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The Only Two Girls on Earth [J-Movie]


School and Friends
Cute clothes and Money
I do not need such things any more
I am content as long as Ai is by my side
Nothing will ever separate us again


Tsuruoka Mizuki as Ai Tsuruoka Moeki as Yui

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have finally found it.

A movie that perfectly represents my taste in yuri…in regards to rating. I am sure many of you have heard me mention at one point that I wasn’t into extreme yuri, except in very selected circumstances. Well, this movie has it just right.


chikyu_futari.avi - 00007 chikyu_futari.avi - 00008chikyu_futari.avi - 00015

Not just the rating though.

The execution of this movie was, to put it simply…close to perfection. The plot and the cinematography so heart-squashing that I honestly don’t know how I made it through this movie without my heart ‘sploding!

But most of all…MOST OF ALL…The ENDING!


I can so go to court and win this case by saying that were this any other movie, that ending would not have happened! I mean for crying out loud, even I wasn’t expecting that ending! My movie experiences so far have bend my mind to their BAD ENDS for so long that I almost expected one with every movie I watch, just to be on the safe side. And This movie was sending off flags like nobody’s business that I could only grimace in wait for a bitter-sweet ending!

Girl, was I ever proved wrong and made so happy when we got a different ending instead!

I have absolutely no idea how many times I’ve watched this movie already since I got my hands on it last week. All I will say is that not a day has gone by without me watching it, a couple on my days off! It’s that good!

I remember I said that BRS OVA was like a gift to me from the Japanese animation Industry? Which was soon de-throned by Madoka of course…Well, this is my gift from the Movie industry!

It’s so damn perfect!

I have seen many great yuri movies before but though they seemed to have many things that other might require from their yuri descriptions like kisses, and obvious sexing, to me they seemed to lack some things that were much more important. These include chemistry, heart-wrecking stories (in a good way) and AWESOME ENDs.


Before I go any farther, let me give you a short lay down of the story.

Yui is 6 years old when one day her playa of a mother comes back home with a man, to be her new Dad but he is not alone. He brings along his own 8yr old daughter Ai and thus the two meet and become sisters.

Between their mother’s lifestyle and Father’s abusive nature, in middle school Yui is whisked away by Ai because they just couldn’t take the crap no more. The two make their way out of their home town and into the big city where they survive on their own just like what you would really expect girls that age on their own would do to survive which means facing many challenges but though lesser challenges would have sent any other runaway scowling back to their Mama, these two stick it out and with a little help from others, they succumb!

Ai takes the bull by the horns, so to speak, as she leads Yui in this crazy life they stumbled into but even with all that, they are happy. happy because they have each other. And when they are forced to part ways, just for a little while (which might have felt like an eternity to Ai by the way she was breaking out in tears as if she would never seen Yui again which also made me even more worried BTW) as the plan for them to get away safer required that, it was those experiences that helped Yui, who was only 13, to make her way back to Ai.

The chemistry in this movie was so heavy that I felt my body melting (literally in sweat) because of it. The fact that Yui – at 13 years of age! 13! Chose Ai over her own mother left me completely stunned! I mean she was not the greatest of mothers but neither was she the worse. She was actually very protective of Yui even defending her from their shite of a father. But seriously, she chose Ai over her own mother by running away from the hospital (leaving her mother there) and going on the road in search of Ai, whom she found at last too!



Though the chemistry was a heart-wrecker in and of its self, there was much much more twisting moments in this movie. Every time Ai got the boot from her father for standing up for Yui, mostly, I felt like crying. but that was nothing to the events that transpired later after the two left their home. As if home abuse was not enough the outside world was worse. The realisticity of this movie was just so heart-constricting.

Ai and mostly Yui, lost their innocence at that age because Yui had to kill…twice in order to be able to save Ai. The killing was no naturally done that I could easily picture it taking place in some part of the world as I write this now. As to why Yui had to kill and most of all even get a gun, it’s because they got involved in gang business, unknowingly too.

Seriously, as if things couldn’t get worse.

But though all this might sound over-dramatic, the movie events are so well constructed that when you watch it, you can’t help but think in realistic ways that those events can happen any time. I am just simply amazed that this movie, which was released in 2008 BTW, isn’t as well recognised. But then again, many of my Japan’s favourites are those that go under the radar. Nothing new there.

The home-runner though was the closing fact that as if to make true to the title, every friend they had made since leaving home died and in the end Ai and Yui were left all alone. And with the police on their tails now, they are forever to be isolated but that matters not. Because…


After the climax, I already had tears of sorrow for I most definitely expected Ai to kick the definitive bucket! But she did not! And Ai, a girl that never shed a tear even as her father beat her, one that was the rock all throughout the movie, finally breaking down at the prospect losing Yui near the end there was simply…

*tears up some more*

But then the tears turned in ones of pride as I watched Yui making her own way back to Ai only the tears to go blossomic when they actually meet again!

I swear to my life I could eat the emotions coming right out of the screen at their re-union!

I swear it!

And Oh! How delicious indeed they were!

They totally looked like symbiotic individuals finally getting to merge once again.

They indeed do only need each and nothing else!

BTW, even though they played step sisters in the movie, these two are actually real sisters in real life.

I know.



But mysteriously, I didn’t like this movie that much because of the implied wincest. NOPE! I have yet to find a movie that has the perfect characters I love in a yuri title. Hopefully I will soon. No, this movie is all about what levels of yuri I am into and damn did it cover it perfectly!

Oh man~


I could praise it all night long but I am sure my lovely readers are starting to frown at the bubbling so I will stop here.





Author: Black Gekikara

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12 thoughts on “The Only Two Girls on Earth [J-Movie]

  1. have you seen True Love? at least episode 3 which revolves around a lesbian couple? perfection right there!

  2. I loved the gift! Thank youuu! ^_^

  3. I still don’t understand your taste in and it’s probably best I don’t try. All that matters is you’re a nation member and that’s fine by me.

    At least the girls don’t die or get separated in this one. I love ChiMeko as much as the next person but damn it, I don’t want to cry my heart out again over separation by death. It’s too painful, even though it’s beautiful.

    By the way, you don’t have a torrent link for this movie?

  4. Is there one has a film or link works I have searched for the film and i did not find it

  5. can i have the link to download this movie please? i already try click the ‘drop me an e-mail’ above but it bring me to page not found. so, if u can please give me the link, it would be a great help..

  6. Hi! I’ve been stalking your site for quite some time LoL, but this is my first time posting a comment. I saw that this movie is included in your top ten and I was able to dl/grab your copy but it doesnt have English subtitle.. Do you happen to have the English sub for this or know where I can get it?
    Thanks for sharing by the way!

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