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[Fic] Kindan no Hana IV – Thorns



Mayu’s wrath will be terrible, her retribution swift”

Here is chapter four of that masochist Kragorin’s Acchan/Yukirin fan fic.

Really, haven’t we cried enough tears because of Acchan >_>

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It’s been three days since Atsuko and Yuki met in that restaurant where the forecast lady gave her answer to the Ace of AKB. Since that day Atsuko was different. She had a big smile on her face every day and Yukirin was also acting differently from her usual self. Both of them were happy like never before. The only bad thing about it was that they couldn’t meet again just yet.

But no wonder can last for an eternity. There was an another player who was about to step onto the field. Mayu was really hurt that day when the storm got her. But it was not the weather that crushed her heart rather it was her best friend.

After these three days the girls finally had a chance to meet because of a special live performance that will be held in the AKB’s theatre. The bad luck for Atsuko is that Yuki cannot be here right now. She has other job to attend to.

We are in the changing room right now, where there are two members who just finished changing, Takahashi Minami and Watanabe Mayu. Both arrived late for the rehearsal because of various jobs. Now there are only two of them in the room as the others are already on the stage ready to begin. Minami saw the dark expression on Mayu’s face so she decided to learn more about the situation. Minami started to speak to her with her usual tone.

TakaMina: What happened?

Mayu was not answering. She was just standing in the front of the mirror staring into the void. But TakaMina is not easy to “repel” in this situation as she can be quite persistent if she wants to find out about things.

TakaMina: Is everything OK with you? You seem different today.

Mayu couldn’t ignore the captain for too long so she had to answer to her. Even though TakaMina isn’t the captain of Team B, but she is the leader of the whole group so it would be disrespectful for Mayu to ignore one of the most respected sempais in AKB.

Mayu: Um… maybe I’m a bit tired… but I’m fine otherwise…

The girl started to talk with a quite low voice which is unusual from her. She realized that this might get her into unnecessary trouble so she tried to smile. Unfortunately Mayu’s fake smile didn’t convince TakaMina at all but she couldn’t do anything about it just yet as the rehearsal was about to begin. Minami was following Mayu onto the stage and was carefully watching the cyborg girl and tried to search for some clues about her strange behavior.

When Mayu took her position on the stage she started to look around a bit. When she found Atsuko she started to stare at her with armor piercing eyes which made Acchan feel a bit uncomfortable. The reason behind that however remained unknown to her. At one time TakaMina caught Mayu staring at Acchan’s back and was really surprised by it. She never saw this side of Mayu before.

“Why does Mayu stare at Atsuko like that? Did something happen?”

TakaMina was confused about the situation here as she was under-informed in this matter. When the rehearsal ended Minami asked Acchan about what happened and was shocked when she learned that her best friend is the main cause of the situation.

TakaMina: You said what?

Atsuko: It looks like Mayuyu knows about me and Yukirin. Maybe she saw us in the restaurant where Yuki answered me. There was a talking about her going there after the TV show she was in.

TakaMina: I see.

Atsuko: She is acting really strange lately. She didn’t even speak to Yuki since then.

TakaMina: This is serious…

Minami had her serious expression on her face. She knows that they encountered something major right now. Acchan was so oblivious that she couldn’t see the reason behind this phenomenon.

Atsuko: I don’t understand her…

TakaMina: Maybe there’s more to it than what we know just yet…

Atsuko: What do you mean by that?

TakaMina starts to behave as if she caught something between the lines.

TakaMina: So it’s true… I think she is in the same boat as you are.

Atsuko: What? You mean… for real?

TakaMina: She loves Yuki too it seems.

Atsuko: I knew something was going on but…Yuki told me that their relationship is nothing serious.

TakaMina: Maybe it doesn’t look serious for Yuki, but for Mayu it definitely is.

Atsuko: That means…

TakaMina: I guess Yuki found herself in a very complicated situation. She has to be very careful now…

Atsuko: But she…

TakaMina: This could get rough very soon… I’ve never seen Mayu acting like this before… (Maybe because she never had a rival before? Who knows…?)

Atsuko: We have to do something about this. I didn’t want to hurt Mayu’s feelings.

TakaMina: You two have to have a talk, and soon! I know it’s difficult for you to talk to her right now, but you have to settle this before anyone gets seriously hurt.

TakaMina as a father of AKB trying to give an advice for Acchan whose heart starts to feel heavy again. She just won the great battle with her moral, now she has a bigger fight on her neck.

Atsuko: But…

TakaMina: You cannot ignore this now! Mayu has feelings towards Yuki too. It is not just about you and Yuki anymore!

Atsuko: I have a bad feeling about this…

TakaMina: Well, there is a lot on the line right now. Yuki might lose one of you in the process…

Atsuko: Minami?

TakaMina: Anyway, let’s all hope for the best. You two must have a conversation about this matter. That’s the only way of settling this.

Atsuko put up her gloomy face which indicated that she is now starting to lose herself inside the whirlpool of her own feelings again. Minami is not much luckier either. As much as she wants to help her friends she is totally powerless as she is not directly involved in this situation so she has no right to interfere. Even though she is the captain of the whole AKB this still is a private matter of the three involved members. Minami’s heart started to hurt a little as she was unable to find a solution for this conflict.

Later that day…

At night Atsuko started to watch the live concert DVDs from AX2011 for some unknown reason. She didn’t pay much attention to her TV screen thought, but her eyes opened wider as the famous beat started to play. Two girls are coming up the stage in a pink outfit. They are going to perform the song named Temodemo no Namida. Now Atsuko’s heart starts to feel heavy and uneasy as she listens to the lyrics.

“The faint rain that started to fall,

 Just like a silver curtain coming down,

 Wrapped around me

 That was my first brush with love…”

Atsuko: Oh, Yukiriso…

Acchan’s heart started to hurt as she is thinking about her loved one. This miserable feeling has returned to her and it looks like it got much stronger since the last time.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea… We hurt Mayuyu’s feelings… I didn’t want this to happen… but I… I still can’t hold back my feelings towards you… Yuki… What should we do?”

Meanwhile in a different part of the city Mayu is sitting in her room surrounded by her favorite manga books. She wanted to read them but for some reason she cannot concentrate on any of them. Her mind is full of other things right now. Her feelings are swirling inside her heart. Inside this vivid chaos she suddenly starts to sing. She doesn’t realize it until she reaches the final part of the song.

Mayu: ♪ …Even though I wanted to meet you like this, even if I like you like this, you won’t even look back to me. Even though I’m raising my umbrella my cheeks get wet, I can’t do anything about these careless tears… ♪

She feels as her heart was bleeding again. Her tears starting to fall as she grabs her chest with her left hand.

Mayu: Why is this so painful? I thought Yuki loves me too… Ah, it hurts too much…

Mayu’s thoughts started to be wilder as time went on. The pain inside her heart started to change shape, slowly shifting towards something different… anger.

“Should I give up on her? NO! I won’t! I will not let anyone else to have her! She is mine! I won’t give her to anyone, not even to Acchan! She might be the center of AKB but she cannot have everything! I won’t allow it!”

Meanwhile in a totally different part of the city there was a young lad who was lying on her bed, reading magazines and eating snacks. It was Yuki whose thoughts were full of hope and she was unaware about the situation behind the scenes. As one can say while she was one the stage there were strange happenings in the backstage. Yuki was thinking about a totally new life from now on while she was reading a magazine about various restaurants. She was searching for the next place she wants to visit with Acchan. It looks like planning her next date with the ACE makes her extremely happy like she never was before.

“Why am I feeling so happy? Is this what they call Love? I know I shouldn’t feel this way but still… it feels good… How can something that feels good to be bad? Nonsense… I feel as if there was nothing that could get in our way… I’m so happy…”

With here unusually huge smile on her face she continued reading the magazine and was totally lost in a pink cloud surrounding here. Her vision is now blurred and the only thing she can see now is her beloved Acchan whom she wants to spend all of her free time. Yukirin has no idea what kind of dangers may lie ahead of their relationship. It looks like as if she forgot about a little detail which may cause the collapse of this so called “forbidden love”.

The next day Mayu woke up with a serious look on her face. Like a warrior before the battle the little girl was preparing for a war. She was going to claim Yuki as hers alone and destroy everyone who dares to stand in her way.

It was a TV show in which the whole sembatsu except Yukirin, TakaMina and Yuko was present. Nothing extraordinary happened until the show ended and the girls went backstage to change back into their casual clothes. Some of them might felt something as in the changing room there was nothing but long dead silence. Nobody said anything but everybody could feel some strange vibes in the air. But almost none of them knew what this was all about though.

After the show ended and the members finally changed back to their casual wear they started to leave one by one. After Itano left the building only two girls remained in the room. It was Atsuko and Mayu who were last members here but it was not a coincidence. Mayu is the one who was planning this from the very beginning. She was hoping for Acchan to take her sweet time to change into regular clothes and Fortuna was on Watanabe’s side as Acchan is a bit “slow” in these days because of her gloomy mood.

The moment they were left alone Mayu approached Atsuko who now started to feel a bit tense. She realized that there is no one else left beside them in this room. The moment Mayu reached Atsuko was the hardest for the ACE to bear as if she knew what is about to happen. Finally when Mayu stood in front she started to talk. There was no mercy in her harsh words as they left her mouth.

Mayu: I thought I share something with you.

Atsuko: What? What is it?

Atsuko was scared. She was afraid of Mayu for real knowing that their relationship never was the best. At least they never hated each other or anything. But todays Mayuyu was everything but friendly.

Mayu: I saw you two going all lovey-dovey in that restaurant.

Atsuko: You did?

Atsuko was trying to play stupid. She was hoping for something but even she herself didn’t know what kind of help she would want right now. She is wishing for someone to interrupt them but Atsuko is not that lucky right now. Mayu kept her cool for now and continued her assault against Maeda. Her voice was still low and soft but there was no comfort in them as there was tension here building up slowly but gradually.

Mayu: I know what you were up to. You want to take Yuki from me, am I right?

Atsuko: No! That was not my intention!

Mayu’s words started to gain more force behind them as she saw Atsuko might not go down without a fight.

Mayu: Oh really? I don’t believe you! You just have to take everything for yourself, don’t you!

Atsuko: No, I just… didn’t know that you… loved her that much…

Mayu: So what? You stepped in and claimed her as a conqueror claims a land?

Atsuko: No, no! It is not like that.

This might be the first time when Watanabe did something like this. It is so out of her character that Maeda doesn’t even know how to react. She doesn’t want to hurt Mayu more but she’s afraid that the little cyborg will switch into full attack mode and takes her down.

Mayu: Is it? Let me make myself clear. If you lay a finger on her, or even get too close to her, then I won’t forgive you, understood?!

Atsuko: But I… really love Yukiriso! I love her from the bottom of my heart.

Acchan tries to defend herself from Mayu’s killer words. She tries to avoid going toe to toe with her fellow member, but her words awoke something in the girl. It is a small voice saying: “Resistance detected. Commence attack, now!”

Mayu: You just don’t get it do you?! Yuki’s mine! So keep your distance from her of else!

Atsuko: But Mayu… Why are you doing this to me?

Mayu has switched into her B mode. She entered the backdoor code so she is going all-out now in order to protect what is rightfully hers.

Mayu: You think that you are so godly that you can do anything you want and nobody can touch you?! Well, you are wrong! I will not let you or anyone else to have my Yukirin! She is mine and I won’t give her to anyone, especially not to you!

Atsuko: But… I’m not your enemy.

Atsuko is overwhelmed by the experience she’s getting right now. She doesn’t know how to react in this situation. She never saw Mayu being this aggressive. Atsuko tries to keep the peace with Watanabe but her words seem to have the exact opposite effect.

Mayu: If that’s the case then leave Yuki alone! NOW!

Atsuko: I… I… can’t… I love her too much…

Mayu: Then you leave me no choice!

Atsuko: What do you have in mind?

Atsuko is scared right now. Mayu’s face has an expression like it never had before. A small light can be seen inside her eyes and they are glowing in vivid red color. Almost like if she came straight out from a movie. Acchan couldn’t believe in what she was seeing right now. Mayu’s face became totally unknown to her as if a stranger was standing there saying the next word like a real cyborg.

Mayu: WAR.

Atsuko: But we are friends.

Mayu: I have no real friends except Yuki! And I won’t stand down from this! It is now declared!

Atsuko: I didn’t want to hurt your feelings Mayu. You have no idea how much I thought about this before.

Atsuko was still trying to save the situation and herself from doom but every word she says have a little to no effect on the girl standing in front of her.

Mayu: Well, it looks like it still wasn’t enough! If you thought that I will give her to you then you are a fool! Now it’s on! We are enemies… and I’m going to crush you!

Atsuko: Mayu?

Atsuko was scared to her bones. She never saw Mayu acting like this before. That little cyborg girl turned up to be a real terminator if she’s provoked enough. Now the ACE has to bear the weight of her love towards Yuki as Mayu’s wrath is about to explode and it might burn everything in its path.

Mayu: That’s all!

Mayu’s words were harsh and cold like the Siberian winter. She will fight for her death to keep the competition out of her fields. After this declaration of war Watanabe just left the room leaving Maeda in a very difficult situation. Not enough that she fought her feelings and morale for so long before she confessed to Yuki now she has to fight with Mayu too if she wants her love to be fulfilled. Her biggest fear just turned into reality and now she has to fight one of her fellow members whom she thought as a friend. This is going to be one painful war and it cannot be stopped now…

To be continued…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

8 thoughts on “[Fic] Kindan no Hana IV – Thorns

  1. …hmmm, lad…if felt like a Deja-vu. I’d give you a 4.00/5.00, it’s probably just me but the conversation somewhat felt…how to say this…out of place. Though the idea was cool! Also just another footnote, the pace in some parts changed abruptly. Despite that it was a good piece mate! At least it has a better feeling than my novella.


    White boy
    PS: how was the pun at the end? I know, it was a fail… I’ll get it next time for sure!

    • Just as I though… so if I read your comment right, it sucks moose testicles. The thing is I couldn’t manage to connect the two parts of it. You know the depressed Mayu with the full on attack mode. At least it has a good feeling, right? Well, this happens when you write with your heart… And changing emotions…

      PS: What pun? White boy? It was a pun? I didn’t catch it… sorry…

      • Read a novel, that will help you improve! And yes my signature was a PUN! Also note when you write, it’s not your emotions but those of the characters that should prevail. READ A BOOK! Literature in prose is not as in theatre, until you read you’ll actually grasp how you’re writing!

  2. I loved the destrutive mayuyu!
    just hope she does not go too far ….
    I just hope aachan yukirin and are well

  3. MORE i want another chapter *O* ONEGAI!!! I LOVE THIS fanfic Acchan and Yukirin

  4. But my MaYuki QQ and AtsuMina, i don´t know what to choose.

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