two stepped up, and I couldn’t stop grinning for the rest of the hour. I can’t believe we’ve never had a Mayuki no namida before… I mean, we’ve even had a Jurina/Mayu (speaking of which – So long pv OMG!!!! So many great feels… 🙂 ) But Mayuki win hands down. It’s great to see these two still together and although I too thought at first that it was only yukirin holding the two up, after your amazing scrutiny of the performance, this is indeed perfect. Along with the awesome NMB moments (Sayanee with Jungle gym – brilliant as always – and Zetsumetsu acapella version? Just wow.) that makes this request hour one of the best concerts I feel AKB has had for a while.

    And finally as a Sae oshi I feel obliged to scream: 2ND PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The only thing that was better than the Mayuki no namida for me. 🙂

    • It’s very interesting to see who differently people are reacting to RH 2013 ^^

      And I am happy for you as a Sae Oshi. That’s a record breaker right there along with Sayaka’s Ballad!

      Onto the topic, don’t forget the YukiRena performance as well. In fact it seem like everything has been leading up to this moment.

      WMatsui, YukiRena, MayuyuJurina and then BAM!

      It is strange indeed, isn’t it? That we never expected a Mayuki version of Temo Demo no Namida!

      I mean like, what the hell kind of logic were we using? Was it denial? Most probably!

      Indeed, That performance with sick Mikachii was very feels inducing and it deserved the third place it took.

      But even though those two’s Temo Demo is the best ever executed, there was something missing.

      The lyrics did not match the feelings.

      I don’t know if you understand Japanese but if you don’t, whip out the lyrics, then think of Mayuki’s journey all the way to their separation when Mayuyu was moved to Team A.

      Then everything completely turns tops-tervy!

      I shall never see Temo Demo no Namida the same way ever again.

      It is now Mayuki no Namida to me Humn!

  7. Lovely assessment and I’m glad I’m not the only who had repeatedly watched this. Even without Yuki emphasizing what that duet meant to her I can already sense it all by just looking at her expressions compared to her other non-Mayu or non-Mikachii partners.

    I still think Yuki’s performance with Mikachii during AX 2009 gave me the most feels, Mikachii teary eyes and Yuki’s gentle smile during that performance just made it all the more memorable. But nonetheless this performance will go down as one of my fave temo demo performance ever. I’m probably one of the minority but i think Mayu voice suits this song just fine, and she definitely performed better here compared to her duet with Jurina.

  8. You are my master!! You are a god! I love the new name of the the song “Mayuki no namida” I never expected this version of Temo Demo no Namida. Never.

    You are not the only one who watch it a lot of time… But me it just about 20 times, for watch… I listen it more than 20 times. fufufu

    I’m not like you but I would like to be like you: interpret all the image you watch. The moment when they smiled at each other is just beautiful. I was like “they are so cute”. And your comments are just funny and well written XD

    The end I wasn’t at all think about that: I thought that heir “kanashi kao” were reaaly sad. But I love more your POV in that scene. The cameramen are really good, they do a good work.

    PS: I’m really for my bad English, I hope you understand what I want to say 🙂

    • Understand?

      Perfectly, I do! ^^

      English isn’t my first language also so I know the feel! ^_-

      I think I have read your comment 5 times before writing this reply, in like, 5 minutes since it has been posted !!!

      Thank you very much for your kind words and I am very happy that you like the way I present my thoughts on things ^^

      Sometimes, though I know this isn’t a normal blog, I feel like I luck the skills of other blogs I read and wonder if readers will be annoyed by that >.<

      It feels really good to have some nice words said about the way one blog, so thank you very much chanaline ^^

      And I would like to welcome you here on Yuri Goggles seeing as this is your first comment I have read (unless you changed names?)

      And I see (from your avatar) that you are a Mayuki fan too?

      I think we are gonna be great buds, I do!

      And don't worry about the language, I understood you just as fine as I would anyone so there is nothing to worry about ^^

      See ya around and thank you once again.^^

      • Eeeeh! You see that just when you see my avatar! Wahaha! I’m not a Mayuki fan… I’m a Mayuki stalker!! I got rank up! hehe!

        I don’t understand what you said “I think we are gonna be great buds, I do!” I understand that we can be friend(?)

        Aaaaaaand This is not my first comment this is my second! “-_- Wakakaka!
        My first comment was on “delicious shortcake!!!…” post… You don’t remember T.T I don’t change my name…
        And I follow your blog since long time ago but I didn’t comment because I was lazy to sign up in it… Sorry!

        I can see that your Kami-oshi is Yukirin, Am I right?? Or one of your oshimen! Because if I am right that mean that we have the same oshimen.

        You are a Yuri fan… Are you a boy or a girl?? Oh no! I still do it! Ask private matter! Not god chanaline! Not good!!

        I worry of my English because it is not my first language and because I always forget a word. This is my big problem!!

      • Ah sorry, bud is an Irish acc, it indeed does mean ‘friends’ ^^

        Usually, I remember my commenter’s names, so I apologise for not remembering you >.<

        And you nailed it! Yukirin is my NO.1 FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!


        As for whether I am XX or XY, I will leave that up to you. ^^

        This is the internet after all ^_-

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