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AKB48 Dorama – Sakura Kara no Tegami


Feb 26th – Mar 06th

Not to be outdone by SKE48, AKB are getting their own drama for the year 桜からの手紙から Sakura Kara no Tegami [A letter from Sakura/The Cherry Blossom]

It will have 17 episodes but these will be some strange episodes. The first two will air at once both 15min which makes a total of 30min. Then 1omin episodes there after which some will air three at a time. the last episode will be 60mins! Don’t ask me what the madness is about.

Short Synopsis (translations courtesy of Kanki @ Stage48.com)

All of popular idol group AKB48 will appear in a 17 episode short drama called “Sakura Kara no Tegami ~AKB48 Sorezore no Sotsugyou Monogatari~” (NTV). It will begin airing at the end of February until the beginning of March and will be at 9pm. The male homeroom teacher (Kamikawa Takaya) is diagnosed with cancer and has only 3 months left to live,the classmates are all ordinary 3rd years preparing for graduation and they all describe their troubles. The main cast are the Senbatsu Team, they will be performing as themselves.


Oshima Yuko
A top student who is good at studying and sports. As former captain of the lacrosse club, she brought her team to 2nd place championship. After retiring from the club in the summer of her 3rd high school year, she’s challenging studying to enter the Medical faculty of a State university. She’s a decided, stubborn person who won’t change her mind after she’s set her mind on something.

Minegishi Minami
Former vice-captain of the lacrosse club, she loves lacrosse more than anyone else. She’s smart, but she doesn’t like studying much. She has an honest temperament and always says what she thinks, and sometimes it leads to misunderstanding. She wants to study abroad in Canada for lacrosse.

Akimoto Sayaka
A sportsgirl dedicated to lacrosse. She is a mature, calm person. She looks rational but she’s actually passionate. She supports the team as the goalie. She has decided to continue studying in the sports field. Her dream is to become a PE teacher.

Sato Amina
She’s energetic and smily. She’s a lacrosse club member who makes everyone around her happy. She loves lacrosse, but she’s also very interested in fashion. She records the club activity so she’s always carrying a video camera. She plans to continue studying for a degree in the university annexed to the high school

Miyazaki Miho
A sportsgirl dedicated to lacrosse. Her passionate character is easy to get inflamed, so she often acts without thinking of the consequences. She’s the mood maker of the team. She plans to continue studying for a degree in the university annexed to the high school.

Itano Tomomi
The leader of the four. Queen character. She fervently reads fashion mags, she’s sensitive to trends, and she doesn’t regret doing her utmost efforts for style’s sake. She plans to continue studying for a short-term degree in the university annexed to the high school.

Kasai Tomomi
She’s the daughter of the owners of a dango (Japanese pastry) shop and she has no money, but thanks to her natural fashion sense she looks stylish in cheap clothes. She dreams of becoming a designer. She’s good at flattering people and she also often has biting remarks, without malice. She plans to continue studying for a short-term degree in the university annexed to the high school.

Takajo Aki
She is a fashionista like your average high school girl, but since she looks cool she has a lot of younger students admiring her. She has a boyish attitude that doesn’t care for small details. She plans to continue studying for a short-term degree in the university annexed to the high school.

Nakagawa Haruka

Her family’s rich so they buy her all she wants. She has a small breasts complex. She was well raised so she’s gentle and kind to anyone. In a way, she’s an innocent girl who doesn’t know the world. She always carries sweets with her. She plans to continue studying for a short-term degree in the university annexed to the high school.

Kojima Haruna
Her dream is to become a nail artist. She values her dream more than boys. She wants to be the best but she’s naive and isn’t too good at accomplishing things to the end. She calculates but if she doesn’t get to a result, she leaves it. My pace. She wants to attend a nail art professional school.

Kashiwagi Yuki
She was bullied in junior high school, she couldn’t make any friend in high school, and she has no confidence. Even at home she’s always compared to her brother who always good results so she feels she belongs nowhere. She habitually cuts her wrists thinking the world would be the same without her. She loves books and manga. She’s planning to sit the entrance examination for an external university, majoring in science.

Kitahara Rie
A “lonely wolf” type who is often alone in the class. She thinks there’s no need to do efforts to join other people, but at the same time she secretly longs for a friend. She’s doubting whether to get a recommendation for the university annexed to the high school.

Watanabe Mayu
She hates being alone and feels lonely. Since she hates loneliness she is always putting people’s friendship and love for her to the test.

Miyazawa Sae
A true friend, she wants to make the people who are with her happy and naturally joins them. If they’re happy, she’s glad, so she doesn’t feel like she makes efforts, but she can’t compromise with herself. She’s usually energetic and cheerful. She’s planning to sit the entrance examination for an external university, majoring in engineering, but keeps this a secret from Mayu.

Takahashi Minami
She’s in the swimming club. She’s cheerful and reliable, so she’s the “peacemaker” of the class. She always does her best for everyone. She’s easily moved and cries often. She plans to study law in the university annexed to the high school.

Maeda Atsuko
She’s a gentle, serious girl who loves her father. She used to aim to become a teacher like her father. Believing she was betrayed by her beloved, trusted father, she closed her heart. She left home and lives alone in a flat.

Shinoda Mariko
3-C’s vice-homeroom teacher. She’s a realist who chose to become a teacher because of how hard it is to find another job. She has a sharp character who values reality over dreams, but she loves being with other people and she’s active with her students.

Sashihara Rino
Because of her unhappy family environment she mistook a teacher’s fatherly feelings for her for love and fell in love with him in the past. After that, she married (her husband married into her family) and has one child. An introverted person, she finds it hard to express her feelings into words.

Matsubara Natsumi
A former swimming club member, now a Uni student. She loves swimming and the swimming club, so she often goes to train them. Takahashi Minami relies on her.

Maeda Tetsu (Kamikawa Ryuya)
3-C’s homeroom teacher. He teaches Ancient Literature. After the death of his wife, he lives with his daughter Atsuko. Once, as the coordinator of the choir club, he led the club to the National championship. Recently, because of a certain accident, he’s distancing himself from the students.

Some KojiYuu loveliness thanks to Sakura no Tegami
I so can’t wait for more AKB madness but it seems like we are gonna have to settle for dramas this time around!
Oh well, EMO Yukirin and bitchy Mayuyu are a must see for me!
Are you looking forward to it? I know I am.

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