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Bokutachi wa Ima Hanashi au Beki Nanda [Yukirin/Tomochin]



Yukirin & Tomochin in AKB0048

The real deal!

So, after getting spoiled into the after-life about Tokyo Dome duet between Yukirin and Tomochin (BTW, thank you very much for that dear Willmark840 >_>) I went and hunted down more info on this.

See the thing is that I was waiting for the BluRay release of Tokyo Dome before I watched it (For optimum experience) and even fellow tumblrs were nice enough to not spoil me with pics of the two (Seriously, I haven’t seen nothing of this performance! Or was I just too avoidy that I deceived my brain into seeing nothing of the sort even though it was there?)

Yeah right, I doubt I would un-see that!

Anyway, I went on the hunt and while I found no vids or anything, I decided to go a different route and that’s when I fell onto the lyrics of the song they covered.


The song that these two performed was released on the 1830m album…

僕たちは 今 話し合うべきなんだ

Bokutachi wa ima hanashi au beki nanda

We should be talking by now

I read the lyrics one time and would you guess what my reaction was?

I scoffed!

I scoffed at the obvious trol of the translator!

Surely there is no way that song translated to what I just read, surely!

A song that fits these two so perfectly? A song that seems to compliment what has been happening with them recently?!


I mean come on…

Here, you see for yourselves people…

Lyrics (Thanks muchly to Studio48)

I always realized
That I was seated behind you
In the time when the class is quite
I press my cheek and faced the front

If it’s something I can do
I will stand up immediately
And walk to where you seated

We should be talking by now
That we love each other
Rather than holding on our feelings
Don’t mind of what people gonna say
Just be honest….

Even though that we are on the same class
We don’t get to know each other much
But even so, I one sidedly
Fell in love with you

Whoever it is
In order for their feelings not to be standing out
They hide them
And live with it, but….

We should be talking by now
I want to know you much more
Rather than giving up for trying to understand the circumstances
I want to take your hands and run
From here….

I want you to know me
Like your favourite movies or your favourite songs
I want to tell you
Everything, is love

We should be talking by now
That we love each other
Rather than holding on our feelings
Just like what I think, hitting on each other

We should be talking by now
I want to know you much more
Rather than giving up for trying to understand the circumstances
I want to take your hands and run
From here….

For romanji

zutto ishiki shiteta yo
naname ushiro suwatte ita koto
shizuka na jugyou no aida
hoo wo tsuite shoumen muiteta

dekiru koto nara
sugu tachiagari
kimi no seki made
arukitai kedo…

bokutachi wa ima hanashi au beki nanda
ai ni tsuite otagai ni
kanjou wo osaete kurushiku naru yori
hito no me ki ni shinai de
sunao ni…

onnaji kyoushitsu ni iru no ni
sore ijou wa shitashiku narezu ni…
soredemo ippouteki ni
boku wa kimi ni koishite shimatta

hito wa dare demo
medatanai you ni
kokoro misezu ni
ikiteiru kedo…

bokutachi wa ima hanashi au beki nanda
kimi wo motto shiraitai yo
joukyou rikai shite akirameru yori mo
te wo tori tsuredashitai
koko kara…

boku no koto datte shitte hoshiinda
suki na eiga ya MAI FEIBARITTO SONGU
kimi no koto datte
oshiete hoshii
subete ai sa

bokutachi wa ima hanashi au beki nanda
ai ni tsuite otagai ni
kanjou wo osaete kurushiku naru yori
omou mama futsuke atte

bokutachi wa ima hanashi au beki nanda
kimi wo motto shiraitai yo
joukyou rikai shite akirameru yori mo
te wo tori tsuredashitai
koko kara…

For the raw deal

ずっと 意識してたよ 
斜め後ろ 座っていたこと 
すぐ 立ち上がり 
僕たちは 今 話し合うべきなんだ 
愛について お互いに 
人の目 気にしないで 
心 見せずに 
僕たちは 今 話し合うべきなんだ 
手を取り 連れ出したい 
すべて 愛さ
僕たちは 今 話し合うべきなんだ 
愛について お互いに 
思うまま ぶつけ合って
僕たちは 今 話し合うべきなんだ 
手を取り 連れ出したい 


So very stupidly happy right now~

Seriously, to those who knows these two, there can’t be a song more perfect to describe them and their relations, am I right!

Get here already BluRay!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

17 thoughts on “Bokutachi wa Ima Hanashi au Beki Nanda [Yukirin/Tomochin]

  1. A coincidental anime post from Black Gekihara? I sense something evil afoot. Oh, wait, it’s AKB48 related. Never mind, false alarm.

  2. It’s all about the lyics!!! but these are just ridiculous, I mean I have never seen lyrics match a pair so well, even that “Scandalous” song made for KojiYuu did not have lyrics that fitted as well as it did for these two, it’s what pushed me over the edge to watch it and boy is it good.

    Dunno if you have seen the pics even (I will post them) but the both look so darn good I would even go so far as saying it’s the best I have ever seen Itano look (special effort?) I won’t say much about the performance because I don’t want to spoilt it for you, but, just wow!

    (And seriously they have made Itano have “guy hair” here right….)

    Interesting you put that Puccho commercial pic in to, I think that was the early “warning” sign for me about these too, I mean there are all those awkward kisses but Itano, she just, well, this…..


    My God that kiss!!!!! with the bottom lip movement and everything so frikking much hotter than any other one!!!

    But them maybe it was earlier than this that there were signs, remeber back to your danso posts……. http://yuri-goggles.com/2010/03/18/akbingo-76-17-03-2010-danso-battle-2/#more-1165

    who’s gay for Itano? is that Yuki I see sheepisly raising her hand? SIGNS! SIGNS EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Speaking of awesome for the hell of it I’m posting this too http://i.imgur.com/G22OA.jpg

    This is French Kiss as they were meant to be, hell even keep Tomo in there! Hopefully there will still be FK in some form……

    • All my frikkin


      Damn it all Willmark,

      *slaps Will around…with some love*

      You just went and did it, you you….

      Couldn’t you just take the no-spoiler hint at all!?!! I want to fully gloriously enjoy that concert when the 20th gets here, damn it! >.<


      Thank you, you devil you!

      Damn, now to try and resist getting the DVDs before the Blurays come out! Damnit damnit damnit!

      • Ahh Gomen!

        But I did warn you about the pics, they were mainly for others, and well for me too…..

        Watched it again after seeing and replying to this post, all my feels came out again……

        LOL I don’t even know why I’m into these two really but I am almost wanting them to be together now……..

      • Well it’s too late now either way.

        The bomb has already fallen >.<

        Oh, BTW they are both in the white team for Utagassen this time too.

        *Expectations….sky-rocketing already!*

      • Also on something off of this topi I thought I better mention the FNS performance of Yuki which I have now watched……

        What I mainly though was how much of a singer Yuki turns into when she does her own things, I mean looking at Mayu, Sasshi and even Itano they still sort of have an idol feel to them but Yuki becomes the singer and really if you looked at her singing here you would most likely not guess she was an idol……..

        And in context she is the AKB member to get the standout here too, Aki-P really seems to have something in mind for Yuki as she seems to be getting thrown a few more bones these days and whatever the plan or reason behind it (Acchan grad, a possible Yuko grad next year, something more than a solo debut planned for Yuki) it seems as though Yuki will have her moments…..

      • About time he stopped ignoring all the chanting during LIVEs.

        Now if he could apply that to NMB as well before all the other girls start graduating and leave just SayaMilky behind.

        I mean don’t get me wrong but all these SayaMilky attention is rubbing me the wrong way lately. Seriously, it’s like they are the only members over there! No wonder the girls are graduating like flies in NaMBa!

      • Yeah both in white, but then who isn’t, I mean it’s only really Rena who’s missing from that set, There’s Itano of course but also Haachan, Miichan, Mayuyu, Milky, heck even Yui now after Eien Pressure I mean it’s ridiculous, I mean seriously, what do you back here?

        Man to hard to decide, to hell with it I might just hope for her in an song with Jurina and Maachun because my God that could be the greatest thing ever!!!

        As for SayaMilky well it’s tough, I suppose they are going down the WMatsui route with the two of them but because of all the exposure that NMB have had early, other girls have already been noticed (unlike SKE) so it seems more wrong to only use the two of them and really NMB is perhaps the team that needs a shuffle, especially now Yui is also partly involved AND BII are up and running, seriously spread that talent out!

      • Yeah, team White is so stacked it’s almost a joke!

        Last year Acchan’s team had the disadvantage, this time Yuko takes on them weaknesses.

        The only way Team White is going to loose this is if there is some inside-workings going on!


  3. Officially shipping these two ;A;

  4. Damn it all! Why are you guys doing this, why?! I… must… resist…
    *a random robotic voice speaks* “Resistance is futile..” This ship is just too OP. Too much for a mere human to bare… *on the edge of death*

    • Heh

      Don’t worry though Kragorin, it’s like we are deliberately aiming for you…


      • But seriously these two together may cause me some serious bleeding damage making the Eva unit 01’s massive bleeding in the second movie just a simple mosquito bite… I have a very special thing for Itano… and I just saw the promo for the Christmas song… Tomo looks amazing in the PV… oh my heart…

      • Since when were you into Tomochin O.o?

        Any way, I hope this doesn’t mean you are thinking of writing about her. It was enough that you got rid of Acchan so please just let Tomochin stay for while, okay?^^

      • Well I’m into Tomochin since… I don’t know when it started… But you can’t deny that she is getting more lovable in every aspect. Also don’t fear I won’t write a fiction about her just now even if it’s so tempting. (I don’t have enough time for that right now anyways…) So enjoy her… Khm I mean… whatever…

  5. Left comment earlier but think something went wrong. Unless admin. had reasons. U must forgive me 4 being uneducated in this sophisticated means of expression, but I like it very much. Just because a comment not appear right away, maybe don’t mean it won’t be later. Am pretty sure I catch on better sometime soon. Was just saying something like this: How these lyrrics grabbed all my senses & my soul all @ one time. Song in translation has a sweet yearning. This casual follower of Anime recognizes Yukirin & Tomochin. The thing is I knew a real life pair who were just like the 2 in the song. That was a long time ago. After they had overcome the many things that stood in their way including their own doubts sometimes, they R having a loving & fulfilling @ happy life together. So let’s hope those in Animeland R having the same outcome. That would B like art imitating life, I think. A word re that kiss: hot, hot, hot. Burning hot. A triple turn on.

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