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Pics – More KataFina Madness + KumiYuri


Non & Kumin

Team S’s Yagami Kumi and Team E’s Kimoto Kanon came right out of nowhere to snatch the second spot to my SKE48 ship ranking. Actually, it’s just a thin line before they take over WMatsui. I mean I love WMatsui but Rena is making things pretty difficult, no matter how much I love her I just can’t take all the none loving Jurina is getting outside of work. If we get just one more Nomi in the future, things are getting turned on their sides. Before Kataomoi, I hadn’t even thought of this possibility and my eyes were all for KumiYuri but then BAM! Now KumiYuri is taking a backseat to these two!

Rena & Jurina

Nothing much to say about these two figure heads of SKE48 really. If you don’t know about them…May Goddess Yukirin help you! It is only a work  scandal but I am still shipping them even three years later so all is normal. But Rena….Please come to your senses. At first you were all for Ono Haruka, what ever happened to that? But even as Jurina still tried to gain your attention, you turned to Team K-II’s Furukawa Airi who you are now thinking of getting married to. Won’t you please think of your true love? If this keeps up, it will be too late and there won’t be a thing you can do.


Speaking of Rena and Weddings…

Churi & Rena

Team K-II’s Takayanagi Akane and SKE48’s Ace Rena are getting married no thanks to playa Jurina. Or maybe it’s thanks to her that these two finally came to understand their true feelings in that they didn’t actually love Jurina but each other and were just jelly confused! Is this the future of the Kataomoi PV? I can totally see it happening. There have been many incidents where people confused their feelings by falling for the same person while in fact they…

Here is the answer.

I wonder what Kataomoi Jurina is up to in the future? Probably running a Host club…

Yuria-peace & Shiorin

We definitely know what Team S’s Kizaki Yuria and Team K-II’s Ogiso Shiori are up to in their future alright!

Living the dream!

Matsurina & Shawako

While Yuria and Shiori and all about outside romance (going on dates every other evening), Team K-II’s members Matsumoto Rina and Hata Sawako are all for indoor games. Playing the hasbando and waifu game for all its worthy.

And there you have it dear Readers, ahead are the pics of these SKE48 couples that even though some make no sense (Thank you Kataomoi), others are to die for.

Oh, and there is KumiYuri in there as well.

Ta ta…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

31 thoughts on “Pics – More KataFina Madness + KumiYuri

  1. At first I thought you were talking about Kalafina. My mistake. These 5 couples look really cute.

  2. Rena… I hate you. D:
    (even though you’re my SKE oshimen! >.<)

  3. First off I just want to say how much I love your blog! I’ve been lurking here for ages but haven’t actually commented on anything haha

    ANYWAY: Oh Kuminon, why are you two so cute? ❤ The funny thing is, I shipped them first before I shipped my current #1 SKE OTP KumiYuri. They were just so cute together and Kumi basically loves fawning and hugging Non. They kinda took a backseat for awhile when I found the Baka Combi, but KataFina brought back all my Kuminon feelings Y_Y Now I'm in a state of perpetual confusion because of this YuriaxKumixNon love triangle…

    • Hi Crimsonwing,

      Thank you and I am glad you decided to finally make your presence known. I was wondering whose aura I was touching upon in the shadows ^^

      I am surprised though that you shipped Kumonon way before KataFina.O.O Are you in possession of some Nomin goodness I am unaware of? Hmmm

      • Well lol you have to know that I’m a little bit of an insane shipper, so naturally I would ship my SKE48 oshi (Kuumin) and my favourite 48 family loli (Nonchan) XD. Fortunately however, this is one ship that I’m not 100% completely delusional over and yeah there are a few videos of those two together prior to KataFina:

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j5fuzvji0w (Kanon comes in at around 3:00. Rena had calm Kumi down before she hugged Kanon to death LOL)

      • LOLL

        Non needs to be employed by the JMP! They would have like a full prison full of idols kekeke

        Thanks for the vids. These two really are…hanyan~

  4. Thx again to Black Gekikara for all the coupling stuff.. rena..I guess she also a player like jurina…XD

    thx also for Crimsonwing for kuumin n kanon video… too cute..XD
    for the first video that u post..kanon n rena moment.. if i’m not mistaken..when they look for each other n all..^^ ..just thinking that they also cute together..kanon are very happy when rena said she look cute n all.. XD n she look shy..when rena look at her..

  5. I go on a break for a while and I come back finding this?!?!

    Gah, Rena is killing me. Or to be more accurate, Rena is killing WMatsui. >.< Constantly flirting with Airin… These days, it's Paruru who's on her mind. And that's not to mention the occasional run-ins she has had with a few NMB and HKT girls (who are all smitten by her).

    Is this how she's going to get back at Jurina for being a player? By taking a page right out of Jurina's books and building a harem for herself?!

    On a side note, I feel like Churi really wants to be a Matsui. Right before playing bride and groom with Rena, Churi was playing husband and housewife with Jurina. LOL!

  6. SGAYE48 ships can be really confusing LOL
    You have to keep up with the “commercial ships” and with the “actual” ones.
    OgiYuri is pretty popular with members too, I remember Kana, Yuuka and Airi fangirling about them on their web-radio.
    But still…I’m a KumiYuri-st. XD (KumiNon is cute too, though).
    As for wMatsui…it’ll forever exist…but only on magazines, PVs, and Units. But that can be enough, right?
    I’m a RenaOshi and I enjoy wMatsui a lot, but I can’t help but shipping her with Airi, because…well, it feels real LOL

    Anyway, I hope SKE will keep being SKE48 from now on too *w*

    • True dat!

      They are way more confusing than AKB. Don’t forget the GomaYukko in that complicated KumiYuriGomaYukko quad!

      The thing with WMatsui is that it was the ship for the early SKE48 fans. But then things started to get…


      But at least we have the management on our side. We shall win this battle yet! WMatsui FTW!

      Speaking of real, I think they are both real only that where Jurina is concerned, it is a one-sided love compared to Airi’s mutual one. And people wonder Jurina is a playa. If she can’ get the one she wants…

      • I completely understand!
        Infact, when I still wasn’t part of the SKE fandom and only knew Rena and Jurina because of AKB48, I was totally shipping wMatsui!!
        But then I became a SKE fan…knew about Airi…and well, there was nothing to do about it, I couldn’t keep shipping wMatsui after having read, watched and heard so many things!!

        But I’ve actually thought about Jurina having a crush on Rena, of course I wouldn’t know if it’s true or not LOL

        Anyway wMatsui will forever exist and that’s totally fine for me 🙂

        AH, OMG, how could I forget about KumiYuriGomaYukko quad!? That’s just absurd XD
        But if I remember correctly, despite being shipped by everyone, OgiYuri are expressly on a sister level, while Yukko is Goma’s beloved boyfriend LOL
        There’s also a strange KanaKana x Yuria thing in the air recently X°°D

        OMG, SGAYE, you make me feel weird LOL

      • Wait, what? I thought Kanakana was all for Aki? She has delusions of her being in her bedroom at night and all

        Damn SKE! Too much emotions! Someone needs to force them to release this sexual tension with the help of one another!

  7. Well, Aki’s been such a player, expecially with Kin-chan lately!!
    On the Kataomoi chart, when everyone had to choose the member they have an unrequited love for, Yuria chose Kana and Kana chose Yuria D:
    They were the only mutual love pair………..beside of course RenAirin X°D

    • Well, there is no need for it to still be unrequited now, huh…

      • Just gonna jump into the convo here but yeah, suffice to say, Yuria’s pretty damn popular with the ladies. Hell, even Non once said on google+ she wanted Yuria as her girlfriend. Which pretty much just added to my perpetual confusion over the KumiYuriNon triangle >.>

      • Except if you bring in Non, you also have to add in Kin-chan and now things are way out of control >_>


        They need to sort themselves out like AKB

      • Can I jump in too? Lol! Akisun likes ’em young: Kin-chan, Manatsu, Umechan, among others. She recently made a love confession to Kin-chan on G+ for Valentine’s. But that doesn’t mean she has forgotten about Haachan, though.

        Anyway, if you bring Kin-chan in, then you have to bring Umechan as well. You can’t have one without the other. And then throw in some Minapon for good measure.

        It’s a very vicious circle.

        Btw, I’m surprised ManaChuri hasn’t even come up yet. They’re like, the 2nd oldest OTP ship after WMatsui, right?

      • Erm…ManaChuri are new to me.

        This is the first time I’ve heard of them. Haven’t even seen a pic of them actually.

        Where is this taking place? I haven’t encountered them on the usual hangs!

  8. LOL THAT. But see for me, as headache inducing as these SKE ships are, that’s what makes it so fun to watch XD (can this be a drama or? xD)

    All this nonsense should’ve been in KataFina. Just sayin’.

  9. Eh, seriously? O_O Before Churi became the resident c*ckblocker of WMatsui (and every other SKE pairing out there, lol), once upon a time there was a pairing called ManaChuri. IIRC, Churi even had a ManaChuri corner in her blog a year or two ago.

    All the Churi-to-Manatsu doting is how Rena-to-Jurina should be, in an ideal world. But sadly, just like WMatsui, it barely happens anymore.

    • I totally missed that one way train then, huh…

      Oh well, doesn’t she have any one now? though I should have notice but I see her with everyone -_-

      • Churi is a strange one. She’s all over the place. But unlike Jurina or Aki who are the resident seme of the pairings, it seems like Churi is hellbent on being the resident uke of them. XD

        It’s cute how she’d go, “OMG this is so nostalgic~~~ Manachuri!!!” whenever she pairs up with Manatsu again once in a while, though. LOL!

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