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Don’t Click [KMovie]



미확인 동영상 : 절대클릭금지 Don’t Click

The maths of the titles doesn’t add up at all but who am I to argue >_>

So,a couple of months back, yes, a ways back, I got the chance to see two of Korea’s contributions to cinema 2012 and I am sure I mention Don’t Click once or twice last year.

The reason it’s taken this long for me to actually share my thoughts on it is because I have been getting my soul back together all this time no thanks to part-fault to this movie. I am pretty sure had it been the only one I would have survived it but that wasn’t the case. Not at all. But more on that in another post.

Having finally gotten over crying at every glance of anything related to the two movies responsible, I can finally write about them and hopefully, not cry…At least not so much.

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Park Bo-yeong as Se-hee

Kang Byeol as Jeong-mi

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dk2012m-26 dk2012m-27
dk2012m-28 dk2012m-29
dk2012m-30 dk2012m-31
dk2012m-32 dk2012m-34
dk2012m-35 dk2012m-36
dk2012m-37 dk2012m-38
dk2012m-39 dk2012m-40
dk2012m-41 dk2012m-42
dk2012m-43 dk2012m-45

Don’t Click, to put it in simplest of terms, is the Korean version of Ring (Cursed Video series).

When I say Korean version, just like one would easily assume it sucks when the words American version is used, I mean that everything has been tuned up to 11! The twists, the feels, the scares (okay, not so much the scares but still)…

Even now months after I still have so many questions about this movie. It’s not like it was bad directing, nope, in fact it was the opposite. Though not the best argument, this movie (and the other one) both have an average rating of 9/10 which shows just how good they really are.

As I said, this is the Korean Ring and by that I mean that basically there is a cursed video and ghosts involved. Jeong-mi, the young sister of two siblings who live by themselves while their father is working overseas (America, duh) is into cybering. She records private videos of herself and posts them online (you got it right – on daum) despite the fact that she is still in high school and thus totally cyber-criming.

She plays it safe for a while and her popularity rises with her wallet but of course this is reality which means sooner or later, shit is gonna go down.

Make that sooner.

While she’s chilling with her friends, a conversation of a cursed video pops up and the curious cat that she is, not to mention the fact that she had all the means of getting said video with so much ease, Jeong-mi does just that. She goes off to her sister’s ex-boyfriend, who works at the local crime department in the cyber-crime section and asks him to get her the copy of the rumoured cursed video going around.

She gets the video.

She watches the video (s?)

Shit hits the fun!

Of course just like ring, the same rule still applies here.

Watch the video –> Die!

But while Ring had the seven day rule, in that you died after seven days of watching Sadako climb out of that damned well, here no such rule applies. You could die just as you watch the video. The curse is that effective. In fact, another way in which things defer is that while Ring videos had the same theme, here things are, as I said, ramped up!

First of all, while the file is only one, and thus should be only one video, after one watched the video, it updates its self automatically as if the scenes are giving birth to themselves after one watches the video. You can’t re-watch the previous scene, there is still only 1 video but the scene are updating themselves and obviously they are all different scenes, of different people, dying!

The need to panic only happens though when its time for your death scene. Yes, out of nowhere, the scene of yourself dying shows up and then, then, it’s time to panic. You are free to cause all the ruckus you want because by then, your fate is already sealed.

Some deaths happen swiftly but for Jeong-mi, she had no such luxury.

I have no idea what she did to the ghost responsible but her last weeks sure were all kinds of miserable. The ghost went all out on her. First she made sure Jeong-mi’s life went from Hollywood lifestyle to Somalian street style.

Jeong-mi went from the alpha female at her school to that crazy chick at the speed that would have made Sir Plank proud.

dk2012m-04 dk2012m-05
dk2012m-06 dk2012m-07
dk2012m-08 dk2012m-09
dk2012m-10 dk2012m-11
dk2012m-14 dk2012m-15

Her identity that she was the one in those videos, which she posted herself to boot, saw the standing in school cave when her computer accidentally filmed her and uploaded her unmasked face online.


After that things just went downhill. She began having hallucinations, which were actually real since she was being haunted but of course since no one could see what she was seeing, best of luck to her trying to communicate what she was experiencing.

I have to say though that leave it to Korean to create some intense jump-scenes. That key-board scene is still giving me nightmares. Can you imagine waking up one day and having no fingers?! Oh the horror! However shall I download the internetz then!?!!

Jeong-mi turned from hyper out-going chick that every boy wanted and girls too, to a shut-in as things just simply turned too much for her to handle.

Even her sister did not believe her when she told her of her recent experiences. But give her time, she will.

And she did.

Se-hee is the older sister and just like many in her position, she feels like the world is out to use her as a toilet seat because things aren’t going so great in the Se-hee world.

First of all, she quit/gave up on her dreams when she forfeit college to get a job so she could look after the family. Like, WTH is their father doing overseas if he isn’t sending them money!? Is he still brooding after their mother’s death after all these years? FFS she died when Jeong-mi could barely understand a word! Get over it Dude!

Any way, yeah, Se-hee is working hard, her boyfriend is apparently cheating on her so they broke up or whatever, her sister is JKT-ing (nihongogo) and on top of that, her job is not going so hot. In fact she quits it right at the beginning of the movie. So, through out the movie she is jobless.

Why? Because not just Jeong-mi is being stalked by the ghost, she is too. This ghost is apparently cyber-based because she is using technology to haunt it’s victims.

More like terrorise.

It’s cyber-terrorism I tell ya!

And so the movie sees them leave the outside world together and set up base at home, all going according to Ghost-chan’s plans of-course! The players are all gathered, the setting chosen, let the mayhem begin.

Jeong-mi is going deeper and deeper into crap-ville, stuffing herself with raw eggs in the middle of the night, haunting her sister with urges of cold-blooded murder while she sleeps and shit.


Se-hee calls in ex-BF for support (Thank you, now he can die by causality) and after a few crazy deductions, they think that they got a way to save Jeong-mi from herself or the ghost, or whatever, do they even believe, maybe. Enter the pre-climax as they do this and that ritual to get rid of the ghost and all seems to go according to plan.

Key word being seems.

Seems all they did was aggravate

Ghost-chan because she seems all kinds of pissed off. She is out for blood now and as wished, the Dude goes first, trying to play the hero and, pffft, see to the lights! Bitch, what?

But all this bad behaviour will not go unpunished as while I sit there laughing the stupidity of that guy, it’s my turn to feel the wrath of Ghost-chan.

Okay, not mine, but the sisters, and most especially Se-hee.

I would like you to study these caps very carefully please. I am leaving them in one column to deliver the point because while there is no chance they will deliver the true emotions of watching the scene in action with audio and everything, you must be able to feel the despair!

Being Meguca is suffering?


Watching, seeing, hearing, feeling Se-hee’s attempts, pain, suffering in this scene broke me all kinds of broken I don’t even…

Ah shit, there goes more tears….


Finally, after trials and fail of trying to escape the house, the finally make it outside, only for Jeong-mi to practically me ripped from Se-hee hand and back into the house.

Which of course gets locked in her shocked face!


Jeong-mi is pulled off to the kitchen, because duh, maximum damage can only be attained in the kitchen!

Se-hee finally getting back to her senses rushes off and circles around to the kitchen window. By the time she gets there, the terror has already commenced and even Ghost-chan herself is present for the finale. After all,if you wanna do something right, best do it yourself, am I right?

She does indeed prove her point when she starts to bring pain down on poor Jeong-mi who is trapped with Ghost-chan behind her and a window full of steel bars between her and her salvation – Se-hee.


Se-hee tries her best, she really does. But she is no Supergirl of course so all she achieves is breaking glass and holding Jeong-mi’s hand. She tries to get Jeong-mi to squeeze through the bars but Ghost-chan ain’t having none of that!

No ma’am.

She tries the break-their-spirit tactic first by testing their love for one another. The sisters are holding hands, through the window with a broken glass. Half of that glass is still embedded at the top. It wobbles, ala Ghost-chan’ dark-side of the force. The sisters see it and the danger registers.

I have to confess that the first time around I closed my eyes because I just knew that Se-hee would pull her hand back because there was just no way Jeong-mi would get through those bars any way.

Queue my surprise and pride when she did not!

The glass fell, cut into her arm, but she still held onto Jeong-mi’s hand.

Like, t how am I supposed to even feel after that?!!

Lots of emotions, that’s what!

But what stood out the most to me was hope. The hope that they will survive this!

After all, Love is the most powerful force in the universe, right?



Having failed to deliver the emotional blow, Ghost-chan is sickened by the love radiating between the two at the moment so she goes all commando on them.

She rips them apart one more time and this time it’s SRS business!

Se-hee is done playing around too though.

It’s so on!

Lock the front door, will you? Lock all the ground floor doors, will ya?!!!!

Well fuck that, I will will go through the first floor windows then biatch!

At this seriousness of Se-hee I am practically clapping with tears flowing down my face at her bravery, so totally encouraging her on to save our Jeong-mi.

No force is stronger than love, right?!















fuck everything

I am sorry, I ran out of feels to continue writing…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

3 thoughts on “Don’t Click [KMovie]

  1. I think you ‘ll like this movie too ^ ^

    • Oh Marx, I am disappoint. To think you would think I haven’t watched this yet!


      Thank you though for trying. Maybe next time you will be lucky Fufufu

      Or wait, you aren’t just tricking me into writing my thoughts on this, are you? O.o

  2. kkkkkkkkkkkk gomen.

    I just thought, ” oh … maybe gekikara – san hasn’t seen this movie. ”
    But , I wasn’t tricking you about this.
    I had good intentions. ^^
    But, yes. I suspected that you could already have seen.
    after all probably you should know more about these things than I.

    Actually , I was commenting on this movie with my mom and I decided to see it again, and when I got there in 30min + or – I thought, ” maybe gekikara – san is interested, in case have not seen ”
    Anyway , I’ll share.

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