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It’s Back to Wonderland via Tamako Market



Look at the feelings in those eyes
Those are the feelings of someone who can have anything, anything BUT the one thing they want

Meet the couple….or more rightfully, the girl that has forced me to rise from my anime hibernation since Fate/Zero!

Tokiwa Midori!

That’s right, not the black long hair generic main (who is actually more to my cup of tea here than usual) but the perfect blonde/orange/that colour, Ah you get it!

I don’t know what it is with this character designer’s works but lots of her designs have been the trend with slice of life anime recently, especially from Kyo-Ani. I guess they lover her work so much they are deciding to make it a trademark. I just hope not the trade-mark for anime in general because I am almost getting pretty sick of it.

I was any way, but after watching Tamako Market, I wouldn’t mind it sticking around more, if they continue to give the characters more interesting personalities like Tamako is doing it right!

For example Makino Kanna, the Yui (K-On) look-alike of the three friends, to those who have seen the anime, I was so not expecting her character. I was thinking she would an annoying bubbly chara like you-know-who but she was the exact opposite…somewhat.

The main heroine Kitashirakawa Tamako is also not so annoying, though she had better keep making good decisions till the end like she’s done so far and not turn into yet another generic main who always makes the wrong choices…as far as the community is concerned any ways.

The other main character…I won’t even touch! Talking birds is where I draw the line! I love him tho for he is such a bro the way he cheered up Midori.

Which brings me to the plot.

Apparently Mr Dera (the bird) has come all the way to Japan instead of the closer countries but I guess Japanese girls are the best after all, in search of a bride to the Prince of his country…in Africa of course, because African Princes are teh bombs!

Accidentally he stumbles into Tamako, or was it vice-versa, and so the tale begins…The tale of WTF is even going on….because there is no bride-searching I see going on instead we are following Tamako’s town life with some dose of life-blues…

Needless to say the plot is the farthest thing from my intentions of watching this so let’s get to business.


Meet Midori!

The best way to describe her upon appearances alone is that she is simply…perfect! She is great at spots, great had studies, a cool-beauty and both boys and girls want her!


Case in point

Yet despite all her perfection, all that power that she holds over her classmates, despite the fact that she could be the blonde Shizuma (Strawberry Panic) but with twice the power of having boys too, dearest Midori is actually….




Is she simply too cool for romance? Is she one of those Ojous that don’t know yet about love and will fall for someone in due course as they learn of it? Too much time for books and nothing else? Does she love some boy that makes their romance forbidden like an older boy or a relative?


I say it again…NAY!

And that is not denial!

The truth is in that last assumption but without the boy in the equation the ‘older’ and ‘relative’ are eliminated as well.

So, where does this leave us then?


Master Kanna speaketh!

What does it all mean?!

Surely, what we take from this is that Midori is having feelings that are forbidden, or to her, too complicated to let em known.

But it seems from this that Kanna knows of them. Actually not only Kanna, because this is not when we are first made aware of Midori’s feelings.

It was a while back….

tamaket-29 tamaket-30

Everybody loves somebody – her grandfather says…

Midori looks around and sees all the love-in-ur-face everywhere!

Her eyes fall onto Tamako who makes a heart with her hands at the exact moment – it is not towards Midori to be clear, she want making it to the camera as they were filming a commercial and Midori was the AD and thus right behind the camera so it looked like Tamako was making the heart towards her.

The look on Midori’s face!




Seeing her eyes light up in motion was such a scene to behold! This whole scene was freakin awesome. I am not sure why but the fact that Tamako’s face was not fully shown here made this all the more homerun-hitter!


But of course Midori is nothing if not bright and knows the harsh reality of things. She just had to escape and so she leaves Tamako’s imouto (Anko) to take over so she could have a moment!

Bird-kun has a good eye for things it seems so he asks her to accompany him to tea.

Code words are spewed, blah blah blah which farther confirms Midori’s feelings.

Actually, something is bothering me though. Midori didn’t seem that bothered that many people were aware of her feelings. I guess she was safe in that they did not know to whom exactly were these feelings directed at.

Well, except Kanna.

Actually, I confess that even by this moment I wasn’t aware who Midori had feelings for. I went into this anime thinking that she was into Kanna or vice-versa, actually I knew nothing but I was kinda shipping Midori and Kanna as I went into Tamako Market.

I was mislead!

Episode 01 was over and I had not a clue that Midori was into girls! I just mistook her blushing at her friend’s teasing as a natural reaction!

I think I lost a bit of my touch during these months of hibernation!

Even this scene didn’t set off my radar when it usually would…


Everything, more than I would have needed any other time, was right there! The intensity with which Midori asked that question, the timing, the spark in the air that was only cut by the ringing of the bell, all the signs were there, right in my face and I missed them!!!!!!

How in the name of a….?!!!


I feel so ashamed!

It wasn’t until that dark-room-scene that I got it through my thick skull, and by then it was already too late, almost the end of episode 02.


Midori tries, she really does but her eyes can’t help but turn to Tamako.


They can’t leave Tamako!

tamaket-42 tamaket-43

Not until Kanna interrupts her and lays the best line in the whole show so far.

Midori doesn’t even look surprised that she got caught looking! Does she no longer even care? How long does it take for some one with a forbidden love to reach this stage? How long has she been into Tamako?

More embarrassment is that it wasn’t until the ‘Yeah’ and Midori turning her gaze back to Tamako’s form that it finally clicked, like Neuton and the apple!

I guess until here, I was looking for Midori/Kanna instead of the truth, which hit me like a Shinkansen at top speed!

My mind was mellower than Gandalf here…

Then when Tamako turned around at that right time after the clip timely ended and Midori gave that look…

tamaket-47 tamaket-48

This look!

Needless to say, I was done for!

I felt a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that I haven’t felt in a long time!

Then later, as if adding sugar to the icing already on top of the cake…

tamaket-51 tamaket-52

Tamako made me fall in love with her when she, as if compelled to answer Midori’s previous question…OMG, she actually remembered it!!! Did she feel the importance of it to Midori?

Could it be that she knows?


Um…I guess not? That wouldn’t be a main heroine attribute after all.

But God, I swear I didn’t go into this anime expecting this quality of execution to be truthful. Okay, there is time for it to go badly later on like completely forgetting about this actually ever happening, a la that Konami (Lucky Star) concert scene!

And that’s not all…


Dick is present as well and he’s proving to be a challenge! What, with his advantage of being practically neighbours with Tamako, their parents having that kind of relationship…and his presence in the OP is kind of nerve-grating(though the ED totally makes up for that).

There is also the Prince, who might or might not have a bigger role later on though it seems like Kanna might have been hooked ( if my rusty skills are coming back to me).

But things don’t look so bleak and Dick might just stake the loser male friend like Saki’s err’…what was his name again?

So yeah, I am shipping Tamako x Midori like stoned Bat out of Hell by the end of episode two!

But then…But then!

Having established that Midori is actually a lesbian and with whom she is in blind love, I suddenly recalled the happenings of episode 1 and earlier parts of 2…..


I totally missed the meaning of her nervousness here >.<



Like, everything making complete sense afterwards made me feel like I felt when I was re-watching Madoka and Madoka asked Homura what her wish was after seeing the ending before!

How could she have survived this long being next to clueless Tamako who keeps stabbing her right in the heart?

Actually, I think I found an answer to that…

tamaket-07 tamaket-08

And that’s using Tamako’s cluelessness to her advantage

I told you guys Midori was perfection!

Damn it, I love this anime!

Though I had planned getting back into the Anime watching with this season thanks to Vividred and Hellsing Ultimate Closure, I thank you so much dearest Hobo for recommending me this with pics too, for it strengthened my resolve to get things done!

Usually when I go into an anime with couples set, in this case Kanna/Midori, and end up disappoint, I usually lose the love for that anime, Yuru Yuri case in point. I haven’t watched a complete episode of that series because the couple I was expecting was not initiated!

But despite that, here, I totally fell for Tamako/Midori which puts this series on my favourite listing!

There are other series I have my eye on this season, namely Vividred, which is like a clone of Pretty Cure, Card Captor Sakura, Striker Witches and Symphogear. Then there is that Mountain-climbing anime and the Ninja boobies one…to name but a few.

Obviously, depending on where it goes, Tamako Market is my favourite so far. Vividred would have been but again, I fell victim to my miss-coupling. All you need to know is that I wasn’t in for Akane/Aoi >_>


Any way back to Tamako…

tamaket-60 tamaket-63

Totally digging the ED, as with some more TamaMido, it promises some Tamako growing-up which I hope has more to do with Midori’s feelings for her and her take on them and the choices she has to make.

Please Kyo-Ani, please, I beg of you! I know you love your straight romance works (their KEY syndrome) but for the love of all that’s Holy, please take on a different challenge for a new year!

Be the first ones to tackle this issue (seriously) I beg of you and don’t chicken out

And I swear I will join the league of your fearsome fans!



Closing with some OP/ED TamaMido,

Thank you and see you next time…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

7 thoughts on “It’s Back to Wonderland via Tamako Market

  1. I’ve been seeing this on my dash on tumblr, but I had yet to take a look at it. But reading this post….I’m seriously going to check this out later o_o

  2. It’s a miracle, an absolute miracle. You know exactly what I am talking about dood.

    Anyway, glad you managed to survive the cockatoo. I don’t dislike him but many other do. Anyway, I’ll see for myself whether your goggles are just right or on too tight.

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  4. I seriously love that line, if KyoAni go for this couple then it’s most likely to have a Konami conclusion in Miyakawa-ke no kufuku.

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