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AKB to XX Confessions….Interesting


  AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00004
AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00009

So, there I was watching the latest AKB to XX episode, yes I don’t usually watch this show but when the groups get together like they are doing this and the next episode, you betcha I I am there.

Why? Because interesting things always happen when the big guns always get together from all over the family tree.

As always the best is saved for last which means I have to wait for next episode to see my Kami Oshi and the other two Oshi as Rena is in this one.

This sounds like this episode was not interesting which is very far from the truth. There was a lot of interesting moments in this episode and we have to thank the confession segments for them.

Some of these to give an example included Mayuyu’s three others she sees as rivals in all 48 groups. Her answer?

  1. Jurina
  2. Miyuki
  3. Paruru


I know what you are feeling friends, I do. I mean I understand Jurina, somewhat, but the others make no sense at all.

Another truth revealed was that while Kojiharu’s big ears make her hearing a bit better from the front, she is actually a bit deaf from behind!

Yep, an Archie’s heel right there.

We also find out that actually though she looks smart, our dearest Tomochin is a complete idiot! She is not alone though, as Takamina too it seems falls into that category!

That’s right people, two more idiots to add to the list!

There were others interesting but what caught most of my attention were the confessions from Mayuyu and Milky.

AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00004

The members present are asked to confess something to other members and apologise.

Mayuyu goes first and probably anyone that was watching knew which card she was going for even before she moved. That’s right, she has something to apologise for towards Yukirin.

Stating a known fact of how close they are and how Yukirin is basically her mother, she states that she is always spoiled silly by Yukirin.

And apparently it’s gotten so bad lately (due to the separation? I knew it!) that she is turning into a clingy baby.

So clingy that she finds herself shaking/rustling/feeling Yukirin’s clothe!

AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00005
AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00006 AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00007

Queue awkward silence, followed by a shocked ‘eh?!’ Followed by Paruru and Yui’s ‘Me Gusta’ faces and Rena’s ‘le shock!’

Mayuyu really didn’t think that one through, did she? But of course not, this is Yukirin here we are talking about and we know how in control she always is (not) when it comes to her dearest Mom.

AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00008

She of course quickly tries to cover it up by finishing that she does it looking for treats (you know, like a kid)

But it’s too late Mayuyu…it’s too late ^^


AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00009

Then we have the other Watanabe’s confession.

She apparently has kissed Mayuyu on the lips!


AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00010


Jurina’s reaction pretty much sums up mine as well. All the other members too were not buying it! That Mayuyu?!! Kissing someone?!!

Bitch please, you be tripping!

But Milky is not done yet. In fact she and Mayuyu kissed just before this show in some dark room.

AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00011

I seriosuly think Jurina was gonna cry here. The poor girl was so in denial trying her hardest to reject reality!

The reality that this is Milky we are talking about here.

Milky people!

MNB48’s Watanabe Miyuki!

AKB to XX! ep32 121220.mp4 - 00012

Miichan says that she saw that too but when she talked to Mayuyu, she was told that they only bumped noses!

Milky says that they indeed bumped noses but after kissing Mayuyu’s nose, they did it like the French do it!

Jurina was crying for Sayanee to make it stop! For anyone to make it stop!



I think we have all seen the videos of Mayuyu rejecting kisses so I guess this is proof of the Libido power that Milky possesses!

Poor Jurina tho >.<


So much fun~

And next part is gonna be teh bomb!

I can’t wait for it!

How long do these episodes take to come out again? I can’t remember.

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

17 thoughts on “AKB to XX Confessions….Interesting

  1. thank you for translating it! i was dying to know what they were talking about! as a result i am now having this uncontrollable urge to write a wwatanabe fanfic.

  2. Actually, Mayuyu confessed she used Yukirin’s clothes as a napkin when her hands were full of sauce, thus the “yurk” reaction from everyone lol And yeah, poor puppy Ju looked so desperate there… Gotta change your approach kid. Mayuyu likes to attack, not the other way round~

    • Out of context wnina, out of context.

      You just burst my bubble now >.<

      But thank you for the rightly translated take for those who need to know what really happened ^^

      And have we met before O.o?

      Either way, Merry Christmas and thanks for visiting ^_^

  3. I love how Jurina’s the first one to question and protest (probably can’t believe that Milky got to Mayuyu first before her XD) and how everyone just can’t believe the whole WWatanabe kissing. Sayanee was way too silent on that conversation… I guess she knows that if Milky wants to kiss you, she will kiss you. Milky’s got game yo~

  4. actually I’ve been an avid reader of your blog before i was even into akb. i just dont comment very often AND i haTE YOU CAUSE YOU MADE ME OBSESSED WITH MAACHUN. WHT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME

    • LOL

      I proudly take the responsibility upon my self! ^^

      Maachun must be loved! She doesn’t have to be your Oshi but as long as you love her, that is enough for me

      Thanks for finally deciding to comment too ^^

      I know how hard it is to comment on blogs, believe me

  5. Sayanee barely spoke …. strange .. I think she was frightened by what she was hearing kkkkkkkk. she only spoke to introduce her chosen.
    Jurina ‘s reaction was hilarious with what milky had said. it was so funny. But I agree with her. By this , nobody expected. xD

    oh ! Will have more people in the next! More people, more interesting subjects will be revealed!!!
    and the competitions that will have after.
    I wanna see the next!

    • Sayanee barely speaks when she is with a lot of people, unless she has too (like captain role or something)

      She is one of the gentlest people actually.

      Poor Jurina, I think something broke within her.

  6. Ah ! I didn’t know that Sayanee had this behavior when she is close to many people .
    Thanks for the information! xD

  7. First of all… MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Even though I don’t care about this holiday that much… Makes me too sentimental… Not a good thing.)

    Secondly, thank you BG for writing a post about this ep. You save me the trouble. (And I’m not going to get into the mood to write blog posts for a while…) I’ll be honest. I watching this whole episode with a blank expression on my face… Like if I doesn’t give a damn about this whole 48 business anymore. So I was watching it like “why was I so into these girls before? …makes no sense at all…” I was just looking at Moeno as she looked so natural between the crazy idols… Anyway… When it was Mayu’s turn I was like “Okay, let’s FWD!” in my head… At Paru’s turn I was like… “Does she have a character?” She looked like if she does to me, but at the end the question ended up unanswered…

    I’m starting to make no sense at all right? Btw why did you ignore Rena’s bit of ecchi talk about Akarin’s “secret” ? 😛

    But I do understand why did you not include the Yuko story. It got boring so fast… I also liked how TakaMina was the one who brought up the “baka” topic… LOL

    But when Jurina picked Yuria’s picture, I was like…. -_- (This gets even more boring than the Yuko’s thing… Mentioning the obvious over and over :P)

    I’m not going to talk much about Milky as she is a strange fusion of Meetan(grad), Maimai(grad) and Miichan… on steroids… She’s going to turn the whole AKB upside down…

    But the thing that shocked me was… *drum roll* (be ware, it is going to be extremely anticlimactic…) Gatou-san’s behavior. I mean Saya-nee’s :P. As I mentioned before on various mediums I don’t know much about her so all I had about her was just a “hunch”. She broke the image I had about her. Now how am I suppose to HATE her if she can be like this?‼ When I read your “description” about her it made me feel really strange. “Sayanee barely speaks when she is with a lot of people, unless she has too…” You might not believe but this is actually reflects my personality as well… I let people talk who like to talk a lot. But there’s more to it. She is similar to Yuihan in a strange way. There are some characteristics I like in Yui so much yet I hate them in Saya-nee… Why? What’s wrong with me?

    Still not enough for you? You said before BG that Saya-nee is more of a dork… Well I said to myself that I don’t like dorky people that much… Now, you can ask: “And what about TakaMina? She is the dorkiest member of AKB since god knows when.” I have to answer… You are right… There’s definitely something wrong with me…

    Sorry. I painted a Wall O’ Text onto your blog again, and I never made any sense. I just wanted to get these thoughts out of my head… Sorry again…

  8. i think its way too early for mayu to think that paruru and milky as a rival (?)
    mayuyu has no filter when it comes to yuki >:]
    LOOOOL , when i saw this ep. i dont know what they were talking about XDDD but i read some translation about mayu kissing milky and my reaction was pretty similar to jurina and takamina’s xDDD , everything did not make sense since mayu always reject kisses like miichan and jurinas
    O 0 O'” wow i guess its hard to resist milky(‘s powers XDD) , poor jurina at least you can kiss nyan nyan right? XD and hello there not a new reader but this is the first time ive commented ^ u^ ; , thanks for this summary / translation 😀 ♥♥♥ oh and Merry Christmas ❤

  9. LOL poor Yukirin, it seems as though things are truly still pretty much the same for dear MaYuki after the team split and it really is a case of how far can Mayu go when being spoiled (still an awsome show in that I think) still I suppose it shows at quite what level they are at. I expect that Mayu is probably more clingy too, what it all these Yukirin pairings around she has her work cut out hell she won’t even let others bee seen on TV with her, not if she can help it….


    As for Milky, well it just goes to show that she can really Pawn anyone she wants to showing Jurina quite who the master is around here, lol Jurina’s look is great I wondered what her, I didn’t win/get there first face would be like and now, thanks to Milky, I know and because it’s Milky she gets away with it all by unleshing, yes unleashing her “forgive her for everything” smile at the end….

  10. Well, I have a BIG comment here!! Poor Jurina ??? What about when Yukirin finds out. And she will….those girls love it when something juicy happens…like that kiss!!!! Just how juicy was it, anyway? And I think it speaks more re Mayuyu’s libido than any “power” Milky might possess.Yukirin is going 2 want an explanation from Mayuyu big time. And “nose bumping” will not cut it w Y. Do these 2….M & Y….have any commitment 2 each other, or R they just dating, kind of heavily, if M is getting comfort from Y’s clothes. I’d like 2 know what R the “treats” Mayuyu likes. Does she think Milky can provide them as well as Yukirin does? Seriously, though, Yukirin is completely mad about Mayuyu. She hates 2 B away from her but circumstances dictate she must B 4 now

  11. Can I ask where you watch this episode ?

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