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The Utagassen Battle Continues


Family 48

Such a big family! A married Sister, two teen sisters, two half sisters, one preteen sister and one un-born

So after last year’s success, the farmers are milking AKB for some extra drops of cash this year too as they are holding the 48 Family song battle once again.

In fact they are so going in for the kill that they will be holding SKE48’s own Utagassen.

Which really makes me wonder why SKE48 is then still in the main Utagassen.

It seems they are trying to tell us that SKE48 is big enough to hold their own and yet despite having held their own Request Hour, they are still appearing in the AKB Jan RH.

And now that they have their own Kouhaku Utagassen, they are still appearing in this year’s AKB event which makes me quite a bit upset for some reason.

Make up your damn minds already! Either let SKE go independent and make them real AKB rivals and stop including them into AKB48 events or leave them be a part of the family forever and get rid of the stupid Request hours 30/50/75 for next year and some crap like that!

Seriously, SKE is turning into some daughter who is grown up and is getting married therefore leaving the family but not quite!

It’s frustrating to say the least.

Okay, enough pissing about, let’s get to the topic at hand.

The teams from last time have been shuffled around and taking the big first, while last time the Aces were the captains for either team (Acchan and Korisu), this time around it’s the general Manager and Captain of Team A that are the captains for either team.

Takamina for the White team and Mariko-sama for the Red Team.

As for the teams themselves, Even before you see the full list you will know what team I am already supporting. Here is a simple comparison to let you know which team…

White Team (Takamina .C)

Red Team (Mariko-sama .C)

Yukirin Rena
Maachun Sakura-chan
Miichan Sayanee
Tomochin Yuko

*Jaw dropping…*

Seriously, it’s like 90% of the girls I dig in the 48Family are all in the White Team!


No matter how great a fanatics Team Red supporters are, there is just no way they are winning this one!

Popularity-wise alone, (which we know has a play in the out-come, no matter how much we want to think otherwise) Team White OWNs red!

First off Yuko, THE ONE, has to take on Numbers 2 and 3 and if we start going on about their advs, that battle is already lost.

Then the most interesting is all the couples that are in White Team!

Seriously, look at those couples!

  • Mayuki (obviously)
  • SaeYuki
  • Suzuran/Mariyagi
  • Harukyan/Reinyan
  • Maachun/Milky
  • Kuumin/Non
  • Kuumin/Yuria
  • Yuria/Shiorin
  • Jurina/Mayuyu
  • Yukirin/Miichan
  • Yukirin/Tomochin
  • Yukirin/Yuihan
  • Yukirin/Nakayan
  • Yukirin/Haachan
  • Airi/Fuuchan

Sorry guys, I think I best stop here before I run out of space!

Okay, I take the equality of Team distribution back. Other than the fact that My Oshii have been split up evenly within the Teams, With My 1st and 3rd in white while my 2nd and 4th are in red (Rena and Sakura people) , nothing after that is equal!

Last time my instincts (and love for Yukirin) did not abandon me and this time around, I am sure they won’t when I say that White Team is taking this one too!

Sure Red Team has most of the ‘voices’ to ratios of about 5:1 compared to White but Never forget that fans will be voting through youtube and G+ so favouritism will be part of the equation, that is if they do it like last year.

Some thing that White won because of the numbers (not true) so will Red win this time because of numbers too? it seems to out-number Red by around 12 girls but seeing as most of them are really still green-bottomed (I don’t know almost 30% of the Red team girls at all) this will be very interesting!

Any way, have a look at the full listing after the jump and let us know what you think of the line-up.

White Team (Takahashi Minami .C)

Red Team (Shinoda Mariko .C)

Kashiwagi Yuki Matsui Rena
Ogasawara Mayu Miyawaki Sakura
Minegishi Minami Yamamoto Sayaka
Itano Tomomi Oshima Yuko
Watanabe Mayu Akimoto Sayaka
Watanabe Miyuki Abe Maria
Yagami Kumi Ichikawa Miori
Kimoto Kanon Iriyama Anna
Kizaki Yuria Iwasa Misaki
Matsui Jurina Umeda Ayaka
Nagao Mariya Ooya Shizuka
Yamauchi Suzuran Kasai Tomomi
Ishida Haruka Kato Rena
Fujie Reina Kawaei Rina
Yokoyama Yui Kitahara Rie
Oba Mina Kuramochi Asuka
Iwata Karen Kojima Haruna
Izuta Rina Sato Amina
Uchida Mayumi Sato Sumire
Oshima Ryo Shimazaki Haruka
Katayama Haruka Shimada Haruka
Kikuchi Ayaka Takahashi Juri
Kojima Natsuki Takeuchi Miyu
Kobayashi Kana Chikano Rina
Kobayashi Marina Nakata Chisato
Komori Mika Nakamata Shiori
Suzuki Shihori Nakamura Mariko
Tanabe Miku Nito Moeno
Tano Yuka Nonaka Misato
Nakaya Sayaka Matsuda Yuka
Nakatsuka Tomomi Matsui Sakiko
Natori Wakana Matsubara Natsumi
Fujita Nana Muto Tomu
Maeda Ami Aigasa Moe
Miyazaki Miho Iwatate Saho
Morikawa Ayaka Uchiyama Natsuki
Ishida Anna Umeda Ayano
Ogiso Shiori Oomori Miyu
Kimoto Kanon Okada Ayaka
Suga Nanako Okada Nana
Furuhata Nao Kitazawa Saki
Mukaida Manatsu Kojima Mako
Kato Yuka Sasaki Yukari
Kadowaki Kanako Shinozaki Ayana
Tanigawa Airi Takashima Yurina
Yagura Fuuko Hirata Rina
Yabushita Shuu Maeda Mitsuki
Takajyo Aki Murayama Yuiri
Nakagawa Haruka Mogi Shinobu
Suzuki Mariya Ueno Kasumi
Miyazawa Sae Oya Masana
JKT48(14 Members) Suda Akari
Takayanagi Akane
Hata Sawako
Furukawa Airi
Yakata Miki
Kishino Rika
Kotani Riho
Jonishi Kei
Shiroma Miru
Fukumoto Aina
Yamada Nana
Yoshida Akari
Amai Chihiro
Ueki Nao
Oota Aika
Kodama Haruka
Sashihara Rino
Shimono Yuki
Tashima Meru
Tomonaga Mio
Nakanishi Chiyori
Fichigami Mai
Matsuoka Natsumi
Murashige Anna
Motomura Aoi
Moriyasu Madoka
Wakatabe Haruka

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

3 thoughts on “The Utagassen Battle Continues

  1. Geez I was so caught up in like 90% of the Yukirin pairing becoming available that I forgot about the others that were there!!!

    But man it’s close between red and white this year for me I mean splitting Yuki and Rena doesn’t help and like you I have difficulty in the split with the members, it’s so darn close it’s just silly it really was a case of “Well red have that member…. but then white have this member, Saying white myself though as I think they just have it in top members (perhaps not very top as the sort of cancel each other out but with more High end AKB members + Milky and Jurina)

    As for SKE well I do see your point, they are like the sulky teenager who threatens to leave home all the time but always ends up at the dinner table for meals in the end, I do also think that really they need to move out on their own a bit, I think that it will be in their best interests to as they need to so they can take that next step!

  2. “The teams from last time have been shuffled around and taking the big first, while last time the Aces were the captains for either team (Acchan and Korisu), this time around it’s the general Manager and Captain of Team A that are the captains for either team.” I don’t really know what Utagassen you were talking about, but as I remember it was TakaMina who lead the Red team previous year and Yuko lead the White team.

    As for this Years competition I’ll be a White Team supporter even though I have more girls I like in the Red team. (It was so close though like 11 vs 13 but my duty is to follow my captain aka TakaMina so that’s what I’ll do.)

  3. event was held next Monday is not it???
    I wish there was a live streaming on youtube

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