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Tokyo Dome Concert Caps Part-1



Kneel before…


Your Queen


In glorious HD


Did NMB just…! Did they just strip on the stage?!!! OMG they so did!


‘Show fight’ – Still the best on that single!


Thanks to an awesome pal on H!O, I can finally enjoy TDC in all its awesome HD glory!

Well, that was the plan at least!

Leave it to AKB to fuck up even the blurays! I mean for crying out loud, how do you even do that?!! I was so disappoint in the quality that I even tried out the bmp caps! No go either!

That’s it, I give up on AKB ever giving me an eyegasm!

Is it their equipment? If so, then they should burn them!

Is it their camera-men? If so then they should fire them!

Either way Yasusu most definitely should boot their editor/s! Apart from the good songs, Oshimen and costumes, this concert was boring as hell! No, I am pretty sure those who were there LIVE will never forget the experience but us poor gaijinfags who only get to see the DVDs are doomed to less than a 1/4 of the actual experience!

It’s like hearing someone narrate a movie as opposed to you watching it yourself!

That’s how this BluRay has made me feel so far about what is supposed to be THE CONCERT!

I already complained about it but seeing as the issue is still rubbing me the wrong way, I have to say it again!

Skirt Hirari without any pantsu shots!

The end!

How the fuck did they even archive that?!!

I don’t know guys, I just don’t know. AKB is getting boring very quickly as it turns into just another idol group. All they have now is numbers…really, just numbers >_>

Any way, that’s just from the first day and a half. Maybe things will pick up soon. For now though, onto the caps…


tdcp1-001 tdcp1-002
tdcp1-003 tdcp1-004
tdcp1-005 tdcp1-006
tdcp1-007 tdcp1-008
tdcp1-009 tdcp1-010
tdcp1-012 tdcp1-013
tdcp1-014 tdcp1-015

French Kiss & Tomo~mi Blue Rose-ing

I don’t know what Yukirin paid the devil to make her one with the colour black/darkness but the girl looks super-awesome in anything dark!

What is it I wonder?

Not to say that she doesn’t look good in bright colours, nope! In fact the opposite, white, fits her almost just as good, which makes us all fans go hawire trying to decide which is better, Black Yukirin or White Kashiwagi?

We have yet to find an answer but both!

tdcp1-018 tdcp1-019
tdcp1-020 tdcp1-022
tdcp1-023 tdcp1-024
tdcp1-025 tdcp1-026
tdcp1-088 tdcp1-089
tdcp1-090 tdcp1-091

Team B

B once again stealing the fashion prize for the whole Team.

Seriously though, the last big concert, Team B stole the fashion show with their music-note-branded clothes and now they are doing it again in TD with yet another attention-grabbing bundle of goodness dresses!

Especially those dotted body tights!


Can’t wait to see what B6 will bring on the table!

tdcp1-098 tdcp1-099
tdcp1-100 tdcp1-116

Future Girls

The future girls also did get to me with their uniforms. There is something appealing about deep red you gotta admit!

And the powerful Show Fight totally accentuated their cool look they were displaying.

For crying out loud, look at Fresh Lemon up there! Even she looks cool!

And Maachun of course, please look at Maachun >.<

tdcp1-094 tdcp1-095
tdcp1-096 tdcp1-097
tdcp1-112 tdcp1-113

Totally stripping!

Leave it to NMB48 to bring the weirdness with them wherever they go!

I mean there I was, trying to enjoy the sound of Nagichi to mine ear when suddenly…

Shirts are flying and swim-bras take their place!

At this point I’m like


But with the goofiest grin on my face!

tdcp1-028 tdcp1-029
tdcp1-030 tdcp1-031
tdcp1-032 tdcp1-033
tdcp1-034 tdcp1-035
tdcp1-036 tdcp1-037
tdcp1-038 tdcp1-039
tdcp1-040 tdcp1-041
tdcp1-043 tdcp1-048tdcp1-050
tdcp1-051 tdcp1-052
tdcp1-054 tdcp1-056
tdcp1-058 tdcp1-057
tdcp1-059 tdcp1-065
tdcp1-076 tdcp1-060
tdcp1-062 tdcp1-063
tdcp1-064 tdcp1-075
tdcp1-066 tdcp1-072
tdcp1-067 tdcp1-071
tdcp1-068 tdcp1-069
tdcp1-073 tdcp1-074
tdcp1-077 tdcp1-078tdcp1-080 tdcp1-081
tdcp1-082 tdcp1-079tdcp1-083 tdcp1-084
tdcp1-102 tdcp1-106
tdcp1-108 tdcp1-109
tdcp1-110 tdcp1-085


What to say?

Really, what to say that won’t make me sound like a broken record?

Tomochin’s look on this 2nd day?

The killer lyrics of their song?

The hotness of this ship?!!!


There is nothing to say!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

5 thoughts on “Tokyo Dome Concert Caps Part-1

  1. Well the camerawork on the Project 48’s event are legendarily terrible. I think this can be part of their commercial or promotional plans as their message is: If you want a better experience, go to these events, buy the ticked, wait for 24+ hours in line, and you shall have 10 seconds to shake their hands…

    Something else: I just loved how TakaMina just (trolled) cock-blocked your pleasure on some of the Yukirin shots. LOL 😀

    • Yeah, I feel like that’s what they are going for.

      It makes no sense tho. Why fuckin edit the thing?!! What’s the point of buying the DVDs if they are gonna reduce the experience significantly from those who were actually there?

      To hell with it.

      I best forget it because if I continue going my disappointment will affect my love for AKB and therein lies trouble!

  2. Big trouble on Twitter (I think) Maybe not. Will U check? 2 posts to Rachel (India) I made last nite & tonite seem 2B public. Thot private. Could B Bit.ly going back on agreement. Sorry 2 write here but v conc’d.

  3. Never mind…found the problem. Not Mr. Ali thank god. Can U wipe these last 2? Thank you

  4. So you finally got round to watching them, Some good stuff right? even the bizzare NMB bikini bit which was just so random in the way they did it 😀 not fully sure what the point of that was, or whyu they put tops on for the first 30 seconds of the song, ahh well, crazy and daft, just like NMB…..

    And That blue rose performance, forever tinged with sadness, what with Kasai now graduationg and with Akicha going to JKT French Kisses unsure future and from how awesome this is, ahh well……

    As for TomoYuki well you are right there is not much more to add, as you say rthe song really says it all, plus those looks they were giving each other, just fantastic!

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