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14 thoughts on “Pics – Official RenAiri? End of WMatsui?

  1. Are you being sarcastic or what? Because those RenAirin pictures are old. o_o

    Though I do kind of agree. WMatsui is slowly dwindling. There isn’t much moments lately except that Music Station eyesex moment and there’s also that picture of Rena wearing Jailbait’s sweatshirt during rehearsals.

    • Being a WMatsui carrier, it took time to adjust, okay >.<

      • Yeahh, WMatsui makes me sad nowadays! >.<

        RENA, Y SO TSUN?!!

        Tumblr's been going haywire with Jurina/Annin and Jurina/Mayu lately though.
        I ain't complaining because I like those couples as well… but my original OTP ;A;

      • I too and now with the Jurina/Team K shenanigans….Add in the official art of RenAiri, then I guess that even management can’t protect it any more.

        Rena doesn’t make things any easier either…

        Not even Jurina can stand to wait forever…

        Will MaYuki survive the separation?

        What to do if not?!

        Oh well, there is TGS to fall back on in an emergency.

        Seriously, all my ships are in peril. Sayacchu is getting massacred by SayaMilky, WMatsui by RenAiri, Mayuki by Yasusu…

        One just has enough, you know….?

      • MaYuki broke my heart into a million pieces more than WMatsui.

        Have you seen the video from the handshake event where they announced that the new teams will be in effect this November? Mayuyu was just in shock and looked so sad. Yukirin was just being the mother that she is and tried to comfort her. T_T

        I think MaYuki will survive it though. I mean, just look at KojiYuu. They were never in the same team to begin with and yet their relationship is still as strong as ever. And speaking of KojiYuu, there seem to be an influx of KojiYuu moments lately. o_o

        I just wish I could say the same for AtsuMina and SaeYaka. ;A;

      • Oh man, you just had to mention the forbidden! Didn’t you!!!


        As for Mayuki and Kojiyuu, the reason why I am worried is that Kojiyuu were in different circumstances to begin with in that they were separate from the get go. Mayuki on the other hand were always together from the get go. And now they are not! There is the problem!

        Also, where is that vid you mentioned? I haven’t seen it yet O.O

    • this RenAirin photoshoot is not that old ^_^; they just released this a few weeks ago

  2. What I don’t understand is why Yasusu had to move Mayuyu to begin with. I understand that he wants Mayuyu as the next ace but why move her? She can still be the group’s ace while still being in Team B. <.< Or at least move Yukirin with her.

    I am kind of excited with the new Team B. Yukirin and Kojiharu combo? Hell yeah! Mayuyu should be worried since Milky has Yukirin all to herself now (kind of, I think she has some competition with Paruru lol).

    Oh, and here's the Jijipress video from the handshake event. MaYuki moment starts around 0:52.

    • Ooh, thank you so very muchly!

      I am so watching this nao!

      And about The new B, I am very much looking forward to that as well.

      Also don’t forget Miichan!!!

      Mayuyu has a lot to worry about. including serious Yukirin. With her move to A, Yukirin is no longer tied down with caring for Mayuyu and the Team as Captain. No more comparrisons between her and Mayuyu. Now she can go all out and grab that top spot!

  3. Ahh the look they gave each other in that Jijipress vid is probably the saddest MaYuki look yet, no tears or anything but somehow the grim acceptance they show when they are told the date they will be separated is somehow worse than anything else so far as in they know they can do nothing to stop it……..

    @ BlackGeki Yeah new team B is the team I’m most looking forward to, they really have a great mix of people there I think and Miichan and Yuki I’m sure will be a delight!

    I don’t think MaYuki will end when the go their separate team ways, mainly I think because Mayu just wont really fully connect with people in A, so I see the MaYuki bond staying (plus they can do duets etc at concerts too now they are not in the same team)

    You are right about Mayu though, it’s going to be interesting to see how she does away from Yukirin in a team as she really did bring out the best in her IMO, it will be fascinating to she how she goes on her own……….

    As for Yuki, well I like you BlackGeki I wonder if Aki-P was being cruel to be kind by splitting MaYuki as that responsibility is now gone from Yuki though maybe Paruru and of course the new Watanabe in her life Milky, and now possibly little Sakura too, might well take the place of Mayu next to Yuki (in all honestly I can see Yuki/Paruru doing TemoDemo in the team B ‘filler’ stage) but If Yuki will take to this role again remains to be seen, or will she, like you say go all out for herself….

    Suppose I better talk about Rena/Jurina/Airin too!

    Well I’m a sucker for RenAirin, I do love my dorky girls and this pairing is a dorky girls lovers dream, plus they are just adorable when they are together, now I do have a soft spot for WMatsui too, there is something about Jurina being the ‘dominant one’ when she is that much younger which is cute….. Ahh so hard but I gotta say RenaAirin wins for me, still, Jurina can go with Akane, I like them together too…….

    • If AkiP was thinking of them when he split them up, then I am all for it. But if it was simply for the business, then to the downs with that!

      It’s not like they were both negating themselves in potential, I mean they are already the 2nd and 3rd most popular now so I don’t see the reason of uping them any more. Also it’s not like Mayuyu is being polished for center or something, we all know who AkiP wants to be centre so all the points divert to him being an pain in the…

      It will be interesting to see what happens to them now that they are split. Will Mayuyu’s performances go down? Will Yukirin lose spirit as well in some way?

      Only time will tell I guess.

      As for your love for RenAiri, I do understand the shippers very well actually. RenAiri are REAL and they feel the same way about one another which really is the basis for a relationship and in that regards they are just like MaYuki. So really, I understand when fans choose them over WMatsui that is only a FORCED relationship and is almost none existent outside of work. I dare say that I am 99% sure that Rena feels nothing of that kind about Jurina and they don’t really connect outside of work. I have seen a lot of extra footage of SKE and you might as well be hunting for shooting stars in the heavens when looking for WMatsui moments there.

      So yeah, it pains me to admit but RenAiri is dominating

  4. From Willmark840 (@Willmark840):
    “in all honestly I can see Yuki/Paruru doing TemoDemo in the team B ‘filler’ stage…” Oh hell NO! Just not that! “Not the bees! Noooo! My eeeeeeyes!”
    “there is something about Jurina being the ‘dominant one’ when she is that much younger which is cute…” And damn tempting… That little girl is dangerous… She is in ‘that’ age right now. 🙂

    From Black Gekikara:
    “WMatsui that is only a FORCED relationship and is almost none existent outside of work. I dare say that I am 99% sure that Rena feels nothing of that kind about Jurina and they don’t really connect outside of work…” Well of course, Rena doesn’t do anything on her free time, just waiting it to end LOL. She herself admitted that she doesn’t have any friends and just wants to work… Social awkwardness on steroids LOL:D

  5. @BlackGeki

    Hmm Well I like to think that maybe Aki-P split them for perhaps their own good but maybe it was not fully his intention, maybe he thought that Mayu needed to ‘break-away’ to prepare herself for chasing the center position (or at least the apparent chase) of course, sadly, Yuki will not be center, at least not by Aki-P’s choosing so it’s mainly a Mayu thing really though maybe Aki-P did have half a thought on Yuki’s solo career……

    It’s sad to say it but I can’t help but think you are right, that the decision was made because he wanted one of his top 3 in Team A, it’s sad to split them up for that so maybe that’s why I try not to see it as simply as that even worse for me is the thought that he split them just because it would be big news, this thought actually sickens me and I really hope this was not the case and most likely it wasn’t, no my main reason is needing an ‘ace’ for A and Mayu was always going to be that in A over anyone else (though why he just didn’t move Jurina full time to AKB and A and have done with it I’m not sure, I mean it’s not like SKE lacks the talent, especially as Aki-P seems keen on Kizaki Yuria atm….)

    As for the Matsui’s and Airin, well the case in point is the latest concert release, the “Haru Concert 2012 Senyou Gekijou wa Aki Made ni Dekiru no ka?” The extra’s there are littered with RenAirin where as WMatsui…….. not so much……

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