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Thought Ur TDC Feels over? Reality Check!!


1-2.m2ts - 00006

Hmmm…That does make me feel gu…

No no no. Not those kind of feels.

2-2.m2ts - 00044
1-2.m2ts - 00054 2-2.m2ts - 00042
1-2.m2ts - 00084
 1-2.m2ts - 00088
3-2.m2ts - 00030 3-2.m2ts - 00033
1-2.m2ts - 00055

That’s more like it!

Prepare thy soul for the legendary TDC feels revisited!

Yes, yes, I am aware I am a cheater in that I am only getting to experience the pain that is sure to be for the books because I was waiting for the BDs. As I am aware that probably most of you fans have already dried up your hearts already but judging by the rivers I cried last night, despite knowing what I was in for before-hand, I am pretty sure you are all in complete denial if you think you won’t baw once again when you watch this concert again.

That is of course if you ever get the guts!



Either way, to those who are new and aren’t even Acchan fans, were you to watch this concert, believe me when I say you better have a tissue box at hand! Despite yours truly not being such a fanatic of Acchan, I fought the tear wars and lost horribly. So believe me from my experience that this concert was the most feel-inducing so far!

Not only was it about Acchan but also that hated Shuffle bullshnats! If anyone doesn’t feel anything while they watch all those girls break down are in serious need of scientific study session!

Remember, remember the 2009 Shuffle shockfest? Well, take that and multiply it by a couple of tens of girls, a few teams and you have your levelled-up feels!

Three-team shuffles? Fuck that! How about six teams? How about fuckin country shuffles!?!!

And while we are at it, let’s break up all the couples too!!!

2-2.m2ts - 00030
2-2.m2ts - 00029 2-2.m2ts - 000322-2.m2ts - 00034 2-2.m2ts - 00035
2-2.m2ts - 00036 2-2.m2ts - 00037
2-2.m2ts - 00040 2-2.m2ts - 00038
2-2.m2ts - 00039

Atsumina? Already done and dusted!

 1-2.m2ts - 00059

SaeYaka/TwinTower? Off to China with you Sae!

FFS Yasusu! Look at those manly tears! How could you?!!

1-2.m2ts - 00021 1-2.m2ts - 00022
1-2.m2ts - 00023
1-2.m2ts - 00080 1-2.m2ts - 00081
1-2.m2ts - 00082 1-2.m2ts - 00083

Mayuki?! You’re no longer a child Mayuyu! Off to Team A with you!

Poor Yukirin. So many emotions on this day! From Sae’s announcement she was already on her lose threads!

That scene where Mayuyu is all happy waving after the concert, then she sees Yukirin approach her, and she totally shuts down like the cyborg she is!

My feels!

3-2.m2ts - 00027
3-2.m2ts - 00029

Even Acchan was le surprised at the Ice Queen finally shedding tears for her when the girls did the farewell!

She would totally have gotten away with kissing Acchan and confessing her feelings right there  but oh wait, she already did that at the local stage!

My Goddess, sometime I forget she too is still only human~

Speaking of Acchan…

3-2.m2ts - 00019
3-2.m2ts - 00012 3-2.m2ts - 00013
3-2.m2ts - 00014 3-2.m2ts - 00015
3-2.m2ts - 00016 3-2.m2ts - 00017
3-2.m2ts - 00020 3-2.m2ts - 00021
3-2.m2ts - 00022 3-2.m2ts - 00023
3-2.m2ts - 00024 3-2.m2ts - 00026
3-1.m2ts - 00000 3-1.m2ts - 00003
3-1.m2ts - 00004 3-1.m2ts - 00005
3-1.m2ts - 00006 3-1.m2ts - 00007
3-1.m2ts - 00025
3-1.m2ts - 00026 3-1.m2ts - 00027
3-1.m2ts - 00028 3-1.m2ts - 00029
3-1.m2ts - 00031
3-1.m2ts - 00032 3-1.m2ts - 00034
3-1.m2ts - 00033
3-2.m2ts - 00031

Acchan’s Hall of fame!

If anyone thinks Acchan’s brilliance here deserved a shadow,


Let’s not even go there!

I was crying all through out her performances, knowing full well it is the last she will stand on this kind of stage with her fellow mates!

In that last cap where she couldn’t even get the voice out as she was boated away….


I am crying again just by typing this as I remember!

Damn it!

I need to save myself, time to shift gears a bit. Let’s have some good feels, shall we?

1-2.m2ts - 00001 1-2.m2ts - 00004
1-2.m2ts - 00007
1-2.m2ts - 00010 1-2.m2ts - 00011

WMaeda? Why do all good things come too late!

1-2.m2ts - 00026 1-2.m2ts - 00028
1-2.m2ts - 00032 1-2.m2ts - 000311-2.m2ts - 00037 1-2.m2ts - 00038

AKB Derps for life!

1-2.m2ts - 00034 1-2.m2ts - 000361-2.m2ts - 00072 1-2.m2ts - 00073
1-2.m2ts - 00074

Welcome Miichan, Let me show you around. There’s the bathroom…

1-2.m2ts - 00076 1-2.m2ts - 00077
1-2.m2ts - 00078

Milky’s look in that first cap tho >.< Ffffuuuu

And that last glance between the two! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

3-1.m2ts - 00008 3-1.m2ts - 00009
3-1.m2ts - 00018 3-1.m2ts - 00019
3-1.m2ts - 00020 3-1.m2ts - 00021
3-1.m2ts - 00022

Yuko was one happy puppy there!

Did all the big couples have a song together across the three days?

We got KojiYuu on the third.

We got AtsuMina on the second.

We got TomoYuki on the fir- wait, what?!

What are you trying to say here dear management?!!!

1-2.m2ts - 00013 1-2.m2ts - 00014
1-2.m2ts - 00015 1-2.m2ts - 00016
1-2.m2ts - 00017 1-2.m2ts - 00018
1-2.m2ts - 00019 1-2.m2ts - 00042
2-2.m2ts - 00003 2-2.m2ts - 00050
2-2.m2ts - 00007 2-2.m2ts - 00008

Some more feel-good caps.

2-2.m2ts - 00009 2-2.m2ts - 00010
2-2.m2ts - 00011 2-2.m2ts - 00012
2-2.m2ts - 00013 2-2.m2ts - 00014
2-2.m2ts - 00015
2-2.m2ts - 00016 2-2.m2ts - 00017
2-2.m2ts - 00018 2-2.m2ts - 00019
2-2.m2ts - 00020 3-2.m2ts - 00001
3-2.m2ts - 00002 3-2.m2ts - 00004
3-2.m2ts - 00003
3-2.m2ts - 00007 3-2.m2ts - 000083-2.m2ts - 00006


Oh come on!

You so saw that coming, didn’t you?

You know how I love me some NMB performances! If I so wanted I would capture every single frame of their appearances.

There is just something about them that is in both other groups but they play on it so well that balances them out perfectly.

The have AKB’s charm yet not glamorously so. Their dances are with spirit but not aggressively so as SKEs. They also have that new-kid charm of HKT still and they balance it all out so well that I never tire of watching them!

Though I was happy with the song they went with [Virginity], I was still a bit disappoint it was ZKS >.< I love that sing and it’s performance to bits! I still re-watch their AKB ga Ippai concert performances of Zetsumetsu even nowadays!

I just love that song!

And speaking of NMB….

2-2.m2ts - 00024
2-2.m2ts - 00025 2-2.m2ts - 00026
3-2.m2ts - 00010

Aaaaaaaah Maachun!!!

2-2.m2ts - 00051

I love you too Maachun!

BTW, kinda embarrassing but n that rain dance at the end of RIVER, At first I didn’t believe it was her because I thought the girls to be all SKE48.

So stupeeed >.<

I am happy with the way that she seems to handle power dances though. To be selected here to go head to head with SKE (know for their powerful dances) after that Show Fight too….I hope people get to love her more.

I am still disappoint in her last senbatsu ranking!

So disappoint –_-

Then reading on those Japanese MBs where people call her ugly, even though they try to say it in jest like (Maachun, butsu ya na…)

To hell with you!

You know not beauty if it slapped you in the face!



Excuse me.

Any way, back to more feels….

1-2.m2ts - 00039 1-2.m2ts - 00041
1-2.m2ts - 00046 1-2.m2ts - 00047
1-2.m2ts - 00048 1-2.m2ts - 00049
1-2.m2ts - 00051 1-2.m2ts - 00052
1-2.m2ts - 00053 1-2.m2ts - 00057
1-2.m2ts - 00064 1-2.m2ts - 00067
1-2.m2ts - 00069

Hug from her love Harukyan? I think Reinyan was the only one smiling here

1-2.m2ts - 00071 1-2.m2ts - 000901-2.m2ts - 00075

Maachun was totally ready to kill TGSK had he dared fuck up NMB anymore.

I mean, look at that face >.<

2-2.m2ts - 00001
2-2.m2ts - 00023

Because I still can’t get over Tomochin’s hair-do on this day!


3-1.m2ts - 00024

All rival (pfft) Idol groups, meet our No.1!


2-2.m2ts - 00046
2-2.m2ts - 00049

Then meet our forever No.1!

Sayounara! You just lost the game!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

6 thoughts on “Thought Ur TDC Feels over? Reality Check!!

  1. Thanks to your recollection I almost had to run to a convenience store nearby to buy more tissues! I still haven’t recover from Acchan’s departure…I fancy Acchan and Yukirin together even more than they were, but not happening…unless I succeed drafting her to join YukiRing, lol. Yep a heart-wrenching concert. I survived day 1 but I recognized I became a total cry-baby during day 3! A friend who attended, said to me: Good thing you couldn’t go, you would’ve had collapsed during Acchan’s final performance… I think no one can deny Acchan was AKB’s undisputed No. 1 and that she did her job in that uncomfortable spot with impeccable shine! So far the choices to replace her, have been far from fitting. Dammit, I can’t even read her graduation PB without getting all moisty in the eyes!

  2. Enjoyed the whirlwind of colour, huge variety of feels, BIG colour on my little iPhone pretty girls I mean young women. Am using spare time & there’s not 2 much, believe it or not, to get more familiar w history of clubs & individuals.I have very unsteady comunication
    system.There is sum1 not want or allow me join WP, Tumblr,Blogsite,esp.blocks @ every turn.Also has ability 2 turn on/off email settings remotely.Thot he agreed 2 offer I made but no last so that’s not a deal.Guess can expect more of same.Sorry 2 bore w this just venting

  3. So the new AKB0048 ep is chock-full of Mayuki and YukiChieri which could also technically be Mayuki. It’s like Okada wrote it to make up for the loss of it in real life.

  4. I tell you the truth I have these DVDs on my PC but I haven’t watched it just yet. I haven’t touched anything Acchan related since summer… I lost my courage to do that so… I have a to of material to get through… including various TV shows and such… Yes I became a coward… you can all make fun of me right now…

    Anyway I started to watch these today. Actually I’m watching it right now while I’m typing. The video I’m watching right now is called “Maeda Atsuko Kiseki” and… They had to do it, right? They had to put THAT music in the background… J.S. Bach – Jesus bleibet meine Freude… This song always reminds me of the next dialog:

    “So where’s is my dream?
    It is a continuation of reality.
    But where is my reality?
    It is at the end of your dream…”

    • Nice quote! I believe Acchan thought that to reach her pinnacle she had leave the protection and care of AKB48… If it’s hard for you who is not an Acchan oshi imagine how it was for us! I have the theatre performance, and I can’t bear to watch it…I go all teary and doki doki!

  5. First of I too think Maachun is pretty, made more so because of her personality too, she is adorkable everywhere ❤

    And Tomo's hait inded was awesome, I would even say that was the best peice of hair styling ever in AKB and it was all done for Yuki, of course :p

    As for the shuffles, well even now I'm OK with all the changes (well most of them, gonna be odd not having Sae about) actually watching them is something else, it will forever tug at the heartstrings but then, that is what it should do, that is the bueaty of it, it's drama that you can't act, it's real and though in many ways it's a bastard thing to to its also amazing to see it.

    And odd to see Mayu and Yuki here and what they are like now, they have both hinted towards it in blog posts and things but you know that they had a TALK (yes capitals) about them not being in the same team and what that meant and it's amazing to see them now compared to that day in the Tokyo Dome.

    As for Acchan, well the moment for me was in the extras when you see them all watching her backstage on the monitors, for me that was somehow the most poignant moment of that concert for me about Acchan and also it spoke the most about what Acchan truly meant to AKB

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