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Make Up [T-Movie]


Declare love with a ring

Confirm it with a kiss

Then Seal it with flesh and blood

A few months back, if there are some of you here that follow me on tumblr, you might perhaps remember that I was whining about how Taiwan wasn’t delivering any more goodies since 2008.

Well dear friends, guess what, my worries prayers were answered with the a movie that came out of seemingly no where – Make Up.

It was simply by coincidence that I saw it and in fact I had no idea it was /u/ until I actually sat and watched it. And thank the Lord was I ever glad! It is quite refreshing, let me tell you, watching a work that you know nothing about and BAM, it has the qualities you love in it!

Though it still had all those weaknesses we all have come to almost accept in relevant shows, the movie had some things I hadn’t seen before.

makeup-05 makeup-06
makeup-07 makeup-08
makeup-09 makeup-10
makeup-12 makeup-11
makeup-13 makeup-15
makeup-17 makeup-18
makeup-21 makeup-19
makeup-22 makeup-24

I think we can all agree that almost 90% of yuri works don’t end the way we hope they would. This movie is no different in that regard. In fact, ten minutes in everyone already knows that this is a BAD END kind of movie.

There are many kinds of BAD END like death of one half of a ship, cock-blocking, the ‘friend’ word and of course the ‘it was just a phase’ thing. Make Up falls into the ‘death’ side of BAD ENDs and as I said, we already know this fact in the beginning of the movie.

But don’t be discouraged so easily by this. The fact that we know of this that early can only mean one thing – flashbacks. And I speak with confidence when I say to you all that them flashbacks were absolutely glorious!

Meet our protagonist Min-Hsui. She is a special kind of make-up artist and at the same time, she is a professor transferring her knowledge over to the younger generation. I say younger generation but when you look at her, she almost seems as if she’s in the same age group as her students. In fact it might just be me but I think she looks younger than she did in her highs school days, but that might just be me.

Any ways Min has a job of a make-up artist I said before but not the kind you’re thinking of. Instead of working in a beauty salon, or on a movie set, Min works in a mortuary. Her job there is to make a person who was killed in a freaky accident look like they were just having a nap when it is time for their funeral. Such is the skill she possesses.

Our story really kicks off when a body of a person she recognises in next in line to be worked on. The body belongs to a woman, who for some reason seems to make our almost emotionless Min start acting strange. The husband of the woman comes to meet Min and when he introduces himself as the woman’s husband, she seems kind of taken aback for some reason. What is the world could be going on?

ENTER Flashback.

Not going to go into detail so I will just lay down the overview.

The flashback takes us to Min’s high school days. From that we learn that she was having an affair relationship with her teacher and they were both in love with each other.

And here is where the movie took a route I’ve yet to see before. The way the two’s relationship was handled is what messed me up inside, in a good way. Usually these kinds of relationships, even the straight kind involving a teacher and student are not usually handled the way this one was. Watching the two you would think they were classmates in love or something. I kept expecting some bumps along the road which never actually appeared, okay, they did but still, they were handled way better than those I’ve seen before.

Even when they finally got caught and threats were activated, the way they reacted to these negativities left me with an awe and a new feeling of hope that I hadn’t felt for some time. Their relationship had almost everything and probably didn’t show them actually making love because of ratings but the implications were there. Not that this was necessary since it was pretty obvious they were insanely into each other, what with the rings exchanging, emotional kissing and the atmospheric setting…God!

Finally though, the knife was too sharp and along down the road, they finally split up but not because they no longer loved each other. In fact it was because of their strong love that led to one of them going mad (after splitting up) and eventually being killed (still because she still loved Min much more than her husband).

This then turns the story from a drama and into a thriller/crime/kind of. Min comes to the conclusion that Chen was killed since the cause of her death didn’t make much sense and so the hunt for the killer is on. While she does the detective work, Min gets to know Chen’s husband  better with three goals in mind. One she wanted to know how her soul mate’s life was like since their splitting up. Two, since the husband was a psychiatrist, she went to him for some personal advise. And three, the husband seemed to want to keep Min in his sights for some unknown reason at the time.

While on one of her visits to the husband’s home, secrets finally were revealed and the true cause of death of her true love was finally uncovered.

I think you can guess who the killer was, right? It was the husband of course. It seems that Chen loved Min so strongly that the separation did a number on her and the husband being all jealous started messing with his wife’s mind, and giving her drugs in the hopes of making her forget about Min. Needless to say, that didn’t end well.

So all that time they were together and Min thought that the husband didn’t know her, he did. He knew all about her and the relationship she had with his wife. In his eyes, Min was responsible for his wife’s death so he got close to her all this time just so he could exert his revenge.

Thank the gods, she was saved and the dog laid to rest!

Do you see the loveliness of this movie? Looking at it objectively, the whole story was about Min and Chen’s love for one another. This almost made this movie a high-rated but there was another chink in the armour that made me frown and thus forced me to rate it just a little bit lower.

makeup-02 makeup-03
makeup-26 makeup-27

makeup-30 makeup-31
makeup-33 makeup-34

makeup-01 makeup-04

That chink was Min and Ching’s relationship. I mean everything was there. They were student/teacher with Ching being Min’s apprentice in fact. They layout was obvious but the writers didn’t even bother to tackle it. Ching lived by herself since she didn’t have any parents and Min only had her grandmother, who was very sick she was always bed-ridden and required looking after. Just think about it. If Min asked Ching to go live with her, she would be shooting two birds with one stone but alas! In fact I felt as if they went out of their way to ignore these signs! I mean for crying out loud, Min even had these flashes where Ching reminded her of her love Chen. And Ching is such a strong and independent girl that would have  taken great care of Min. All that potential…wasted!

That is the only gripe I have about this movie. Well, at least in the end they two seemed to have up’d their relationship a little bit after Min went to Ching’s rescue. Who knows, maybe they were trying to tell us things would be different later on. Would have been better if they actually delved more into these two’s relationship.

Sigh. We shall never have a movie that is complete, will we?




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Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

8 thoughts on “Make Up [T-Movie]

  1. I watched this movie a few months ago, I think it was pretty good.

    From what I saw in the movie, they psychiatrist didn’t necessarily drug her. She was so Depressed that she needed medication, after a while she even went as far to switch to the bad kind of drugs.
    He didn’t purposely drug her, what he did do was let her die on the ground while he could have saved her.

    You are right about the little thing between her and her apprentice. They should have gone into that. I would have wanted Min to have a bit of happiness and not share the same fate as her ex-lover in some way.

    I found this movie by accident while browsing MyAsianCinema… only 20 minutes in the story I actually knew it had some sort of lesbian plot. Its indeed been a while since a lesbian movie released from Asia, so that was good!

    After I watched it, I bought the dvd from Ebay, I am quite happy that I did.

    Only 10 more days until the SKE release! Even though it will take me another month before I actually receive the cd’s, I am really exited. 😀

    • Indeed, they really should’ve hooked Min up with Ching to at least give them some happiness but alas.

      Haven’t heard of this AsianCinema before so I will be checking it out.

      As for Kataomoi FINALLY, how come you have to wait a month? For me, in things go as planned, I will have my copies in three days!

      10 Days!

  2. Three days?…. wait, what?

    CDJapan says it will release on the 25th :O

    And then of course I also have to wait because they have to ship it from Japan to Europe.

    • I meant shipping takes 3 days. If you went for express that is…

      The release date is the 25th. Sorry for teh confusion >.<

      • Hi!! it´s me again, with the problem of being unable to download anything from asia torrent (I don´t know why) T.T, … would be much trouble to upload to mediafire?? pleeasee
        thaks alot!!!
        i like the blog!!

  3. I didn’t have enough money on my Paypal for Priority shipping so I went with registered air mail.
    My bank is always difficult when it comes to Paypal…For some reason It takes like 10 days to transfer your money. I was totally paranoid that the pre-orders would sell out so I did a cheaper shipping method. Thank god I did, because a few days after that it was sold out. 😛

  4. I watched this movie recently and really liked it. It was sad, but it wasn’t weird like many japanese movie (sorry :p). The flashback were really well done and the relationship between the teacher and her student beautiful. A shame she didn’t go and see after her graduation! At first I was bothered by the adult emotionless Min-Hsui. The whole movie she doesn’t seem to care really much about her teacher’s death, but the ending, when she plays the piano, really got to me…

    I also agree that they should have developped Min-Hsui relationship with Ching. If I hadn’t read you review beforehand, I would totally have expected them to hook up.

    Thanks for sharing the movie, even if I usually don’t like sad movies, I really liked this one.

    • Then you can imagine my heart-breaking disappointment when Min and Ching didn’t go anywhere by the movie’s end! I had no clue and I was all in support for them to get together but alas! Damn, now I am having the FEELs again T.T

      And you are welcome. Thank you for commenting and visiting too

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