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Code Blue 2nd – 04

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The Elevator!

Just to explain once again, to see about the other persons in this drama, watch it! I am only sharing my love of Gakki & Totti! This is frankly the only reason I am watching it after all! What’s that? Yamapi? Who’s that?!!!

Anyway, things get even more heated in the Hiyama/Shiraishi world.

Catching up with our fav ladies, Shiraishi is still over-working herself . Hiyama-sensei has gotten her heart fixed as we find out in the place that no lies are told.

Enter THE Elevator.

I love this elevator. I think were this an anime, there would be a special segment at the end of every episode dedicated to Elevator-sama.

It so much time getting to floors that you can take naps, pick up girls or throw a tantrum. Which is what happens actually.

As mentioned Shiraishi is really working so hard that everyone notices her zombie effects. She sleeps in the elevator as well as seen above. A nap that is interrupted by the new guy! Super healthy Hiyama comes running in as well determined to have some alone elevator time with Shiraishi but alas, it’s not to be. That damn flirt is there as well. Making matters worse he starts hitting on her. This is like the 9000th time he hits on Hiyama! Like WTF dude?!!! Keep your fantasies to yourself. I thought we got a new nurse for this sort of thing! Da~mn!

As expected Hiyama is not amused. Her plans have been foiled. Damn it elevator, you promised her!

The guy has the nerve to ask Shiraishi as well but she finally has a real reason to read books and tells him so! Those books wait for no man!

Mr. Flirt comments on Hiyama’s aliveness and Hiyama wonders how he knows that she got the operation! First suspect is the other occupant in the elevator Shiraishi!  Oh! Shiraishi’s expression!Turns out he heard it from the nurses he goes out drinking with. What a flirt!

I really love energetic Toda! It’s like she enjoys life more now than she did before! I guess a near death experience can do that to a person. But where she is concerned, she did die for like a few minutes! I want to ask her what’s on the other side. Martyrs didn’t give us an answer!

When the flirt leaves the elevator, not forgetting to leave the ‘go out with me’ line, the elevator allows cellullar connectivity again! Oh! you!

Shiraishi receives mail on her cell. Hiyama peeks and sees that it’s a guy’s name on there! Hilarity ensues!

Hiyama shocked: You have a guy?!?!!

Shiraishi trying to explain: Well, in the past…

Hiyama interrupts, still in shock: An EX?!!

Hiyama with a cloudy head tries to comprehend how a busy body bookworm like Shiraishi can find time for a love life. But the shock on discovering the guy’s name was way bigger like she was really disappointed/lost her chance/etc…

Shiraishi lets her rampage. When Hiyama calms down, Shiraishi thinks that maybe she needs to apologise, obviously taken by surprise by Hiyama’s reaction. Hiyama rejects the apology.

The elevator decides to continue onto its way before they found out it has stopped!

Oh Elevator-sama!

Shiraishi’s exhaustion starts to affect her work. One of her patient almost dies from food poisoning.

Dear readers, food poisoning is serious business! The guy had this thing moving in his stomach. So nerve-wracking it was! So watch out!

Anyway luckily, once again I would like to point out how I love this season of Code Blue, the patient is saved by Hiyama. After attending to him, Hiyama sends for Shiraishi via NEW NURSE!

Super Speed delivery service detected.

Shiraishi is updated on the situation. Hiyama looks worriedly at her when she comes in. Afterwards Shiraishi is sent to the director. Lecturing commences!

When Shiraishi comes back from teh talk, she is real emo for Hiyama’s liking. Hiyama tries to talk her into the world of the fun but all is for naught! Shiraishi is answering with the prickly ‘yes’ & ‘no’ and watching in amazement how miraculous human movement is. Hiyama decides to leave her to herself…for now at least.

Later in their secret place, Shiraishi is still sulking when Hiyama walks in. Hiyama has had enough! Time to get rid of this unlovely Shiraishi.

Hiyama brings Shiraishi back down to earth but sharing her own worries and fears. She relieves her painful experience during her injury but how she always remembered those who helped her and Shiraishi herself!


I would’ve died if Hiyama had removed her whole tops and remained just in her bra but alas, lower throat is fine too! She tells Shiraishi that she doesn’t have to take on everything by her lonesome self.

Not so subtly, Hiyama asking Shiraishi to share her life problems with her!

huzah huzah~

Hiyama leaves after her tear jerking speech with Hiyama-Kool-Meter at MAX!!!

Shiraishi is definitely touched!

Next day Hiyama is worried that maybe she had done it wrong! But her fears are uncalled for. Shiraishi walks in all smiles and thanks Hiyama for her hard work (saving lives and all). Seeing that every is great, Hiyama smiles back. They smile at each other in that whole new way.

While they are still doing the smiling duty calls…

Shiraishi: You ready for this?

Hiyama: I was born ready!

Shiraishi: Hmmm…

Hiyama: Why so serious!

Shiraishi: Gonna need some cutting  done!

Hiyama: Well what’s new! Do you need help?

Shiraishi: Please…

Hiyama: Hmm…Let’s see…

Shiraishi: Katto! katto! Katto!

Hiyama: Whoa whoa! aren’t you cutting a little too much?!

Shiraishi: What? The more the merrier, no?

Hiyama: Well, when you put it like that…

Shiraishi: *evil girlie giggles*

Hiyama: *evil girlie giggles*

Mr. Flirt: Now now, what mischief are you two up to?

Hiyama: Oh great! It’s you! Don’t you have somewhere to be? Things to do like pick up nurses?!

Shiraishi: *chuckle*

Mr. Flirt: Oh! Well…See ya later lovelies.

Hiyama turning to Shiraishi: Good riddance. *secret smile*

Shiraishi turning to Hiyama: *returns secret smile*

Say goodbye to rivalry! Say hello to friendship!

Dear God! Please stop! You are over filling the love in me and it’s only episode 4 for crying out loud! I can’t stand it…Not!

I was breaking face smiling thought all this episode! Erika/Yui forever!


Even much later, as if things couldn’t possibly get any better, it’s date time! Well, Shiraishi thinks that she is taking Hiyama to meet this EX but she knows not that to Hiyama, it’s all scheme for a date.

Shiraishi takes Hiyama to this really 70s/80s place and so Hiyama the funny girl that she is wants answers! Exactly how old the ex is. Was it an affair?

Shiraishi makes Hiyama’s head swim even more when she says that the correct phrase would be that ‘the ex’ used to be a guy!

Used to be? – Floating Hiyama cries!

More shock for Hiyama when she meets ‘the guy’!! Seriously, she just got a cardiac surgery, how much more shock can her heart take?!

Turns out the ‘guy’ is another Daruma. It thinks it’s a girl.

Hiyama is scared of it and takes this chance to hold onto Shiraishi’s arm in fear. Oh Hiyama, you such a sneak!

After they are seated down, Shiraishi suddenly thanks Hiyama who is taken off guard! Shiraishi clarifies that all her worries left her after what Hiyama told her in their secret closet place.

Hiyama is hot and bothered smothered and plays at words by saying that she actually loved the troubled Shiraishi more that the bookworm serious! Hmm…Could Hiyama-sensei be an M?

Insert *secret smiles* once again here.

CB-Daruma brings the girls champagne and they toast to the new Shiraishi!

Hiyama toasts to her successful kinda date and the new found info that Shiraishi is still free.

The night goes on but we leave my favorite doctors doing karaoke!

Man, Oh man! This is just episode 4, right? Right! I was just checking! I seriously can’t imagine things getting more awesome that this but I said so earlier already and they did!

Episode 5, Come on!

Gakki/Totti forever!!!!

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