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4th AKB48 Senbatsu Results…


Jurina beat Rena but they are close together and that’s what matters most anyway

Mayuyu beat Yukirin too but they too are still close together.

In other words – WMatsui and Mayuki is what we got!


Sakura dominates HKT48 and makes it into Senbatsu…by her lonesome self! What’s more, she beat the resident loli of SKE48 Non, like, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Love you Sakura-chan. Good to see you put Yukirin’s other votes to good use.



12 - 1 (6)

Even Sayanee is not amused!


She does something for her waifu!

Maachun doesn’t care anymore – Actually she didn’t before. It was a trick just so she could get a kiss from her girl.

Oh Maachun~


As you can see, I was only disappointed so much so in Maachun’s placement but WMatsui and Mayuki weren’t that bad! Their positions are where they are supposed to be – right next to each other with the caring older lovers right behind their loves so they could support them as they take on the world!

Yep, I am not that mad except for Maachun’s placement, like, WTF?!!!


Full Listing anyhow…

Future Girls
64. Komori MIka (Team B) 5398
63. Nakanishi Yuka (Team S) 5598
62. Yakata Miki (Team KII) 5606
61. Satou Sumire (Team B) 5706
60. Ogasawara Mayu (Team N) 5919
59. Ooya Shizuka (Team A) 5933
58. Ichikawa Miori (Team 4) 5963
57. Ooba Mina (Team 4) 5969
56. Kimoto Kanon (Team E) 5982
55. Nitou Moeno (Team K) 6027
54. Yamauchi Suzuran (Team 4) 6058
53. Matsui Sakiko (Team K) 6058
52. Oota Aika (Team A) 6140
51. Kikuchi Ayaka (Team K) 6185
50. Ishida Haruka (Team B) 6333
49. Mutou Tomu (AKB48 12 Gen Kenkyuusei) 6428

Next Girls
48. Katayama Haruka (Team A) 6602
47. Miyawaki Sakura (Team H) 6635
46. Yamada Nana (Team N) 6663
45. Tano Yuka (Team 4) 6694
44. Nakagawa Haruka (Team A) 6890
43. Fukumoto Aina (Team N) 6912
42. Maeda Ami (Team A) 7168
41. Kobayashi Kana (Team B) 7195
40. Fujie Reina (Team K) 7782
39. Nagao Mariya (Team 4) 7809
38. Miyazaki Miho (Team B) 8135
37, Nakata Chisato (Team A) 8295
36. Nakaya Sayaka (Team A) 8505
35. Mukaida Manatsu (Team KII) 8552
34. Matsumura Kaori (SKE48 Kenkyuusei) 9030
33. Iwasa Misaki (Team A) 9290

32. Ogiso Shiori (Team KII) 9596
31. Kizaki Yuria (Team S) 10554
30. Furukawa Airi (Team KII) 11179
29. Suda Akari (Team S) 11323
28. Yagami Kumi (Team S) 11712
27. Ooya Masana (Team S) 12142
26. Masuda Yuka (Team B) 13166
25. Hata Sawako (Team KII) 13920
24. Takayanagi Akane (Team KII) 14111
23. Shimazaki Haruka (Team 4) 14633
22. Kuramochi Asuka (Team A) 14852
21. Sato Amina (Team B) 17009
20. Akimoto Sayaka (Team K) 19121
19. Watanabe Miyuki (Team N) 19159
18. Yamamoto Sayaka (Team N) 23020
17. Takajo Aki (Team A) 23083

16. Umeda Ayaka (Team K) 24522
15. Yokoyama Yui (Team K) 25541
14. Minegishi Minami (Team K) 26038
13. Kitahara Rie (Team B) 26531
12. Kasai Tomomi (Team B) 27005
11. Miyazawa Sae (Team K) 40261
10. Matsui Rena (Team S) 42030
9. Matsui Jurina (Team S) 45747

8. Itano Tomomi (Team K) 50483
7. Kojima Haruna (Team A) 54483
6. Takahashi Minami (Team A) 65480
5. Shinoda Mariko (Team A) 67017
4. Sashihara Rino (Team A) 67339
3. Kashiwagi Yuki (Team B) 71076
2. Watanabe Mayu (Team B) 72574
1. Oshima Yuko (Team K) 108837

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

20 thoughts on “4th AKB48 Senbatsu Results…

  1. Kasai’s placement shocked me though. I thought she’ll drop a few ranks.
    SKE girls dominating Undergirls. Those wotas have really done it. They sneaked up on us!
    Sayanee could’ve been UG center. The votes between her and Akicha were only a few votes.

    I’m glad to see Kojipa back in Kami 7. She looked really nervous and sad during the whole elections because of how low her prelims placement was.

    Sasshi literally blew my mind off. How the hell could she be the most popular Team A member? Surpassing even Takamina and Marikosama… Gosh.

    I cried when Yuko saw Acchan during her speech. It was heartbreaking! ;__;

  2. So many surprises this elections I tell ya!


    I don’t think Sasshi was a surprise. To me it was just a matter of what position in the top 5 really.

    Sayanee and Milky are still the 2nd and third. Really, practically center right there!

    What broke mine heart was Maachun’s fall from 31 (pre) to 60! That’s like almost thirty places drop, like…..


    At least I got Sakura-chan to lessen the pain somewhat!

    • There was a significant drop on ranks on the lower tiers of the election.
      I stayed up late last night just to watch this and my jaw literally dropped when everyone was being called out on ranks that was so low than my expectations.

      Though I feel bad for Matsubara Natsumi. I can’t even begin to imagine what she must’ve felt like seeing all her fellow Team A members getting called out except her.

      Sakura was a real surprise. As well as that AKB KKS as center for Future Girls.

  3. I’m not happy with the results!! Mayuyu had an unfair advanatge: Management Support! They promoted her hard, whilst Yukirin got 3 again with her own star power!! I’ve come to conclude Aki-P and the Management of AKB are scared of Yukirin’s monstrous talent!! She’s a diamond waiting to be polished, just give her what she deserves and you’ll see the beat hidden inside!! [Hardcore Yukirin fan talking] But Mayuyu wasn’t happy but she won’t get higher after this unless Aki-P is blind and decides not to do whats right: YUKIRIN! Nothing against Mayuyu but still I’m complaining….Tell me any other member that plays 2 musical instruments and learning 2 more, whose acting potential is clear and has a prodigious voice, can dance gracefully. But don’t tell me 1 with each characteristic, tell me another member other than Yukirin whose the full package!! YUKIRIN is a monster in a lethargic state, she’s been placed in catatonic immobility by the management they fear her!! Ok, enough of my rant!!

    Oh, have read my fic?? Please do I need your insight!! Kragorin is mean, he never tells me anything good…just kidding! (^_^)v But please read it soon!!!

    • Lmao, hardcore much? 😀

      But even without management push, there are certain members who gets high ranking just for being awesome. For example, Oshima Yuko. I find it funny that she didn’t rely on management push but just her plain awesomeness and look how far it gotten her to.

      There are also girls with management push that doesn’t meet expectations such as Kato Rena.

      • Oh, I disagree, Yuko’s been “Acchan’s successor” from the start, management knew and planned that, she received her push in the early stages of AKB and has consolidated herself, whilst Yukirin is building an empire on her own, if the “grace” of management comes and gives her a push, that would certainly be helpful, look at Mayuyu now, she’s always been a management favorite. They’re scared that Yukirin is a monster far beyond their control, they know she’s naturally talented, when she opens her eyes, and her raw talent goes super-nova Aki-P and company will be overwhelmed, but they don’t want her to eclipse their special proyects! AND YES I’M A HARDCORE YUKIRIN FAN!!!

  4. I see I am not even needed here anymore as Shirou does the job for me by blowing up this site 😀 Just kidding… But I rather not tell what I’m feeling right now… Or maybe I do. I am a bit sad about TakaMina being so low. I expected her to be at least 4th or higher… Too bad it turned out like this. But other than this I just reached the point when I don’t give a damn about this whole thing anymore… Like 40 percent of the girls I don’t even know nothing about and even less I care…

    • o.O” You’re starting to scare me! I know only the old ones, yet I’m still into AKB!! You really need to loosen up Kragorin!!! FYI I’m not playing to take over your job as the whiner in chief here, just sayin’! I ranted and rambled because as you know my Yukirin circuit!!!

      • My job as the “whiner in chief” here? Are ya trolling me? If I loosen up the whole world is going to end! NO, but seriously… Just… When you see someone like Nito Moeno sitting in the lowest line of chairs you know something’s wrong… Not even Wasamin was much higher. My heart really hurts for Masuda too. As I see these things it looks like Japanese AKB fans doesn’t really like the thing called… Talent. I’m not going into the details about the top ten as it is more “conTROLLed” environment than the lower brackets.

        And about yesterday I rushed home after work just the see these girls being so low… Ah… Whatever…

      • Sorry Kragorin but you just got OWNd!

        By Shirou!


        So much heat going on in here. I think one guy said best of the Senbatsu that it more of a ‘My Oshimen got OWN’d’ raeging than anything else.

        It makes me wonder how Yuko fans felt throughout this elections. They must have been bored as hell~

        As for Yukirin and management, I gave up on that debate long ago since I knew it was really a waste of time to be pissed about it. The fans love her, the member love her and that’s enough for me.

        Having been following her since Team B was formed and watching her closely in the LODs and that legendary Team B show (AKB48+10), I already was satisfied just by her being her.

        Though if she had put up a fight with Yuko, it would have been interesting in a way that when she first joined, her first concert was when she filled in for Yuko herself as a KKS. So it would have promoted something to talk about.

        Funny how every other show before the senbatsu was looking forward to the Yuko VS Yukirin battle LOL

      • So true, that top 10 is a more “controlled” are, rather I would say it’s more “hand picked in some degree” though, I’ve said it Yukirin shattered that glass ceiling last year! I do think some of the oldest wota and in certain degree management fear those whose raw potential is high or even monstrous! That’s why I’ve said it and will say it again-Yukirin Circuit ON-they don’t promote well those who have natural talent, Moechin, youngest kenkyusei ever promoted to a team, using sports analogy Yukirin is the real PG in AKB just watch her in action and you’ll notice she marks the rhythm and paces the songs!-Yukirin Circuit OFF-but yes I do agree those that are “gifted” aren’t really liked, so sad…Ok, you don’t like whiner in chief, then complainer/ranter in chief? Just Kidding 😉

      • After day 1 EVERYBODY expected Yu^2 to rule the charts!! My sister attended the concert when Yukirin subbed Yuko, lol, makes me feel old! Your argument makes my point! someone is afraid of Yukirin’s true potential and raw natural talent!! Give Yukirin a mic and a stage for 10 seconds, and during those 10 seconds she already make the stage hers! This just fires me more, next time, for certain she’ll be No.1 officialy I announce the creation of the Kashiwagi Yuki Lobbying Center, were our goal is to create more Yukirin fans! Volunteers welcome! Next election just begun!!!

      • Well, at least she is to get the first ever solo concert, so there is that…

      • Well at least there is that a COMPLETE SOLO CONCERT, an AKB first 🙂 Though that doesn’t changes the fact that she’s too good for No. 3!

  5. I’m actually not satisfied with the result. I still can’t believe Mayuyu beat Yukirin!! I think Yukirin really deserve the top spot.She has a really nice personality. She was all smiling and happy for other. When the MC was announcing the 3rd place she was praying in the back ground. she probably doesn’t want her name there. Did anyone saw Akicha reaction? She was pretty piss. She was sitting there all crossing her arms. I know you went down a llot but at leastclap for other or look happy. I feel bad for the girlthat didn’t get call in team A. Why was sasshi rank so high? I’m so glad Kojima was still in to 7. Anyway, I really love yukirin. I really love you’re princess like she is. I never heard anyone said how bad her personality except the Black thing that akb call her.lol. I stay from 3:50 to 7:20 just to see her live 🙂

  6. just one more time, my oshi (Mayuyu) will be new center for AKB (if Yuko graduate soon)
    i think the senbatsu is fair after aachan domination in last senbatsu
    so, I hope AKB48 could be better for the future

    ganbatte for AKB48!! 🙂

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