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Mousou Deka 12 Finale – Oh noes!


When I become a god, the first thing I am going to do is get rid of the saying…

“Everything that has a beginning has an end!”

The madness that is Mousou Deka concludes in this 12th episode and I gotta say that I am gonna miss this short drama.

I still can’t believe the whole thing supposedly took place in one day!

The episode begins yet in style with that WTF OP! Like, wha~?

Then we get back to Meido Kanako’s confession which is joined by Young Mistress Kumi. Kumi-sama argues that it wasn’t Kanako’s fault. Kanako is playing the hero so Kumi-sama caves. Kanako apologizes to those present for causing them problems.

Kanako asks the detectives to take her away. Thing is no one wants to do it. The two finally do their job and escort Kanako out (without cuffs though.)

As Jurina turns to follow, Rena asks her if she was satisfied with the conclusion of things. Was she happy how things turned out like her Mousou powers deduced?

I love how Rena called Jurina ‘Mousou Deka-san’.

Jurina says that she will never use her powers again.

And CUT!

Yeah, I am serious. The crew picks up their equipment and the cast relax. Mizuki is alive and well as the girls leave going their own way.

Jurina is the only one left who seems to still be into her character and is sad that they inevitably have to return to reality.

As she leaves, Rena runs past her and Jurina follows her. Rena seems to have lost her mobile and is searching for it.

Jurina uses her Mousou powers to find it.

(Now remember that they are in the real world. The filming is done).

Rena runs to the place Jurina had said her phone would be and it in fact is there. It had made it all the way to the ground floor behind the reception. The reception serviced by none other than SKE48 brainy girl Hata Sawako.

Rena is impressed and asks Jurina how she had known. Jurina says that it just came to her.

Rena puts her hands on Jurina’s shoulders and commences to kiss her senseless complements Jurina and goes into Maria (CANAAN) sugoi-mode! Jurina is very happy that Rena thinks so.

The BGM suddenly stops though.

“Are you satisfied?” – Asks the serious Rena.

“…Eh? what?” – Answers the baffled Jurina.

“Are you satisfied now?” – Replies the still serious Rena.

*Jurina peace pose*

“Very much so.” – Answers Jurina.

*Jurina peace pose + Wink*

“Ha~?” – Wonders the amused Rena!

*1234 Yoroshiku starts playing*

(So it wasn’t a plot development??!! I am disappoint!)

Well at least Jurina made Rena laugh.

While the two flirt with laughter, the other members call to them to harry it up so they can leave.

Mizuki says something interesting that sounds like a possibility of a sequel.

(I shall be looking forward to it!)

Credits start rolling and Rena and Jurina join the others.

Rena wonders out loud if they are actually back in the real world. Jurina says ‘who cares’. The group walks away!

Rena and Jurina join the other and they leave.

Mousou Deka comes to an end and I gotta say that I loved every episode of it! For a drama that takes place in the time-line of less than a day, this sure was a lot of fun.

Jurina’s Mousou powers are not to be taken lightly. Solving a murder case in hours….dude~

The Greatest thing in this drama though has to be that Kumi-sama and Meido Kanako’s relationship was actually true. Canon ship right there! Thank you ye Gods!

The other things I loved in Mousou Deka are;

The camera angles, the closeups and the colors!
Rena, Jurina and all the girls’ characters.
Jurina’s fashion. Damn that magic skirt.
The story and their characters. They were so perfect.

I am real sad it has ended. I guess it is only right since Majisuka is starting soon and both the main SKE girls, WMatsui, are in it! too bad we have to wait two weeks…

Oh noes!

No Meguca! No Mousou! No Rio!

What the hell am I going to do until the 15th?!



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Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

17 thoughts on “Mousou Deka 12 Finale – Oh noes!

  1. Lmao @ Canaan reference. XD I’m still downloading the whole series and I can’t wait to see the WMatsui precious moments *_* (Yulsic has long been BTS and I’m severely deprived) I’m glad I discovered WMatsui 😀

    Thank you for the lovely posts about Mousou Deka 😀

    • First, thank you for visiting and commenting. And you’re very welcome.

      Second, I hope you’re not downloading the whole series just for WMatsui ’cause there is little of that. In fact I didn’t think there would be any in the beginning and I was all for Kumin x Kanako >.<

      I wanna know though what you exactly you were referring to with "Yulsic has long been BTS” these words are alien to me.

      Thanks again…

  2. Nyaha~ I’m downloading it for the following reasons:

    – Rena Matsui ( I’m just obsessed with her. Period. D: )
    – WMatsui (that perfect example of glomp, I just have to see it),
    – The detective/mystery concept (Kuwabara’s portrait reminded me of Beatrice; Umineko lol oh and I like that series btw),
    – Kumin (because she looked friggin hot with those manly clothes *sigh*) x Kanako (who doesn’t like meido? :3),
    – I wanna know more about SKE48 (apart from WMatsui), and lastly
    – The comedy (oh the randomness lolol, I lol’d so hard especially on episode 7&8 Oh Rumi-chin so adorable XD)

    Oh haha sorry about that XD yes Yulsic (Yuri x Jessica) of SNSD (Girls Generation) is basically like WMatsui of SKE48 :3 they have their own epic moments as well. :3 This video pretty much sums it all up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAS0PeCVNqk

    Sadly they've been BTS lately (Behind the Scenes/Back The Stage?) so yea, no PDA's recently. ;_;

    (Embrace the parenthesis) 😀

    • Well then, if that’s the case then you are in for a treat!

      Also that drama really looks beautiful. Too bad it wasn’t released on Bluray. I would’ve freakin bought the special edition.

      I haven’t really gotten too deep in SNSD or any other KPOP group really since Wondergirls but I am getting there, especially T-ara and SNSD.

      I just wanted to get to know all of Team AkiP girls and just as I was getting there, here came Nogizaka46. Geh.

      Oh well.

      Also…”Embrace the parenthesis”?

      • Ah too bad, SNSD is awesome too. ^^ You should check them out too if you have time. 😀

        Nogizaka46.. wait what don’t tell me they have 46 or more than members too? D: And here I thought 9 was already too much, I couldn’t believe Akb48 has almost 60 members. *dies*

        Lol I used to much parenthesis. So yea XD

      • Well, at the moment there are only 26 and they have just officially selected the front 16 but I bet you there will be more than 46.

        Also there is another ***48 being formed but it’s in Taiwan so time to get my brain ready for them too!


        As for SNSD, I already know a few members just not all so I am half way there I guess.

        Well, At least I am proud to say I know all AKB, the official 48 of SKE and the two gens of NMB48. ^^

        Then add in other idol groups and there is just so many!

  3. ∑(O_O;) So like you all know them by names? If I gave you a class picture of AKB you can identify each member? Whoa, yes you should be proud, its rare talent. And good luck with memorizing the new group in Taiwan. XD!

  4. I really want to know where I can DL this series! >.<
    Torrents at H!O is so damn slow since there's barely any seeders. DDL at Fileserve is impossible as well! If you have the files, is there any way you can upload them on Megaupload or something? Oh please, oh please, oh pleaaaaasseeee~!! /prays

    Anyways, Kumin reminds me of Takamina's character in Mendol. Maybe it's the similar wig? Lol
    If Mendol were to have a second season (which I hope they do! the ending was an obvious cliffhanger btw), Kumin should totally have a role in it!

    • Hi nhichz,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      Can’t really promise anything ( I have almost ran out of bandwidth) but I will see what I can do. I might even create a batch on H!O or something. Kind of busy at the moment so maybe over the weekend?

      And yeah, Kumin is such a great actress. She needs more roles. hopefully AkiP will give us more AKB dramas this year as well.

  5. Thanks for replying ^^

    I’m not really in a hurry to watch it. It’s not like I’m gonna die if I don’t watch the drama (ok, maybe a little :p). So by all means, do it when you have time~

    Again, thanks! ❤

    I've been lurking this website for quite some time now but never really bothered to drop a comment or anything. xD I must say though, you have some really good articles.

    I just got into AKB a week ago. I'm originally from the K-Pop fandom. SNSD, to be exact. Lol
    I've actually heard AKB before since they were always put against SNSD for some unknown reason but the only thing I knew about them was that they're an army of girls. So I decided to give them a chance last week, and by god! I regret not doing so earlier! It's like discovering a gold mine. Haha~
    I'm still into SNSD, they're my first love but right now, AKB has my full attention. So far, I already know the popular ones (AKA Senbatsu), and also a few SKE girls.

    I don't really know what attracted me to AKB but I think it's because they remind me of SNSD. Not music-wise, but more like, personalities. They're both so funny and interesting in variety shows. It's impossible not to love them really.

    Sorry if this is such a long reply~ ^^;;

    • Don’t worry about the length of the comments. be it novel length or just a smiley, I treasure them all the same so do post away without any worries ^^

      It is very good to see new fans getting into AKB and while it might be hard at the moment, what with an army of girls, at least there are TV shows to introduce them to new fans.

      I tried once to get into KPOP but the language barrier really made things hard. I mean I don’t speak Japanese but at least I understand something whereas Korean is like…I might as well be listen to a cow moo’ing. Also the fact that I used Wonder girls as a starting point but then they went into hibernation soon afterwards didn’t really scream ‘motivation’.


      • Hmmm, the language barrier for me isn’t really that much of an obstacle.

        Before I went into my K-Pop/J-Pop phase, I was really into anime. I think I watched like a million animes. Lol It didn’t really matter what kind of genre, or if it was yaoi or yuri (though ever since I saw Kannazuki no Miko, I leaned more into yuri), as long as it had a good plot, I was willing to watch it.

        But that topic is for another discussion, anyways back to the point.

        So right now, as I am learning more and more about AKB48, Japanese isn’t really giving me that much trouble as I was already exposed to it. I mean, I’m not fluent nor am I Japanese but I could recall most of the words I had already knew before.

        As for Korean, when I was starting out just listening to K-Pop, I really did not mind if I couldn’t understand it at all, as long as it was catchy and had a good melody, I was fine with it. When I learned SNSD, I was completely hooked. I watched every single shows they were in. It didn’t take long for me to also learn a few Korean here and there.

        I think you should give K-Pop a chance though, and start with SNSD. =P
        They’re like the Korean version of AKB48 (that’s what I think, you don’t have to agree with me though~). Plus, one of the main focus in the fandom are the ‘couples’ much like AKB. xD

      • The barrier really comes into effect when watching their shows. I won’t be able to know anything at all unless there are subs. And since there is no more MiSo in Wondergirls, I guess I have no choice but to go to SNSD. I guess I will start with their singles and make my way up from there. There is also another issue of the difficulty of telling the girls apart. I see posts of SNSD on tumblr all the time and yet they all lool the same to me. This will take time.

        As for SNSD being AKB’s rivals, I guess if I had to pick one in KPOP, they are the closest but statistically, I would think they would be better as M!M’s rivals instead. But this is just from the Japanese point of view.

        For the international fan, you hit the nail on the head there. Out of Japan, only AKB can take on SNSD. And this is if we exclude AKB’s sister groups.

  6. I liked Wonder Girls before too, but kinda gave up on them when Sunmi left. My poor MiSo heart. /sob

    I think you should start with SNSD’s shows to get to know the girls better because at this point, it would be nearly impossible for a beginner to differentiate them as most of the girls right now have similar hairstyles and hair colors.

    Hmm, Morning Musume actually makes a good rivals for SNSD. For a Japanese POV, I would also say AKB48’s rivals is KARA? It just seems that Japan loves KARA the most out of all the K-POP girl groups.

    If I were to compare SNSD and AKB48, I would say:

    Maeda Atsuko vs. Im Yoona – Both are the faces of their group, plus has the most push from their companies. You would think Sunny would be the one to get the most push from SM Ent. considering the fact that she’s actually the niece of the founder, Lee Soo Man, but she’s actually one of the most underrated members of the group.

    Takahashi Minami vs. Kim Taeyeon – Taeyeon and Takamina are both respected leaders, dorky personalities, has great vocals but lacks in the height department. During group interviews, Taeyeon lets the other members speak and tries to get them as much screen time as possible, a quality that she shares with Takamina. They both put the other members’ sake before themselves (I remember Takamina’s hidden camera prank in AKBingo, Takamina took the blame when Yuko “broke” the guitar. In Manwon Happiness, Yoona was challenged to survive a week with only 10,000 won (equivalent to $10). She was charged for everything she ate except leftovers. Taeyeon then, ate a spoonful of rice from her bento dinner box, said she was done and gave the rest of her food for Yoona to eat).

    Itano Tomomi/Kashiwagi Yuki vs. Jessica Jung – Both Jessica and Tomochin are misunderstood by a lot of people (mostly non-fans) as a bitch when in fact, they’re really sweet and kindhearted. As for Yukirin, well for one thing, they’re both called a princess. Also, they both lack culinary skills and is the quiet type.

    Minegishi Minami/Miyazawa Sae vs. Lee Sunny – Now normally, I would put Sae against Sooyoung since they both have boyish charms but things changed. Due to Sunny’s recent short haircut, she’s been garnering a lot of attention. Mostly from female fans. They’ve even started calling her “oppa” which is the term females use for older men, but Sunny insisted that they call her “hyung” which has the same meaning as oppa except that its used between man to man. As for Miichan, both girls are an expert in variety shows. They’re also adept in gaining the cameraman’s attention. Sunny is also in charge of the cutesy role in the group, something that I see in Miichan (I’m probably thinking Miichan as in “Kuu” from Mendol though xP). Out of topic, but don’t you think Miichan looks like Sohee from Wonder Girls? That’s what I thought of when I first saw her.

    Akimoto Sayaka/Minegishi Minami vs. Kwon Yuri – If Sayaka is to AKB48, then Yuri is to SNSD. Both have really well-toned bodies. I have only one thing to say: abs… Both are also tall, and have a dark skin tone. Yuri is much like Miichan because of the role of being the prankster of the group. Yuri also excels in variety shows much like Miichan. In Invincible Youth, Yuri and Sunny (along with KARA’s Goo Hara) were the aces of G7, and it wasn’t because of the fact that SNSD and KARA were more popular than the other girl groups part of G7. Those three were the members that garnered the most camera time because of the hilarity that ensued whenever they were together. However because of the other members not getting enough screen time, Yuri and Hara were forced to separate, and Sunny partnered up with the “edited” G7 member, Hyomin.

    Shinoda Mariko/Miyazaki Miho vs. Choi Sooyoung – Although Sooyoung is the 3rd youngest in the group, I think she’s the most mature. I know Mariko is the oldest in AKB but they both share a sense of maturity level but at the same time, has a great sense of humor. If Taeyeon wasn’t the leader, I could see Sooyoung taking the lead which is kind of funny and ironic because SooTae has this playful love-hate relationship going on. This is where Myao comes in. They both are noisy and doesn’t quite respect their senpai.

    Watanabe Mayu vs. Seo Juhyun (Seohyun) – This comparison is interesting. Both are considered as the “baby” of their group (Mayuyu ain’t the baby of the whole AKB48 per se, but she was considered as the “baby” of Senbatsu before Jurina came in). Although they’re young, the things they say towards the other older members are so witty and poisonous (refer to Shoujiki Shougi, and Intimiate Note for Seohyun). Also, Seohyun aren’t into guys (she was the only member to choose work over love when the other members chose the latter). Mayuyu doesn’t like guys either but prefers anime characters, which is a bit funny because Seohyun also has this obsession over the anime, Keroro Gunso.

    Oshima Yuko/Matsubara Natsumi vs. Kim Hyoyeon – Both Hyoyeon and Natsumi are good at dancing, and also not popular compared to the other members but has a decent fan following. Out of the 3 underrated members in SNSD, Hyoyeon is the most underrated. Many Koreans does not find her attractive at all because she looks really foreign, and her stylists seem to make it even worse with the awful hairstyles and clothes they give her. Despite having the weakest Korean fanbase, Hyoyeon has a strong international fanbase along with the two Americans. Hyoyeon is much like Yuko in variety shows. She’s the life of the party, and the funniest as well. Both also does/say the most random things ever.

    Kojima Haruna vs. Tiffany Hwang – Both of their looks play a huge factor in their popularity. Tiffany has her signature eyesmile while Nyan Nyan has her own charms. While Nyan Nyan has her melons, Tiffany has her honey thighs. They’re both also a bit of an airhead with Nyan Nyan in general knowledge and Tiffany in basic Korean. She’s the bullied member of the group as she was the one to always get picked on with pranks. Since she’s an American, her Korean is lacking so when she would ask about what this word meant, the other members would trick her and give her a completely different meaning. Tiffany was nicknamed as ‘DdilFany’ for always forgetting the choreography. Also, both Nyan Nyan and Tiffany are very good singers.

    • >.<

      Congrats are in order. You just beat kragorin's record for longest comment! Hahaha

      Well now you have me interested. If you have subbed shows of them, please do share if you can?

  7. After looking at a number of the blog posts on your web page, I really
    appreciate your way of blogging. I book-marked it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking back in the near future.
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