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AKBINGO [09.02.2011] – Danso Battle 3




This week:

  • Mayuyu gets a redemption and P’OWNZ everyone
  • Sae is stealing hearts as ever
  • A new challenger appears
  • Sayaka does it again!

So dear readers, do you remember back in 2010 when we were treated to the most wanted AKBINGO episodes of all? Do you remember the Danso episodes that sent the girls in a frenzy?!!

Well guess what…

After almost a whole year we get our wish granted! And this time it’s serious business…Well…For three of the four that is.

So without farther ado….bring on the Danshi!!

The introducers of the Danso rules and the whole show are the top two, so far ,from the newborn AKB48’s sister group – NMB48 based in Osaka; Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki.

Too bad Ogasawara Mayu wasn’t the one to accompany Saya-nee since I already totally ship Saya-nee/Mayu but we can’t have t all I guess.


In due time.

Any way, first up as top batter is none other than Sae who won the last competition.

And as expected, hearts explode and cheeeks go aflame!

Unlike the last time, Sae has come as a Biker Chick, full with leather clothes, cool glasses and them gloves!

Today she is rescuing a school girl (Korisu – Oshima Yuko) from biker gang raeped by hippies!

But once they get a piece of SaeGUY, they runaway like the dogs they are with their tails btn their legs!

What a bunch of pussies!

There is some tsundere thing going for Korisu which I love.

SaeGUY having saved the day, the two make out and live happily ever after!

The END!

SaeGUY scores a whooping 17/20 votes.

What a GUY!

Next up is…is…


Is that my Mayuyu?!! No frikkin way!!!!!!

OMG! This is just..

Yukirin, where the hell are you?! How could you miss such an occasion!!! You had better be watching this from home!


Last year a Samurai, sometimes a cute CG-like idol but her real identity is….

Watanabe-sensei – A General Medicine Doctor who steals hearts instead of taking them!

The reactions of the girls even topped REN’s, which I didn’t think possible (Well except when Sayaka got serious but we all know that will never happen!) And Oh! The poor Kenkyuusei!

Myao (Miyazaki Miho) is Mayu-sensei’s patient who is sick of the hospital and doesn’t want to get back to her room.

Mayu-sensei is not amused!

She asks what it would take for Myao to get back to her room to which the jester says that a KISS!

Sensei agrees and you can imagine my eyebrows disappearing thinking ‘They would not’.

But alas, they didn’t, though Mayuyu I know wouldn’t have minded. That girls likes kissing other members like no other.

Instead she presses her Gold Finger upon Myao’s lips and sends away her dark feelings.

Myao’s reaction is….Don’t really know if she was acting there.

‘The Doctor’ embraces his ‘Rose’ and that is the end of that!

Or it is supposed to be but Someone in the audience just broke!

Shizuka breaks down in tears!
Her body wasn’t ready for Mayu-sensei!
What do?

But of course!

There is a Doctor in da house. No need for worries!

The Doctor fixes Ooya up nice and good!

Oh crud! She broke some more!

And there we have it ladies and gentlemen,

Mayuyu just OWND Sae with a whooping 18/20 votes!

Two people really hate hospitals!

Long live Mayu-sensei!
This is what happens when an Otaku gets serious!

Never mess with Mayuyu!


Continuing on….

A New challenger appears in the form of the other Maeda A. of AKB – Maeda Ami and what’s this?!

She/He is a bonefied Butler!

And Tomochin is his Mistress!

Hell yeah!

I totally dig those eyebrows. Thank you cameraman. And for some reason Maebon reminds me of Matsuyama Airi (Rena in Higurashi Movies). They totally look alike!

The girls are too shocked by Maeda’s transformation they forget to press their buttons as she gets only 11/20 votes!

For shame!

Don’t worry much though Maeda, Looks like Tomochin approves and so do I.

Then last but most certainly not least, we are presented yet again with


One pic to sum up my feelings on Sayaka…

Seriously, if Sayaka went all out she would break the record of getting a 21/20 votes!

Why does she keep on doing this?!!!!


I just don’t understand.

There is your 9/20 score Sayaka! And that is to the acting you put in not for the dress up!


Also LOL at that camera angle/sword placement! Dammit Sayaka! Now you’ve turned me into a perv!

Let’s have something to cleanse ourselves.


To summarize, Mayuyu RULED this week!

The MADNESS continues on next week and it promises to be even more AWESOME!

Is that Bondage?!!!

Oh Mistress Tomomi, you are so bad!


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BT (H!O)


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

8 thoughts on “AKBINGO [09.02.2011] – Danso Battle 3

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    Although this one wasn’t has detailed and not as much commentary as the others, still kept me laughing. ESPECIALLY AT SAYAKA LMFAOOOOOO

    • I don’t really know why I didn’t do 4. hmm…

      As for detail, you will notice that most of my posts are really long and so I thought readers weren’t into long posts since most of the blogs I visit are as so detailed a post.

      And so I decided to try and cut my posts shorter.

      Now that I know there is at least one who enjoys them, I will keep up to them.

      Again, thank you for reviewing. Totally need the feedback.

  3. Hi, I performed dance”AKB48” at wedding party.
    AKB48 is very famous idol in Asia.
    I succeed to please guests.
    AKB48 has something attractive.

    Thank you.

  4. Me too misses the 4th. I don’t mind reading long entries either. As a matter of fact I like longer posts better than just a few liners with pictures. So there’s at least two people who are interested in reading detailed and rich materials. So don’t shorten your posts, ’cause we (or at least me) like them. If you keep doing that, I’ll be keep coming here.

  5. does the video have subs? I can’t understand it if It doesn’t have subs, ^_^

    • I have *.ASS type subtitle for the MP4 version of this episode. I believe I got it from Hello!Online. If you are interested I can send you it via email or something as the file is only 46 KB.

      *I cannot post links here because comments with links need to be moderated by admin and BG is not available right now.

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