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Ariyoshi AKB – Prank Love Letter




Maeda Mitsuki (14)
Nishino Miki (13)


What would a 14th Gen 14 year old girl do when confessed to?

Well, that was very interesting to say the least, a very interesting episode!

First of all I didn’t know whether to jump in joy or cry because we all know of the ‘NO LOVE/DATING’ rule that glares at you on the first page of the rule book! So of course there would either be a false answer, a bitter true answer or a fake (for show) okay answer.

So yeah, I didn’t know how to take this thing but after watching it, I was actually left with a pretty sweet feeling, not to mention a new ship!

Yep, we of the fandom ship everything at a moment’s notice! With over 200 girls, even a computer would cry bits of tears trying to calculate the possible ships in the Family48.

I really pray to all the subber out there and translators, if you are reading this, please translate this segment at least. I really want to know what was being said. Even just the letter would do. I am dying to know >.<

But from what I understood….

ariyoakb-07 ariyoakb-09
ariyoakb-10 ariyoakb-12

This week’s episode was about pranks (I love those ^^) and the targets were the latest addition to the main family, the 14th Generation KKS.

The first target is Maeda Mitsuki, who reminds me of MikiMiki(Fairies) no matter how I look at it. Though when she speaks, her voice is far from MikiMiki’s. But I love girls with thick (strong) voices like her so it’s okay.

Any way as stated before, they are going to hit her with her confession from one of her comrades who is a year younger than her – Nishino Miki.

Corroborating with her as the messenger of these strong feelings of hers is a member that more will recognise ( She’s one of those management favs, if you know what I mean) the 15 year old Okada Nana.


I will be waiting for a good answer

As to why they didn’t let her do it in person, and thus adding more reality to it, I shall never know.

ariyoakb-13 ariyoakb-15

Ooh! Ponytail! Hot!

ariyoakb-20 ariyoakb-21

Miki watches on from the back room

Nana calls up Mitsuki to go to training together so she could pass over Miki’s love letter.

After some girl-talk, as if the weight of the feelings she was carrying was to great, Nana decides to get down to business right away. She asks Mitsuki if they could talk.

In the back room, Miki is bubbling up with excitement.

Even if it was fake, there is no doubt she was a little bit personally excited.

ariyoakb-27 ariyoakb-29

Translations please, somebody!

ariyoakb-32 ariyoakb-34
ariyoakb-35 ariyoakb-37
ariyoakb-40 ariyoakb-41

After some personal talk about what Mitsuki thinks of Miki (Nice question senpai), Nana lays it down and brings out the letter. She asks if she could read it and Mitsuki lets her (probably too la shock).

Nana says how this is her first time reading a love letter too (very nice senpai, build up on the atmos)

And so Nana reads the letter.

I didn’t understand more than half of that Cap’n! So please forgive me.

Mitsuki was smiling through out the whole thing but one could easily see the tension in her! I mean for crying out loud, even I who knew it was a prank felt my body heating up in anxiety.

Not to mention Mitsuki’s reaction after Nana finishes reading the letter.


First, she thanks Nana when she finishes reading the letter and gives it to its intended owner.


Scheming through it, she finds some evidence that it is indeed from Miki.

This happens as Nana is in the middle of saying something to Mitsuki.

She was completely ignored!


Which makes Miki quite happy in the back room (Fake? Really?)

I wouldn’t put it passed this evil AKS to play on a little girl’s emotions like so as a lesson! Poor Nana probably had her first love in Mitsuki and those evil bastards are using them as source for variety!

Damn them!


Eh? Please go out with me!

At least i understood that much ^^ Feelings are too heavy for poor Mitsuki!

BTW, just before she said that, Nana had been talking but Mitsuki just talked over her…again!

Is she mad? Well, this is an intense situation, so….


Eh~ Why did she talk to Nana about this instead?

Yep! Despite the smile, Mitsuki is pretty pissed. Probably not at Nana but she is the one taking the heat any way. Shouldn’t have read the letter!

It wasn’t yours!

ariyoakb-48 ariyoakb-49

Too much excitement!

ariyoakb-51 ariyoakb-52
ariyoakb-53 ariyoakb-54

The gist is that she was turned down…gently!

Any way she sends her answer via text, probably Nana told her that’s what Miki preferred. But I wish though that Mitsuki had rafused to do it by text and instead opt to answer Miki in person.

I guess then the suspicion was on since there was someone present and with the rules and all, appearances have to be kept I guess.

Or it might be best to send the answer via texting because being some one that has suffered a one on one rejection (Yes, I was denied rabu too! Fuck life!) it is much more painful that way, not to mention quite embarrassing!

A~ but there is hope!

Mitsuki should be a spy when she grows up!

The way she played on her words in that reply as she ended the rejection was pretty clever!

If she was trying to get passed management, she succeed because I don’t think that even Kojiharu and Ariyoshi got it actually.

They took it as a play on her own name (Mitsuki, geddit?)  when she wrote the ‘Oyasumisuki’

To them, that was meant as OYASUMITSUKI

When in fact it was as the monitor says – OYASUMISUKI

We of course all know what Suki means, right?


In the end the prank is called but that doesn’t take away the great feeling that I got from this episode!

In fact, I feel a fic coming on ^^

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

14 thoughts on “Ariyoshi AKB – Prank Love Letter

  1. So, here’s the translation of the letter~ 😛

    Dear Mitsuki,

    みつきいきなり ごめんね
    Mitsuki, I’m sorry that this is so sudden

    I don’t write letters often, so this might be awkward, but

    Actually I… have someone I like, and that person is a girl.

    I’ve, since long ago, never really been interested in guys…

    AKBに入ってからずっとみつきのことが好きでした <3
    Since I entered AKB, I’ve always liked Mitsuki ❤

    Your height… your wide* (chestnut?) eyes… I really really really really really like them!

    Recently, on Google+, you said you really liked me too, right? XD

    You praised my barret, right!

    とってもうれしかったよ :)
    I was really happy 🙂

    If it’s fine with you, why don’t we secretly go out together?
    ^ This was not read out by Nana, or it might have been cut out 😛 Since she said they should go out secretly, that's why Mitsuki was pissed that Nana knew? 😛

    ごめんね 突然な告白して… ビックリしてるよね?
    I’m sorry for this sudden confession… you must be surprised, right?

    でも後悔したくないから!! もう1度言わせて
    But I don’t want to regret this!! I’ll say it again

    Please go out with me!

    Love, Miki



      As I expected, it’s so much more hanyan inducing!!!!!

      Thank you so very much hyousetsu,

      You are teh best!

      Oh Lord…

      I better put this up, like, nao!!!

      Thank you so much ^^

      Where have yo been lurking all this time?!!

  2. Had always been lurking for a few months 😛 Since nobody seems to be translating this, figured that I might as well do it. lol

  3. What is akb without the yuri??

    Is that even a possibility??

    love the website btw but i find the lack of Kojiyuu depressing.

    • Heh heh,

      Thank you for finally commenting and letting thyself known.

      Sorry to disappoint for the lack of Kojyuu but with all the possibilities, one can only keep up with so much and thus in comes favouritism >.<

      Sorry to say but Kojiyuu, though hot, really hot, just isn't one of my favs otherwise it would be every where ^^

  4. What the? this was…. what a segment!

    LOL well done for going there I guess and as gentle rejections go, damn it was almost as good as an aceptance, it was like a head over heart moment….

    these two were sweet but man imagine if they had done this with two long standing members, Imagine MaYuki doing this, for all thier loviness to see the reaction of one or the other for something like this!!! Dayum! But them maybe that would break my happy illusion land 😦

    Hell even Yuki/Rena, that would be some amazing shit because Rena would be so honest and striat about it in that wonderful way of hers…. ahh emotions!!!!!!

  5. Yeah got to thinking Yuki/Rena would be better as I said, they way Rena would deal with it would be Epic!

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